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Monday, January 31, 2005 11:58 AM


I've been thinking on this the last few days. Despite all the great suggestions by my fellow browncoats, I'd like to stick with my original choices for the fantasy lunch. However I would like to have two more lunches...

Lost Friends:
1. Susan. We did everything together from 12 to 18. We even went to France. Then we graduated and moved. I lost her. I miss her. Her family was a second home for me. I need to go find her.
2. Justin. We met in 2nd grade when I moved to suburbia. We had special names for each other. Despite school changes and coolness factors, we remained friends thru graduation. Then I lost him. I think I may have found him.
3. Julia. I only knew for a few months back in my freshman year at college. Those few months were incredible. We ran away together once. It was great. Then she ran away and left me all of her things. All I had was a note saying goodbye. I eventually mailed most of her belongings back to her folks. I lost her.
*Susan and Justin are my fault. I could have tracked them down but I didn't. I tried to find Julia. Maybe someday I will.

Firefly Luncheon:
1. The entire population of FFF
That may count as more than three people, but does anyone disagree? We've talked about so many topics: personal, political, philosophical, and Serenitical, that I can’t help but want to shake your hands and skip down the street with you all.

Someday I will share a tankard of mudders milk with you all.


Monday, January 31, 2005 8:33 PM


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Originally posted by cozen:
A slight twist, hopefully in keeping with the spirit of the thread. Let's make a day of it.


This twist appeals to me, but I would need a group dynamic. I am a listener -- I can hold up my end of a dialogue so long as the other party shoulders the pack while I help with the odd adjustment.

I suspect I'd be distracted by differences in conversational etiquette, and a shortage of shared experience, prior to the 20th century, 'though I'm tempted by Samuel Clemens (I know he died in 1910, but he's famous for his writing in the 19th century). I am certain I would miss too much in conversation with someone insufficiently fluent in English to be able to converse in it themselves, even if an excellent translator were ringside -- again a shortage of shared referents.

Anyway, while I might change my mind in a New York minute, here's my first cut:
Ralph Peters, Col US Army (ret), novelist & essayist. There are novelists I prefer, & essayists, but none I find better at both. Of writers I have not met, I suspect he might be the most engaging dinner conversationalist.
Eric Clapton, the. Composing/performing musician was the easy call, perhaps in part because I know little about the conversation of my musical heroes.
Valentino Rossi, perhaps the greatest motorcycle racer of all time. Competitive sportsman was the toughest call. Vale edged out Michael Jordan because 1) He is of a different generation from the other two, & 2) He has not yet commited Jordan's unpardonable sin upon his sport of silencing all reasonable (thus entertaining) debate as to who was the greatest of all time.


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Thursday, February 4, 2016 6:45 PM


Maybe someone like Duke Ellington

political guys like Chomsky I got over a long time ago


Friday, February 5, 2016 10:30 AM


There's no place I can be since I found Serenity.

That was a nice walk down memory lane. This thread started a little more than a year after I signed up here although I don't recall it and didn't post a reply. Quite a few of the regulars back then that I miss seeing these days, although I counted only six that pre-date my joining up.

As for who I would want to have lunch with, there are entirely too many to limit it to just three, so I'll have to break it down to different categories. I love books, films & tv, and a lot of general knowledge areas, so would have to group my lunch visits accordingly. I will restrict this to people still alive or else I would have an even harder time choosing.

For a discussion of books:
Gene Wolfe
Jeff VanderMeer
David Gerrold

For film/tv:
Joss Whedon
Richard Linklater
Joel Coen

For music:
Van Morrison
Steve Earle
Joe Pug

For political arguments:
Bernie Sanders
Bill O'Reilly
Rachel Maddow