Crissy Field and the Wave Organ

UPDATED: Wednesday, October 9, 2013 18:39
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013 6:39 PM


Gettin' old, but still a hippie at heart...

This morning we sulkied Crissy Field on S.F. Bay, which we do once or twice a month. The dogs find it boring as hell (no deer/rabbits/coyotes) so rarely break out of a trot, and I don't do it more than a couple of times a month, because to make a full 45-minute run, I have to keep on going up the sidewalk, past the Yacht Harbor and Marina Green to Great Meadow, which even at sunrise when we go has runners, bikers, etc.

But today we got a double treat. I forgot about the government shutdown, which had "closed" Crissy Field. They can't close it, of course, as it's wide open, they just shut off the parking at the main parking lot and one other; there's still tons of parking on the street. But either the necessity of walking 100 yards to the beach (shees) or thinking the shutdown meant it would actually BE closed, kept people away, so we had the place almost to ourselves.

On top of that, I suddenly remember the Wave Organ. It's a wave-activated acoustic sculpture" on a jetty out beyond the Yacht Club, consisting of "25 organ pipes made of PVC and concrete located at various elevations within the site, allowing for the rise and fall of the tides. Sound is created by the impact of waves against the pipe ends and the subsequent movement of the water in and out of the pipes."

It occurred to me that I might be able to sulky straight up from Crissy, behind the Yacht Club and out on the jetty to the organ, and it turned out not only was I right, but it made a perfect 48-minute round trip!

So here's our morning run:

And after I put the video together and posted it on the urban mushing sites I'm on, I looked up the Wave Organ and found the following on YouTube. We've never been out there at high tide, so never heard it like this, but now that we know, we're going to plan to go specifically at high tide:

Really cool, made for a great morning run!






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