The Nature of Things
Tuesday, February 7, 2006

SPOILERS!!! Post BDM, a practice fic on how our favorite crew is faring 9 months after Miranda. Feedback is Shiny! :)


Disclaimer: What do I own? Let me do the math here.. theres nothin'... then nothin'... (though rest assured I do own the computer) Kaylee tightned the last knot, confident that the cargo was secure. Standing up, she felt suddenly and immensely proud of the ship and everyone on it. Nine months after Miranda, the healing had started to set in. While on such a subject, she glanced up at Inara's shuttle and thought about how great it was to have her back.

Although she had not actually said anything about her staying, 'Nara's shuttle was already decked out in its former granduer. But she wasn't the only one getting back into the swing of things. Passing by the Infirmary made her think of Simon, which of course made her happy. Although she had spent months crying for Wash and Shepard Book and all the folks at Haven, Mal and the others had finally convinced her that none of those people would want her to stay sad forever, and so now most everything made her happy.

Which brought her to River. Having finally gotten rid of the memories surrounding Miranda, River was doing much better. Heck, she was even pioloting the ship! Although she did occasionaly still utter enigmatic phases...

Her musings having taken her all the way to the crew quarters, her thoughts switched to Jayne. Well, Jayne was Jayne. However, Kaylee could've have sworn that Jayne was making more of an effort to be nice, even to Simon and River. But Jayne was still Jayne.

And then she thoght about Mal. He had become lighter, happier. Easier to be around. Kaylee suspected that he might have finally found the belief the Shepard had talked about. But he and Inara were still dancing around each other so much, it was making her dizzy. (Couldn't they just kiss and be done with it?!!?)

Standing in front of her bunk, Kaylee pondered on Zoe. It had been horrible at first, like an empty shell of Zoe walking around. But now Zoe had even begun to laugh again.

While climbing down to her bunk (that had a sighn that now read: "Kaylee and Simon's Room") Kaylee thought it was funny the way things worked out. They were taking the goods to Persephone, which was where they had first picked up Simon, River, and Shepard Book. And now, according to Simon, was where a new little crewmember would be born.

"A little Zoe or Wash running around," thought Kaylee, "what next?"

And for Kaylee herself? Everybody else's lives were shiny, so Kaylee's life was shiny. Such was the nature of things.


Tuesday, February 7, 2006 11:17 PM


Lovely, great idea to pitch this from Kaylee's viewpoint. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Thursday, February 16, 2006 7:43 AM


not enough post-BDM fics are done from kaylee's POV. i love it!!!


Thursday, March 16, 2006 12:47 PM


Oh this was great. And I love the 'Simon and Kaylee's Room' sign!


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The Nature of Things
SPOILERS!!! Post BDM, a practice fic on how our favorite crew is faring 9 months after Miranda. Feedback is Shiny! :)