Sicario 2

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Right from the opening sequence you get the feeling that everything is happening
in the moment, and it carries throughout the film. Sicario: Day of the Soldier is
intense, gripping and never boring.
The topic of human trafficking/smuggling for profit is so on point and relevant
to the current newsbreaks on network television that you could almost sense the
sweltering dusty heat of the Mexican/American borders as we follow a young
American who is being recruited into the seamy world of human smuggling. It is
unrelenting in its tension and storytelling and has you on the edge of your seat.
But at no point do you get the feeling that you are being preached to, or
politically bombarded with rhetoric from either side of the argument.

Sicario 2 almost has a documentary feel to it and never editorializes to win you over one way or another. I found the pacing slightly better than the first, so the story moves along and doesn't lose anything in quality, it is almost equal to the first film and captures the essence of the gritty soul-draining life of a "coyote."

Taylor Sheridan's script is sparse and barren, much like it's characters on both
sides of the equation. It is unflinching and never looks away from the ugliness
of the drug wars. The story is that the US wants to start a war between the drug cartels without being detected. In comes Josh Brolins character who hires Del Toro's character to help in the festivities. We also come across a young Mexican-American teenager who is recruited by his cousin to be a coyote. The film is
deftly edited and timely shows the two worlds come together to a satisfying ending.
Del Toro and Brolin are excellent as the two leads, actually the whole cast was solid. And although it has a running time of 2 hours and 2 minutes, the film never dragged or felt overly long. There was maybe one scene where I felt a character
made a poor, or poorly set up, decision. Otherwise an excellent movie and well worth seeing in the theater.

3.5 out of 5 Stars







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