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Sequel to "Going Well" Simon/Kaylee and... other 'ships.


Rating: PG-13 (I don't really think it is but just to be safe) Disclaimer: All characters in this fanfic (so far muhahaha) belong to Joss Whedon.

AN: Un-betad, a couple people have offered and I've e-mailed them but I haven't gotten any replies and patience is a virtue that I do not posess. It's Simon/Kaylee and that's all I'm gonna say 'cause I don't want to give anything away. This one is longer than "Going Well", I am going to turn this into a longish series. I would read "Going Well" first otherwise you might get a wee bit confuzzled. Also I have a question, why are these little blurbs called "AN"s? I think I might call 'em something different from now on.


Inara was redecorating her shuttle when she heard a frantic banging on her door. When she opened it Kaylee was standing in front of the door looking very much in a hurry but not overall unhappy.

“Mei mei what is it?” Inara asked worriedly.

“’Nara do you have any contraceptive shots on you?”

Inara stared puzzled by Kaylee’s question until Kaylee spoke up.

“Oh my god that’s right I haven’t told you yet! Me, me and Simon are well, together” Kaylee had been so busy with Simon, she hadn’t even had the time to tell Inara.

“I’m so happy for you honey. Here I always keep extras.” Inara handed Kaylee five needles.

“Thanks a lot ‘Nara”

“Anytime mei mei, just make sure you come to me later with all the details” With that Kaylee ran off .

On her way out she bumped into the Captain. She was sure he would have said something about shipboard relationships considering the fact that she was carrying a handful of contraceptive shots. All he did was stammer for a second and then mumble “Ah, um… Captainy things” as if he had done something wrong. She continued to run off to Simon. Kaylee was so busy thinking on Simon that she missed the Captain walking into Inara’s shuttle.


Kaylee and Simon had just finished with another amazingly passionate interlude when Simon realized he hadn’t yet talked to River. He reluctantly pulled himself away from Kaylee and started getting dressed.

“Simon honey where’re ya goin’?” asked Kaylee. She wished Simon would stay with her and hold her.

“I haven’t talked to River yet, I don’t want to leave it too long” he looked at Kaylee with sad eyes. She returned his look “Jus’ come back after okay?”

“I promise I’ll come meet you when I’m done” with that Simon pulled his shirt on and left.

“Well this is a good time as any to go see ‘Nara” Kaylee said to herself.



“Simon I’m fine, you don’t have to worry about me any more I’m all better. You just stay with Kaylee she needs you more”

“River, I would’ve never gone to Kaylee if I didn’t think you were alright. That’s not what this is about” replied Simon. He was now getting a little annoyed, he new she knew what he came to talk to her about.

“Why were you spying on me and Kaylee?” at that moment Simon started sweating, he knew whatever answer she gave him he wouldn’t like it. River just shrugged.

Simon sighed “River why?”

“’Cause” was all River said. Simon knew she was just curious. She was just experiencing these feeling now because she hadn’t gotten the chance to when she was younger.

“Okay River just, don’t do it again. You have to respect our privacy” Simon stated a little sharper than he wanted to.

“I’m sorry Simon, it won’t happen again” River said a little ashamed of it now.

“It’s okay mei mei”

“All crew please report to the dining room for dinner” came Zoe’s stern voice over the com.

“Come River lets go for dinner”


Kaylee had finished getting changed and was on her way to Inara’s shuttle. On the way there she bumped into the Captain who quickly averted her gaze and kept walking. The Captain had been acting very strange lately, she supposed it was just his way of grieving. That thought made Kaylee a little sad, nothing like talkin’ ‘bout your boyfriend with your best friend to cheer you up.

She arrived at Inara’s shuttle a couple seconds later. She lightly tapped on the door, a couple seconds later Inara opened the door. They both smiled, Kaylee with that grin that lit up the ‘verse on her face.

“Welcome mei mei”

“Hey ‘Nara how are you?”

“I’m great. Come, sit” Inara motioned to the bed. Both she and Kaylee sat down. “So tell me, what’s Simon like?”

“Oh ‘Nara he’s perfect. He’s so swai. He’s got muscles, you wouldn’t expect it from a guy like Simon but he’s got him” Kaylee suddenly drifted off in her thoughts, she started thinkin’ of Simon and just how amazin’ he was.

“That good huh?” Inara asked chuckling a little bit.

“Oh yeah, that good”

“That so” Inara was a bit sceptical. She knew Kaylee loved him, she assumed Kaylee maybe saw a bit of an exagerrated image.

“I know that look ‘Nara, I’m not lyin’ he really is, I was pleasantly surprised myself” Kaylee replied playfully.

“Well then, how’s the rest” Inara raised her eyebrow suggestively.

Kaylee was about to answer when she got interrupted.

“All crew please report to the dining room for dinner”

“Well I guess I’ll have to tell ya later, c’mon lets go”

*** When Kaylee and Inara arrived everyone else was already there. Zoe had cooked and set the table, it was her way of coping with her loss. Mal sat at the head of the table, Zoe next to him, Jayne next to Zoe, River sat opposite Zoe and Simon next to her. When Kaylee arrived Simon rose and pulled out her chair next to him.

“Hey Doctor Delicious” said Kaylee in a rather seductive voice.

Mal and Inara exchanged glances from across the table and then looked at Simon and Kaylee. Simon kissed Kaylee on the cheek and everyone sat down.

“Okay lets dig in!” stated Jayne hungrily.

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Monday, November 27, 2006 4:20 AM


Dr. Delicious? That's the funniest thing that's happened all day, and it's already been one of those days! That was a perfectly cheesy Kaylee line, so unexpected, but so very right.

The 'A/N' I believe is shorthand for Authors Note. But then I don't post my fic (it's not ready yet, and my beta's are seeminlgy illiterate), so I could be wrong.

Monday, November 27, 2006 8:21 AM


Gotta agree with BornToFly...the "Doctor Delicious" comment was totally hilarious and brilliant...but I was hoping for Simon!blushing:(


Still...great work, Gomithrous! Definitely could see these situations in my head, though the dialogue seems a tad bit off for the characters. But's OK! Getting into the swing of thigns and all that;)


P.S. Wanted a response to your e-mail, huh? Cao...well, I am totally open for business for doing beta work. You want one, you got one;)

Monday, November 27, 2006 12:58 PM


Nice bit of fluff and this is so Kaylee, I can really see her acting this way and being so wrapped up in Simon she misses everything else going on around her like hopefully a blossoming romance between Inara and Mal! Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Monday, November 27, 2006 1:47 PM


Giant sock eating purple llama? Noooo!!
OK, I'll talk!
I liked it. Keep writing.
I find that going back and watching from time to time really helps with getting the voices right(er). It can be hard to wrap your head around a different way of talkin'.
Contraceptive shots, but five of them. Short term?
(Sorry I'm a nurse at a women's health clinic. Depo Provera lasts slightly over 12 weeks. Are we regressing in the future?!)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006 2:39 AM


'Doctor Delicious'


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