There are no more Celebrity, 'Pop Stars' Actors anymore.

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 29, 2024 10:33
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Saturday, January 13, 2024 9:17 AM


The Glamour is Gone, je ne sais quoi haute couturé... it vanished long before people started shitting on the streets in California.

Losing the Culture War.

I think it could have died with endless Middle East war and the rise of the Instagram internet personality.
The internet video game world offers a more comfortable escapism for kids, more entertainment.

Do they desperately need old actors and old people playing guitar because of a lack of current talent???

Maybe people have backed away from Hollyweirdos. There is Nobody from Gen Z that think of it as a good career, let alone what family is going to send their kid to be destroyed by hollywood to make a new Gen Alpha
Gen-Z starts in 1997 but it has no celeb talent, everyone who is a Celeb is from Millennial era or Baby Boomer or Lost Generation or Gen X or Silent Gen
90s had nihilism, emo and angst, mass shooters at schools rise, Nirvana guy Kurt Cobain blows out his brains, another rocker or rapper overdose and a shooting, Brandon Lee shot on the set of a movie, Blind Melon lead singer Hoon ....of late the whole OD drugs thing is so frequent it does not even make headlines, mass shootings don't make news and urine toxicology test are not reported because already there is another dead celeb.
The era of the celebrity is over or is it? if you think about it very few came after child actors like Macaulay Culkin, the era of plastic sythn auto-tuned music or New 90s sitcom movie comedy talent and family drama tv and movies like Ben Affleck, Chris Pratt, Hugh Jackman, Cameron Diaz, Joe Rogan. We even know names of movie stars we barley know the 'River Phoenix' story, another new item on the Killing of JonBenét long has it been in decay?

Is 'Tom Cruise' needed to sell out a block buster movie?
Do they really need to bring back guys like Robert John Downey Jr to save entertainment and cinema? Older generations are from different eras, post war, physical hard working, some had to be able to tap dance, play a musical instrument, 'sing and act, do writing read up on the history of theater and go through a training school.
Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Lee Curtis got awards, they have been around forever
I do not see Will Smith making big box office movies again.

Even across the world they are old, Gérard Depardieu appeared in a news scandal but looks like he has been enjoying too much cheese and wine, Jackie Chan for example might put a few seats in the cinema maybe the USA, Europe, China, HongKong, Japan other parts of Asia but would he sell a 200 million Dollar movie to profits?

Also 'Actors' have been replaced by Virtual Characters, the virtual cartoon video game Mario Sonic people, the Supermen and Super Women, the Donald Duck, the Mickey Mouse
Robert John Downey Jr and Christian Bale and others are exceptions, they stand out but others get eclipsed by their virtual characters. Who knows the name of the Actor who played General Zod or Lord Voldemort or Homer Simpson or Groot?

This is assuming we can have new multi million Dollar projects, hundreds of millions spent on expensive movie CGI and world wide talents again, have not been wrecked by brainwashing, the new generation destroyed by the latest booze the drugs, 'vaccine damaged' and assuming there are healthy educated mentally stable types out there. It was plastic before all this now its gone crazy
'Taylor Swift', Rachel Zegler, Ellen Page or Elliot Page? Harry Styles, Jenna Ortega, Ed Sheran, Justin Bieber, Kardashian family children and maybe Greta Thunberg are the stars of the West

Maybe it died with 911, 'news' became that red alterts and advert jingle of entertainment 24/7 coverage of Afghanistan or Mass Shooters Iraq or Covid or Russia Pissgate or ISIS

Who can sell out a stadium or cinema seats?
Who is the latest 'Celeb' with Gen Z and you have some rapper, the kid of a Royal Family...maybe the newest celeb is Greta Thunberg?

We can mention so many Celebs from previous generations, Paul McCartney, Johnny Depp, Bruce Lee, Clint Eastwood, Tom Selleck, Harrison Ford, Aretha Franklin, Robert Duvall, Michael Caine, Pavarotti, Jim Henson, Jason Statham, The Rock, Björk, Tina Turner, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jackie Chan, Elvis, Anthony Hopkins, William Shatner, Carrie Fisher, Sigourney Weaver, John Carpenter, Elon Musk, John Leguizamo, Morgan Freeman, André the Giant, Sting, Dan Aykroyd, Kurt Russell, Neil Young, Trump, Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Stan Lee, David Attenborough, Christopher Lee, Prince, Fred Astaire, Patrick Stewart, Mick could discuss old celeb almost forever, the current Gen very little.


Saturday, January 13, 2024 9:32 AM


Everything is cyclical. There will be celebrities again in the future. I don't know when, but it will happen.


Political correctness is just tyranny, with a smiley face.


Wednesday, May 29, 2024 6:47 AM


The A-List now is a video gamer thing, MrBeast on social media, Japanese anime manga character, a SKorean pop song, PewDiePie

they bring back RDJ, Michael Keaton, Tom Cruise to sell movies? they bring back Jennifer Connelly, Sigourney Weaver I think she's finished, Arnie is old, Carrie Fisher dead, Bruce Willis is senile or has an illness
Kirsten Dunst still very successful, active but a 1980s child actress not new blood

Hollywood has no 'A-List' anymore

Wrestler Dave Bautista started big movie hits late is kind of like a break out star but is he A ++ star?

Taylor Kitsch did he arrive as it was all falling?
LeBron flops
Ezra Miller criminal creep
Xolo Maridueña...who?
Sasha Calle...who?
Terrence Howard his mind doesn't seem ok, maybe drugs booze and lots and lots of drugs?
Henry Cavill another struggle to be a number 1 A ++ star
Gal Gadot another struggle to be a number 1 A ++ star
James Marsden another struggle to be a number 1 A ++ star
Jonah Hill tries to be a John Candy or Seth Rogen?
Jonathan Majors...jailed?
John David Washington
Mahershala Ali flop?
Brie Larson
maybe a recognized Japanese face?
then you have old people DeNiro, Will Smith etc Ridley Scott going senile


Wednesday, May 29, 2024 10:33 AM


I think it will all turn around.

You've had years of actors opening their mouths about things that they shouldn't have ever spoken about in public and people are tired of being preached to. If you haven't noticed, they've all pretty much shut the fuck up right now and stopped preaching. Except for Robert De Niro. He's a lost cause, and he's got plenty of Fuck You Money, so he's just going to keep saying dumb shit until the day he dies..

The writers/actors strikes secured the pay and conditions they were looking for, but those terms are so unaffordable in the long run that Hollywood used that as an immediate excuse to purge 2/3rds of their current production slate... most of which was more woke bullshit that was put together by the DEI Departments that all the studios dismantled.

And the economy is pure trash right now. Going to the movies has become increasingly expensive over the years, especially for a family activity, and most of the people who went to the movies regularly simply can't afford it anymore. You can't justify spending $80-$100 to take the family out to the movies on a credit card when you're already buying groceries and gas on credit.

Nobody is going to flip a light switch and fix everything. Hollywood is simply far too big for something like that to happen. Imagine the big turtle in the swamp on The Neverending Story is Hollywood, and then imagine how long it would take that turtle to turn 180 degrees.

Hollywood stars will come back. It will probably be a few years before that happens though.


Trump will be fine.
He will also be your next President.






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