Actors discussing the characters they portray.

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Friday, March 9, 2018 8:14 PM


America loves a winner!

Are you a fan of it, or not ? Does how an actor view the character they play line up w/ how YOU see the character ? Or does it differ somewhat, and then make you think less ( or more ) of that character ?

Actors , if they're hoping to make any sort of a living, will of course play many different roles through out their career. Some characters are more utilitarian than anything, stand here - say this line, collect paycheck.

But if an actor is really lucky, they'll get to play a role of someone ( or thing ) they truly enjoy and connect with , while earning a decent living.

Occasionally, a beloved charater will be played by a actor who, truth be told, hated the job.

But how common is that, and does it serve the actor to openly admit that his / her most adored part is their least favorite ?

We WANT to believe all our BDHs loved playing the parts they were cast. Save for the late Ron Glass, who probably was a bit indifferent, who thinks the other actors didn't care for the parts they played ?

Any guesses ? I personally think they all dig Firefly, and hope they never get tired of being seen first and foremost as a BDH.


Saturday, March 10, 2018 12:26 AM


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There have been several people that have said that they were not enamored of the characters they played, but I think they just took what life gave them and ran with it, as would most people.... I think I remember Jonathan Frakes said he wasn't much of a fan of sci-fi before he got the part. How they thought of their jobs doesn't really matter. DO you really care if the kid at Starbucks hates their job so longer as they get your order right??

I'm fairly certain the 900 thousandth time Nathan got called "Captain Tightpants" he wanted to go home and burn all of his Firefly DVD's, but he's also said that no matter what he's always grateful for every part he's given.

Actors are people and they have the same feelings and reactions the rest of us do. They get tired of everything and love some aspects just like we would. I think the BDH's are smart enough to know not to piss on their fan base, either way.


Saturday, March 10, 2018 6:10 AM


I have not heard that Nathan has had disparaging remarks about Firefly or Serenity.
I am under the impression that Adam, Jewel, Morena, Summer really relished their time on the show and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Alan said he wanted that role, but I'm not certain how soured he got on it after cancellation was announced.
I'm not aware of Gina being effusive one way or the other, and Ron as well. Also Sean.

Some writers, performers, authors don't even recall parts or passages that others consider seminal.
For decades Shatner seemed to dismiss the fans and the overall work, and Nimoy didn't seem far behind that sentiment.
Michelle Nichols seemed to revel in the pioneering aspect a bit.

But for someone like Summer, coming up with ways to deliver lines that nobody in the cast could understand on paper, the River mindset was alone, separate from the others, and I'd assume she delved into it enough to appreciate that fans enjoyed her work.

When people go on about the things I've accomplished, I find that much of it I'd forgotten.

I don't recall hearing much after commentary from Christina Hendricks, Gregg Henry, Richard Brooks, Mark Sheppard, Sarah Paulsen, David Krumholz, Richard Buglar, Larry Drake.

I would enjoy hearing more of their points of view, on the characters.


Saturday, March 10, 2018 10:06 AM


America loves a winner!

Hasn't Mark Sheppard pretty much played the same character in every show ? Sure, none as over the top as Badger, but still...

Firefly may be 'different' in that regard. 1 season. 1 movie. Not like the multiple seasons like Castle or say... Buffy.

Shifting to movies, I really hate the way Luke Skywalker was portrayed in SW. I've heard Mark Hamill was really not happy, but finally said 'screw it' and just went along w/ it anyways. That's my understanding. I get that the character had to grow, but the 'adult' Luke was, imo, far too unrecognizable to the young Jedi which Ben taught, all those years ago.

( Mark Hamill @ 66 , is older than Sir Alec Guinness @ 63, was when he appeared in the original SW, in 1977. )

That always gets me

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