Mysterious sounds of the Apocalypse

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Friday, January 20, 2012 2:07 PM


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10-billion watts of HAARP sets atmo on fire for Uncle Scam, but 1-watt of pirate radio gets FBI raid

A series of unusual and mysterious loud sounds are being heard in various locations around the world – and people are quick to blame them on everything from HAARP and earthquakes to 2012 and trumpets sounding a coming Apocalypse.

All around the globe, from the U.S. and Canada to Central America, Europe, and Russia, people are recording unusual and mysterious sounds. Although the phenomenon is not entirely new, the recent outbreak seems to indicate an increase in these eerie, almost other-worldly sounds, causing both concern and speculation.

While many of the odd noises are almost mechanical-like, others sound like a loud roar or may even have an almost “supernatural” quality to them. Some of the sounds have lasted an hour or more, and have occurred at all hours of the day and night. Others continue on an almost daily basis, lasting months or years, as is the case in the Windsor, Ontario, Canada region.

Hundreds of people in the Windsor, Ontario, region have been hearing strange sounds and feeling odd vibrations and the ground rumbling for more than a year and a half now. The strange sounds and rumblings generally begin in the morning and continue throughout the day into the night, disrupting daily life. Windsor City Councillor Al Maghnieh investigated some of the reports, and experienced the “strong vibrations” personally, describing the noises as being “synthetic” and “coming from the ground.” When interviewed, he said he believes the phenomenon is real and that “It’s there, it’s present…and I think this issue needs to be taken much more seriously. There needs to be an investigation.”

In other cases, some of the sounds are accompanied by very bright flashes of light. In a video shot in Florida last year, there are several bright flashes of light that occur in conjunction with a loud roaring sound. The people who took the video believed they were recording a possible tornado, but became concerned when the deafening sound continued at length without any weather warnings being posted. At one point, one of them calls 911 to inquire about the noise. The sound finally dissipates after a very bright flash of light, having lasted almost 20 minutes.

It is interesting to note that the official explanation for the sound recorded during the Florida video changed. Originally, the local news channel reported that they were “told by the police department that it was an airplane at the airport” (4 miles from the location where the video was shot). Later, the 11 o’clock news reported that the sound was “just thunder” that lasted almost 20 minutes!

One incident, which has almost ghostly overtones to it, occurred during a televised baseball game being played at Tropicana Stadium in Florida between Tampa Bay and Detroit. The official report blamed the eerie sounds on a faulty sound system

So what could explain these weird, mysterious sounds? Speculation abounds. They’ve been tied to everything from HAARP to Project Blue Beam and new weapons testing as well as to major weather fronts colliding causing vibrational echoes. Many believe the sounds may be more Earth related, tied to changing magnetics or to the tectonic plates being pushed and stressed (see article on “Is the North American Plate Being Pushed?”). Two of the more unusual ideas involve the possibility that there was a nuclear explosion in a secret underground military tunnel, or that the noises are part of a mass-marketing campaign for an upcoming movie.

Without direct evidence, however, we may have to just “wait and see,” or in this case, “hear,” what comes from all of this noise, if anything. And while some people immediately dismiss the sounds as hoaxes, others are quick to jump to the opposite extreme and believe them to be signs of a coming Apocalypse. Perhaps a more balanced approach is needed, as well as actual investigation. But like the residents of Taos, New Mexico, maybe we’ll eventually just get used to these types of odd sounds and hums. After all, it is 2012!


I have heard them myself in Newport news Va. For the past year now. I thought I was either cracking up or they were trying out some noise weapon on FT. Eustis or some new Jet. But the more I hear it the more I realized it’s not either of those things, I also thought maybe HAARP, I have been trying to watch Chemtrail activity in relation to the noise, but they spray over us everyday so who knows. I know you can feel it in the ground and hear it in the air. And I have since moved from being close to the base or the airport and still hear and feel it like it’s right under me. I think now that it maybe from the magnectic feild changing poles. One things for sure, Mother Earth is growning with Labour pains. No two ways around it.
Not a hoax whatever it is. I believe it’s the Earth changing. But since I am not a trained scientist and only one at heart, who knows. Any of my theories could be correct at this point.

PS: Youtube crashed within seconds of posting these youtube videos.....






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