Iran 'Protests'? and islamic government crackdown? is the Sh*t about to Hit the Fan?

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Sunday, December 31, 2017 3:09 PM


The Iran stuff seems to be trending on blogs, message boards and twitter...its been growing the past few days

in NYC time its 14:40 Sunday, 31 December, in Europe Late Evening? and maybe Japan/Australia well into the New Year Jan 2018? Could continue for months?

From what I read online briefly

There was some kind of Activism, Protests in Iran, maybe an explosion, now followed they say by a brutal crackdown and Iranians have just Shut off the Internet? The Theocratic islamic Republic is shutting people down? Some say now spreading across the country and ask why won't the mainstream media report on the Iran protests? already 2 deaths related to the protests and social media is being blocked. Some said it started about prices, foods, rice, kebabs? economical protests?

There seems to be an element of mockery, poetry or humor to the protest?

Collection of slogans to give a idea about the sentiments involved in the protests. Counter-protests in support of the government have also flared up led by "hard-liners". high levels of unemployment (12.4%) and a stagnant economy with inflationary prices. They are also protesting extended overseas military engagements by Iranian forces, particularly in Syria. The 'regime' is desperate to stop the unrest. The protests were initially for economic woes, against the high price of goods and commodities, but has "quickly changed" to protesting Iranian involvement in the Middle East, as well as Ayatollah Khamenei, the current Supreme leader of Iran, and Islamic government itself. Some US media, President Trump and Western media now seem to have tweeted on it so it might soon get a lot of mainstream media coverage. Not sure what is happening perhaps nobody really knows what's going on, and of course conspiracy stories will soon fly about Saudi or Russians or the British or Israel or Turkey or other players in the region...its not as if they need to build tensions with all the crap that happened in Syria. There are probably a few facebook accounts or youtube channels we should pay attention to. Reports indicate security forces were opening fire on protesters? Also a lot of history with the USA going back to Carter, Reagan Bush, Clinton Obama etc outbreak of unrest reflects growing discontent over rising prices and alleged corruption, as well as concern about the Islamic Republic’s wars and politics. People protesting could be risking much, many protesters are perhaps going to face prison, rape, torture. A lot of the Persians commenting online in the West seem to be maybe secularists or are Jews, ex-muslim Atheists, Christians, and Zoroastrians. Iranian government has reformists but is most certainly composed of fundamentalists who are pushing their latest version of the fundamentalist islamo religion


Monday, January 1, 2018 12:11 AM



Monday, January 1, 2018 11:18 AM


America loves a winner!

Well, there's 4 dead now, and I guess Iran is going to have pass its own Kate's Law to tamp down on the murder of its citizens by foreign agents.


Monday, January 1, 2018 7:11 PM


Also here seems like maybe 10 or 12 dead and 400 arrests ... also a twitter hashtag #IranWideStrikes ? but the Iranian government, i think they basically shut down the internet

some stuff on the forums, blogs, message boards


Protests spreading across Iran...
Iran cities hit by anti-government protest
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Iran restricted access to several social media apps Sunday and warned that anti-government protesters who cause public disorder will "pay the price" after three days of demonstrations across the country. ? Iranian democracy
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Iranian cities hit by anti-government protests

There are some direct reports on twitter showing chanters demanding the Mullahs leave the country. Calls for and end to Islamic rule and even shouts of Death to Rouhani.

Iranian state TV reports that 10 people have been killed?

Iranian protesters attack police stations, raise stakes in unrest


Tuesday, January 2, 2018 7:30 AM


I believe in solving problems, not sharing them.

Supposedly the "protesters" have graduated to attacking police stations and the like, so expect to see a lot more dead, and a lot more hand-wringing from "liberals" about "the right of peaceful protest".

I can't tell if this is a CIA-inspired event, By Israelis, or by Iranians outside of Iran. Whoever organized it, it's definitely organized.

Usually, CIA-inspired destabilizations (AKA "color revolution" or "ethnic Springs") the CIA takes advantage of some sort of internal division - religious, tribal, economic etc - blows on the glowing embers thru State Dept-linked NGOs, social media etc,

But the American press is always prepped by the CIA/ State Dept with a narrative about the "good guys" and "bad guys", stories of outrages fill our press (like the famous "incubator babies" story, or the "slaughter" that Qaddafi caused in Benghazi which never happened), if the demonstrations need to boil over snipers are sent in to propel events along, and THEN a State Dept-favored leader emerges from the chaos ("Yats is our guy").

Due to lack of preparation of our press, it seems to me that this is a surprise to the CIA as well.

I've read in the distant past ... before Ahmadinejad, even ... about the corruption of the ruling religious class in Iran. It kind of stuck with me because it was written in a very detailed way about how the Ayatollahs determine economic developments via the budget, and always manage to be there to profit from them. (Yanno, kind of like our politicians here.) Not sure if this is still the case, but if so, between that and the stress of sanctions on their economy and then the lack of job prospects after the nuclear deal was signed, and the war effort on Syria, I can imagine how that would cause economic tensions in Iran.

USA policy seems to be reactive and opportunistic.


US Intelligence Reportedly Gives Israel Green Light To Assassinate Iran's Top General

Personally, as with most other events on foreign lands, I don't see that this is, or should be, any of our business. I'll continue looking for evidence if this was CIA-inspired. The CIA plays a long game, and not always with the knowledge of the President.

Pity would be no more,
If we did not MAKE men poor - William Blake

America is an oligarchy






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