Core of the Matter, Part 2
Wednesday, March 1, 2006


“Cap’n, we should be at the refueling station in just a little while.” Wash walked into the room with his nose in the air. “Smells like food. We sure it’s mealtime? Cause it’s been a long time since was had food at mealtime.”

Zoe put out an empty plate for him. “For once, you got here just in time for something hot.”

He gave her a cheeky smile and kissed his wife, “Yes indeed. Oh! You meant the food!” He piled his plate high, barely able to keep from sampling the food directly from the serving dishes.

Everyone at the table smiled at their playful teasing of each other, all except the tight-laced Sebastian. “An unscheduled stop? Captain Reynolds, I must protest.”

Lien smiled and put a comfortable hand on Sebastian’s arm. “Not to worry Sebastian. I’ve never actually seen a refueling station, it should be exciting.”

“We hit empty cells, you’re the one thumbing us a ride.” Mal finally directed at the man, completely deadpan.


She stood before the screen completely at ease, addressing an elderly man dressed in rough home-spun clothing. He was slightly out of breath and the sound pickup from the capture was sensitive enough to pick up rural sounds in the backround, animals and machinery.

“Sebastian’s been looking after me, Samuel. I suppose once we’re there he’ll find a more comfortable Alliance vessel home, but he needed to keep an eye on me.”

“Oh, I’m sure he was quite pleased taking a privately owned vessel, ma’am. I’m sure he’s enjoying every creature comfort.” Millons of miles between them and even the dripping sarcasm got through. Grabbing the straw hat off his head, Samuel wiped his brow with his sleeve.

“Be kind Samuel or I’m telling the Elders.” Lien softened the threat with a smile. “I was certainly not going to be taking a Company liner. The crew has been very hospitable, especially with all the food we brought on board. So you make sure they get paid no matter what, Samuel. And add in a little extra. It’s certainly not the Brittanic Banner, but it has its own character and the fee was certainly cheaper. This stop shouldn’t be more than a few extra hours. I’m sure you can get along without me for a little longer?”

“Take care of yourself, ma’am. We’ll see you in a day or two.” He signed off the wave with a worried look.

Lein sighed to herself and turned off the screen. Unnecessary complications for a simple trip. That’s what they all told her. But she hadn’t gotten to where she was by doing the expected. Business was cut-throat.

“Farmer in the Dell,” came an ethereal voice from the doorway.

Lien turned around to regard her new visitor. Dressed in a child’s dress but with the body of a teenager, the girl stepped in and looked around the room.

“But there’s no dairy. Only dell.”

“You’re quite right, Lampeter is an agro-moon. No diary or cows. A few towns over they were hoping to purchase a few milchcows, but it fell through.”

“Slice up for steak, easy pickings, quick cash. Frying pan into the fire.” River nodded knowingly, put a hand on Lien’s shoulder and exited the room.

Lien followed her out to the lounge and watched her climb the stair to the cargo area. Intent on following, Lien had only placed a foot on the stair before being stopped by another voice.

“This ain’t no pleasure cruise, Miss. Cargo bay’s off limits.”

Lien actually blushed slightly, but stared after the strange changeling that had just invaded her room.

“I’m sure it’s usually you tellin’ people what to do, but this here’s a tight ship. No one but crew on the bridge and in the cargo area.” Mal stepped forward to emphasize the point, making it clear he’d physically stop her if need be.

“Of…of course, Captain, my apologies.” Lien backed away from the hatch.


Thursday, March 2, 2006 3:53 AM


Absolute Bullseye with Wash!

Nice Characterizations and tone!

Keep up the good work!

Thursday, March 2, 2006 5:57 AM


More please?

Thursday, March 9, 2006 12:07 PM


Ahhh. Definitely enjoying these. I just wish they were longer...


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