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THIS machine kills fascists- Woody Guthrie

Ok, so I haven't seen a thing about a subject I've been curious about for a while so I thought I'd bring it up here(If you know of somewhere else better to put this- please let me know!). One of my hobbies is reading comments to news articles, and I've noticed quite a difference in typing styles. Here are some examples:

there is the no cap no punctuation run on sentences that you can never tell where you are supposed to take a breath at that force you to reread it twice and mentally insert them and I understand that its a pain to capitalize and punctuate on some phones but really ignoring doing it would drive me nutters and I also think this could be a sign of bad homeschooling or just poor education in general

There Are The People Who Capitalize Every Word And I Can't Figure Out If That Is A Short Attention Span Thing or What. I Tend To See That With The More Religious Commenters As Well. Use Of Just Periods Very Popular With These.

Then there are the people WHO CAPITALIZE MOST of a sentence. I have been known to DO THIS on occaision myself, mainly because I RANT IN MY OWN HEAD and it DISTINGUISHES THE WORDS without ACTUALLY figuring how to italisize, eek!

I also use a lot of these.... things. It helps me separate out thoughts better because the sentences aren't so close together...Ironically, I contracted this socially transmitted typing disease HERE.

Every once in a while I'll see another dyspraxic that has my same letter issues also, for instance: field, sheild, xyzlophone, mnuemomnic, momunmentally...and then I wonder if they know they do that....

I've noticed some will ramble on for just days about a subject that really only needed a couple sentences and in the end have only a sketchy relevance to the subject matter at hand which everyone will have forgotten during the long journey to the end. These people looove to be seen as wise and sage in all matters...I have a theory as to the mental illness that goes with that one but I won't speculate here for fear of a twelve page response....

I can't decide if the people who try to link EVERY article from diapers to doomsday to something about Obama have just a massive case of OCD, some sort of Napolean complex where they can't deal with any other man being in a position they themselves could not attain, or if they really have no sense of humor but believe that is funny or just need someone to agree or even disagree with whatever they say EVERY....DAMN.....DAY....

Then there are the people who try to use as sharp pointed pain inflicting phrases as is possible. They loooove to use potty language for effect as well... Anger management issues here for sure.

So, in closing.... any thoughts, observations, first hand knowledge, or articles you know of on this subject would surely fascinate me.

Thank you!






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