Rotten at the Core: The Sins of the Parliament

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Welp, after no response from the General Discussion Board, I have decided to try a different route. If y'all choose to sign up for this RP I will happily continue as RP Mod for as long as this thread lasts.

Rotten at the Core: The Sins of the Parliament

After the origin of the Reavers was leaked, a group formed calling itself the People's Protectorate. It began with a small gathering of Law Keepers, Lawyers, and concerned citizens on Ariel. Their goal was to "Root out the Rot in our Core." It gained a surprising amount of traction. It was mostly due to the help of a single underground group within the Core emerging over a three-year period along with the helpful donations from a number of their socially elite members. The Protectorate also drew support from a myriad of old Browncoat veterans. Many of whom, having heard of the group over the Cortex, managed to rally up functional localized chapters of the Protectorate on some of the more civilized planets in the Border and Rim territories.

After 7 years of their existence, they had only two successful lawsuits against the Parliament. The Reaver trial which did discombobulate the Parliament for a good year and a half, during the Reaver Purge; The Purge of course being the main way in which the Parliament and the Core planets were to correct their misconduct. But, as small number of the most senior members fell on their own sword, so to speak, the discombobulation did not last. The second successful suit was a minor one in their fourth year during which they were able to connect the disappearance of a young woman from her family estate on Bellerophon to a person working for Parliament(who was immediately discharged from their duties and shortly thereafter died in a fairly suspicious "accident").

Suffice it to say, the People's Protectorate support had begun to dry up. It didn't happen in droves, but their numbers had dwindled considerably. All but the original chapter that were based in the Core closed after year 2 as the somnambulant public returned to their everyday lives and began to forget the Atrocity that they no longer had to reflect upon once the Parliament had finished off the Reaver Purge.

However, just before the 8th anniversary of the Protectorate a trio of discontented Operatives contacted an active Rim citizen member on Deadwood. They were accepted into the fold as informants.

When their information proved consistent and, in some cases, even more intense and disturbing than the rumors and the limited intel gathered by the Protectorate, their flight and inclusion in a remote, but extremely active chapter of the Protectorate on Greenleaf was paid for by the Primary Chapter on Ariel.

Now, a mere 2 years later, the group has won 2 more relatively significant(compared to the disapperance lawsuit) trials, which are the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to immoral atrocities known merely to the 3 operatives who initially came forward. Since then, four other operatives have also come to light via the efforts of those that joined first. Their secrets are just as varied and dark.

The Parliament is aware of the threat now, but is uninterested in a secondary Civil War, if it can be avoided.

Join in this game of intrigue as a member of the Protectorate or as a Parliament Loyalist and see how you can change your Verse, for better or for worse.

As Roleplay Moderator(RM) I will be playing 3 characters to help move plot along: Asteria/Alamea - a Companion, Resha Sorpaspien - Rescued Bellerophon "Gifted Girl", and Tical - an Operative. The Character sheets for these three are in the next post.

ALWAYS post IN CHARACTER First. Use Out of Character(OOC:) at the END of posts to say anything to another RPer.


Lastly Respect the rules of this part o' the Verse and we'll not have any Trouble.

Otherwise I WILL report you to an admin and you Will(I'd assume) be banned from this thread.

Character Sheet: PM me this as your FIRST action and I will help you either adjust your character to my own personal standards (which are pretty basic if you know anything at all about RPing) or I will tell you that your character has been accepted. If this is your first time Roleplaying I'd VERY much prefer you NOT create an Operative, Parliament, or "Gifted" character as those character types will be the more Key players in this setting and that means more responsibility on YOUR shoulders to the rest of your fellow RPers to post More often and come up with MORE of the plot yourself.

I shall edit in the actual Character Sheets later today. I've got to get to work.


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Just, Pick YOUR gorram Star, then Follow IT!! I DON'T Care what you believe. Just Believe SOMETHING!! ~Anon

As an RPM I apologize that this was long in coming after my promise to post again, but LIFE HAPPENS. I have been laid up after a rather nasty fall on my back and I haven't had the courage to sit at a computer for this long due to the immense pain. The pain is dying off at this point, but I just COULDn't EVEN Human let alone try to come up with AWESOMENESS for anyone to enjoy here. So, Hopefully the following makes up for the long silence.

The following is the first and ONLY Character I have officially made. I am working on the ideas for the other two that I have decided upon. I already have general back-ground stories, just not the full-blown character like this one. I will post the others ONLY when I have AT LEAST 3 PM's regarding wanting to join. AFTER my companion character you will find all of the required fields for the form and a brief description of what I will expect to see within that field.


Name: “Asteria” Alamea Sunto
Age: 35
Occupation: Companion - Performer, Business Lady, and Cook
Appearance: Her most identifying feature by far is her flowing midnight black wavy hair. It has a dappled white streak starting at the top right of her part that winds gently to the end of her hair at the small of her back. It is what earned her the name “Asteria” as a performer, since it looks a lot like the Milky Way from whence we came. She has Earth-that-was “Hawaiian” skin color and facial features including wide “woodland” hazel eyes and luscious dark lips. Her favorite kind of dress for casual wear is a “Twist” dress and she has them in many colors and a variety of lengths. Her favorite of the twist dresses she owns is a long light-turquoise one with beautiful sapphire-like gems, of varied sizes, along the seams and corners of the fabric.

Personality: Alamea generally prefers to be called Asteria since it is her most widely acclaimed name, at least on the Core planets. She enjoys the fact that not all the Border and Rim planets know of her as a performer and uses her given name whenever she does venture out that far. However, family and her closest friends all call her Alamea. She loves reading, singing, dancing, and cooking as the activities she does most often. Yet, she is a thrill seeker as well, she enjoys and is good at hang-gliding, rock-climbing, snow sports, archery, acrobatics, and the martial arts including Krav-Maga, Karate, and Tai-chi. Though she does not specifically condone law-breaking, hers is mostly a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, she remains discreet in a great majority of her business dealings. It is one of the many qualities that bring her clients back to her again and again. Any number of clients have requested that she become a personal companion, but Alamea prefers employment on private company and or Union transport ships due to the varied nature of the jobs available in that capacity.
A quirk of hers is that she enjoys collecting small and somewhat rare stuffed animals once called “Beanie Babies”. She keeps her collection mostly in a small trunk and a few rotating favorites on a hidden shelf near her bed so as not to turn off her more intimate clients.

History: Xiaojie, a moon of Sihnon, is where Alamea grew up. She was born in the suburbia of a small city. She has seven siblings total, three elder and two youngers as well as two half-siblings. Her parents wanted her to be a doctor, lawyer, acupuncturist, or masseuse. After her parent’s divorce and subsequent remarriage between the ages of thirteen and fifteen, Alamea decided she wanted to become a Companion like her new Step-mother. Her mother was not entirely happy with this decision since she has rather more rigid and traditional views on sex and relationships than Alamea does. She convinced her father though that she was most interested in becoming a renowned dance and singing performer or chef than anything else. This and her Step-mother’s support led him to allow her attendance at the Academy as opposed to Ching Shian University.
At the Academy, Asteria excelled in most of her classes especially Music, Physical Education, Business Management, Cooking, and History. The History of Earth-that-was is of most interest to Asteria, but Politics is not. Though she was alright at science, Biology was her favorite it was more like a history of plants and animals than a mathematical endeavor. Having learned to be a Businesswoman at the Academy gets her plenty of… interesting clientele.

Asteria has enjoyed a prosperous and lucrative career. She fully repaid her father for the Companion Training within five years of becoming a fully Registered Companion. She may not be famous across the entirety of the wide verse, but most of the core planets know her name. Though she has enjoyed her fame and lime-light she does occasionally wish for a respite and while the Academy at Sihnon or even a prolonged visit with family is usually a good way to do that, she has had a growing wanderlust for some time. It is for this reason that she has recently decided to take a quieter job on a private ship. Any ship with a crew that is less likely to know of her illustrious career will do. She has dyed her hair red and intends to tell the Captain her performance name to help reinforce her credentials, but will take a position as Cook or Businesswoman, depending on the ship, and require silence regarding that name with crew and any other passengers. With them she will only be known as Alamea

Appearance: (I FULLY expect a well-rounded and well-thought out description of your character. I DON'T CARE if it's as verbose as MINE. I just want you to have actually CONSIDERED HOW YOU WANT your character to be Perceived upon First Look.)

Personality: (The IMPORTANT thing here is that it CANNOT be a REPETITION of ANYTHING I already KNOW from MERE appearance & occupation. Give your character preferences, flaws, and some PERSONALITY that's why it's CALLEd the Personality field.)

History: (ONCE again, the IMPORTANT thing here is to TELL ME SOMETHING I DON't already know about your character from ANY of the above fields, that's WHY I put these IN this specific Order.)

Why do you Fly with us? : (Tell me, as the RM: Why do YOU as an RPer want to join? Has it been forever that anyone has created an RP here and you can't wait? Is it because you've heard of RPing on a forum and want to try it? What is it that REALLY drew you to this and WHY will you STICK with us throughout the RP? What would make you want to Drop Out?)

Dropping out is ALWAYS an option, but AS RM I would PREFER to try and Retain as MANY players as possible because MORE RPERS MAKES A BETTER RP!!!! IF for Any reason, AT ANY POINT in the RP, IF YOU FEEL like you want to stop, just send me a PM and if I CAN do ANYTHING to change your mind and help make the RP more fun for you, SAY SO... I WANT y'all to ENJOY the experience of BEING an RPER. IT'S FUN AS ALL THE BEST ENTERTAINTMENTS OF ALL THE VERSE!!!! So, again PLEASE let me know when YOU'RE NOT HAVING FUN!!!!

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Just, Pick YOUR gorram Star, then Follow IT!! I DON'T Care what you believe. Just Believe SOMETHING!! ~Anon

Roster of Players and Characters:

Player: Character(s)

Asteria: "Asteria" Alamea Sunto -Companion; Resha Sorpaspien -Gifted; Tical -Operative

Pick a star on the DARK horizon and Follow the Light." from~"The Call"

I've picked my star. I follow it acros't all the horizons I can find. I en't no leader, but you fly on my ship, you're gonna drift my way. I'm a leaf on the Solar Winds. Wanna ride with me?

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