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Friday, July 17, 2020 12:02 AM


[url=] 21 Ultimate Team Coins[/url] In the coming months we can expect a new edition of the various football games. For example FIFA 21 hits the market a month later than usual October instead of September. But also Pro Evolution Soccer comes with a brand new copy.

The biggest one however is that this new edition will not be so new: developer Konami recently confirmed that PES 2021 will be an official “season update”. That is an update on the basis of PES 2020 while the company is already starting to take steps thinking about the new generation of consoles for the 2022 edition. It is for this reason even that the price of the game will be lower than in previous years.

Those who have the previous version of PES should even only perform an update. [url=]FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Coins for sale[/url] But there would also be a separate version on the market. And it would reportedly be available to pick up for a price.

The Japanese company's decision was justified by the option to focus all possible effort on the development of PES 2022 for the new generation of consoles such as the PlayStation 5 - which should be launched later this year. Technological developments have motivated Konami to change its already praised graphics engine: FOX Engine leaves and Unreal Engine enters. On social media an appetizer of what PES 2022's graphics might look like excited gamers.

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