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Monday, July 9, 2012 5:04 AM


Anybody seen Amazing Spider-man?

I went in not expecting it to be very good. The trailers have been underwhelming. However, I left thinking it was probably the best Spider-man movie yet. It was far from perfect, but the acting was much better than any of the previous films. Peter Parker seemed much more believable in this one.

OK on to the spoilers.

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Peter Parker - I liked the way he used his powers and grew into a hero. The only thing I didn't like about him was his lack of sympathy for his aunt and uncle. He didn't seem to care that he was being a total pain in the butt.

Gwen Stacey - I'm torn on her character. I felt like they didn't decide what they wanted out of her. Was she strong and take charge or a shy, frightened little girl? Depending on the scene she was one of the other. Yet she was the heart of the movie and she did a good job making you care about her.

Aunt May and Uncle Ben - I don't know about the lack of the line "with great power comes great responsibility". They delivered it in a sort of tangential way, but why not just go with it? It's kinda the core of the series. I felt like they needed to be a little more strict with Peter when he was being such a flake. Though they definitely showed they cared about him.

Doc Conners/Lizard - Not a big fan here. I mean what the heck was with him looking all amazed by Peter guessing that he was studying cross species genetics. He wrote a book about it apparently. Gee maybe a kid getting an internship took a minute to do a little research. Seems like since Peter's dad left the team Dr. Conners has accomplished nothing. Odd that a guy could stay employed for like 10 years while getting nothing done. I always saw the lizard as sympathetic because he was transformed unintentionally. I didn't like that he kept injecting himself. Seemed like it was all on him. I also don't get why he moved his lab to the sewers. That seemed random and unbelievable. I doubt there are electrical sockets laying around the sewer. I also don't get his change of heart right at the end to save spiderman. Seemed to come out of no where. He still seemed to hate spiderman when the injections would wear off from time to time.

Spider-man - I liked the way he used his powers. He really seemed to move like a spider more than I've ever seen spiderman portrayed in the past. I didn't like the webbing. It seemed like this one more than ever would make sense for him to create his own webbing. That's what the spider was genetically engineered to do. Are we supposed to believe that he is going to steal more webbing from Oscorp forever? He also seemed to be completely outmatched by the lizard. He was hardly slowing the guy down. I expected more cleverness out of him. I mean in the end it was Gwen who did all the brain work behind the eventual solution. My other problem with spiderman is his sense of humor. I feel like the actor they chose doesn't really have comedic timing. He felt like a guy that is just awful at telling jokes and everyone just laughs awkwardly. That's probably the biggest let down of the movie IMO. However, the rest is good enough that it doesn't take the whole film down with it.

Now what's with the incredible disappearing Norman Osborn? That was weird.


Saturday, July 14, 2012 9:33 PM


Agree, agree, agree. Did not see it coming, it was far better than any of the previous Spidey movies and Garfield is awesome. Plus I'm in love with Emma Stone (why oh why did they make her a blond. Come to find out that's her natural hair color - redheads drive me crazy). But it was very credible, solid acting by all, they didn't sacrifice the story for special FX or big time actors.

But yes, there were a few near-fatal flaws - Peter Parker's crying scene when Uncle Ben died, between Emma Stone and Denis Leary when he's telling her to leave the scene at Oscorp. But they were minor compared to the overall movie.

I liked it!







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