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Friday, January 15, 2016 1:07 AM


Everybody Dies Alone.

I just wanted to know your opinion on something I've had brewing in my head for awhile. I was wondering is the coat Mal wears throughout the show the same coat he wears during his years with the Independent's as a sergeant? The reason I ask is because during the Train Job (spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen Firefly sorry) the drunk fella tells Mal that Mal's coat is a bit of a "brownish color". So i'm curious is this a coat that has survived all these years and the color has darkened or has he darkened it himself and modded it? Another thing is on the right shoulder there is a slight burn mark where during the Battle Of Serenity Valley on other coats you can see an Independent's Patch. So it looks as if Mal removed the Independent's insignia. The only reason I'm wondering is because during the war scenes the coat is a khaki color and not brown but during the show it's a brown suede color and made of leather. However during the first episode and the episode "The Message" the coat during war scenes is almost like a raincoat and it's a khaki color. What's your guy's opinions on the coat? The reason I say he might've modded it is because he's known for modding his stuff. In the comic book Those Left Behind he mods his Moses by extending the forward front loaders out beyond the barrel of the gun (for some unknown reason) and it's also modded in Serenity. In Serenity the coat is also modded when he adds that leather piece across the left shoulder of the coat (which he removes sometime after because it's not in Leaves On The Wind). So i'm wondering what ya'lls opinion on the coat is. Is it the same coat or a different coat that's been aged or modded?






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