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UPDATED: Monday, October 17, 2016 01:57
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Monday, October 17, 2016 1:57 AM


Over the weekend I wanted to watch a good movie, one that I hadn't seen before in the theater. I came across this indy film, The Witch. My son had told me he liked it, and so I decided why not. I gathered my snacks (after dinner of course) to sit and watch a horror movie (not exactly my favorite genre), I turned off all the lights, what better way to watch a horror film, and I was not disappointed.

It felt as though I was being told an old fashioned ghost story around the summer camp fire in a secluded rural area. It is the story of a family of 7 that was cast out of a community for some religious reason. They strike out on their own at the edge of a creepy forest in the wilderness, and that's where the fun begins. Strange things happen and the eldest, Thomasin (played by Anya Taylor-Joy, a Elle Fanning look-alike) a young teen-aged daughter who has communication problems with her mother,
but who is favored by the father.

These strange things are seen, by the family, as evil demons, witches and the devil himself wreaking havoc in response to the supposed wicked behavior
by the family members. As though they are being punished by God for not being faithful servants. The film is an old-fashioned Grimm's Fairy Tale, but they don't show much in the way of ghosts and goblins. Instead it is only suggested as we see the family slowly deteriorate into madness, or could it be that there is a palpable evil lurking about in the wilderness.
It is sparse, dark, cold and foreboding in it's presentation and overall style. If the film were a book, it would be a page-turner, revealing little and leaving one's imagination to look behind dark shadowy corners for answers.

Director Robert Eggers did a masterful job in creating spooky, creepy suspense that could rival that of a Stephen King novel.
A perfect Halloween night ghost story with a steady ghoulish hand at the helm. If you like the horror genre, put this at the top of your list.
The Witch is a good, solid piece of filmmaking.







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