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Tuesday, April 27, 2010 3:09 PM


a friend asked what it's like to be me...not in a bad way but because she knows I have been afflicted with some labels and wanted to know how that affects me. it used to affect me more back when I had reduced sense of self worth due to not really getting how everyone worked and being stuck on the 'there's something wrong with you list" and perceiving myself that way. Ok so I am "on the spectrum"...supposedly (ASD). I think I was put there because I was deemed a solitary odd child with questionable social skills and weird habits who lived in a world noone else could see (I still do...I love my world even though it gets lonely in there sometimes). my own thoughts about it are that I really do not mind having a different way of looking at the world and absorbing information and others appreciate it too. Sometimes people are too noisy or get too close to me physically but that won't kill me so nyeh no need to have a shutdown over it. I don't eat alot of things because of the way they feel in my mouth or what colour they are...( e.g. if its green and mushy it's not going in my mouth unless I can't see it and its mixed with ricotta) but lots of people have food issues so nyeh...I am compelled to touch every switch/button I see but I don't because it upsets people, I like pulling nails and pins out of things and pulling stuff apart but restrain myself if its gonna cause destruction.I feel that if I want to put things in my mouth that don't qualify as food that's up to me... as long as it won't hurt me or anyone else (hint safety pins are not always 'safe' when they accidenatlly open) I used to try and be like everyone else and spent many years observing people so I knew the right way to behave and how to mould my I'm more comfortable with who I am and I believe that is why people don't mind my quirks. I don't 'connect' with people in the traditional sense because it's hard to do from inside a glass cube, but I am genuinely concerned and interested in people and that's all it takes for them to feel connected to me. I have a rich life and I feel lucky most of the time. Having said that I wish I could get rid of the damn Torette's without resorting to brain surgery. I trully hate having Tourette's because it's so damn disruptive and exhausting. also a tiny percentage of people stare, say stupid things and treat me like a moron, which inspires violent mean thoughts and makes me cranky.
how do you deal with your labels and societal or physical burdens?


Tuesday, April 27, 2010 3:56 PM


In Junior High School I was labeled a Star Trek nerd & a victim, so I learned Karate & beat up the attackers.
(just two, to be a bit more precise)

The laughing Chrisisall


Tuesday, April 27, 2010 5:41 PM


yeah I found my attackers in high school stopped attacking me when they realized I was mentally and physically stronger than them.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010 1:27 PM


Thank's for sharing so openly and honestly about your struggles Boris. I really admire your spirit.

Sometimes I still worry about labels, but as I get older I find that for the most part I don't have the energy to care about it as much as I used to. Age does have it's advantages!

The way I deal and survive is by not being around people very much. I even have to switch my time table to be up most of the night and sleeping during the day. Things get so 'noisy' in my head. It is hard when I have to go out to the store though. Sometimes I can't pronounce words right or understand what people are saying and my speech patterns get mixed up.

But people don't dare tease me because I take my husband with me when I go out. He is built like a lumberjack. He is handicapped also in the physical sense and uses a cane. I am on the other side helping to support him. So we look like some sort of big two-headed monster with his scowl and my berserker look. Plus his quad cane looks dangerous. People give us space. :)


Thursday, April 29, 2010 4:32 AM


Thanks for your story Littlebird. Yeah I find I don't worry nearly as much about other peoples mis-perceptions of me as I did when I was younger. Quad canes rock by the much more practical than the one legged variety :-)And if it means people give you space in crowded places then that's an added bonus.


Thursday, April 29, 2010 9:25 AM


I think self confidence is the biggest cure for labels. I'm confident in who I am and therefore labels don't bother me. I disagree with a lot of the ways others lead their lives, but as long as they aren't trying to impart their views on me I just live and let live. I think it also helps that I'm not a super social person. Having just a few close friends is plenty for me. I don't need to strive to impress people because I don't need or want them to include me in their plans all the time.


Thursday, April 29, 2010 8:46 PM


Operative: "Its worse than you know..." Mal: "It usually is."

I am fortunate that my problem(Bi-polar) isn't easy to see, but I too live backwards. I work night shift, and go shopping when I know most people aren't out,(usually early morning Tues. and Wed.) I have 4 cats and they are my best friends, I do have a few friends from my tea group and my best friend is also bi-polar. Its a lonely life, but it is the one that suits me. We are what we are, do not make excuses for how you were made, no one is perfect, they just think they are.

Chaplain of the 76th Independant Battalion

Do not bother dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup!'s worse than you know...Operative usually is.....Mal






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