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Thursday, February 27, 2020 4:23 PM


I went and saw this, unfortunately.

Some weeks ago I saw The Last Full Measure. I am fair certain that at that time this 1917 film was also playing. I am very grateful that I saw that awesome film instead of opting for this horrendous dreck.

How did this film stay in theaters this long? No clue.
I think this film was up for some Academy Awards - I have not clue why. This was the same year as Alita, for Christ's sake.
I cannot imagine there were not 20 or 40 better films than this in 2019. Certainly will never be in my top 20.

For those who want to know the storyline:
The only thing that happened in the entire year of 1917 was some guys were told to go on an URGENT mission, to deliver a message. URGENT, I tell you. Hurry, hurry. Did I mention it was URGENT?
It is so URGENT that it takes a day or so to complete what seems a few hours of travel. It is so URGENT that these dudes must stop to chatter with the locals, stumble with foreign language with these locals who are no threat. And while their fellow soldiers are being massacred because they have not delivered the message in time, they are goofing around playing with babies.
Did I mention URGENT?
So URGENT it is like a Trump Impeachment must be URGENTLY Passed and sent to the SEnate. URGENT, I tell you.
So URGENT they must constantly dillydally around, goofing off, while their brother goes into battle needlessly.

I was trying to think of a film which was a bad as this - I know I've seen a few. Finally, I recalled one as bad; Gravity.

I think I've seen a worse wartime film, but I cannot recall what it was.

Although I cannot imagine giving this film more than 1 star, I am interested if nybody has already seen this and hs a different opinin, or if somebody ends up getting wrangled into this, and wants to share a different viewpoint.


Thursday, February 27, 2020 6:40 PM


America loves a winner!

While 1917 didn't impress me nearly as much as I had expected, it was a decent film.

I saw it more as a 'day in the life ' of what it was like to fight in WW1. Yes, today we deliver a message to save 1800 men, tomorrow we deal w/ a barrage of chlorine gas and scrambling to get gasmasks on, hoping the wind shifts and blows it back towards the blokes who fired it in the first place ( which did happen, on occasion )

2 things stuck out for me the most...

- the Brit soldiers running down the middle of the street, time and time again, making themselves out to be THE most visible of targets.

- the motivation of that one soldier was to save his brother's life, as well as the rest, but what do we find? His brother isn't on the front line. He's no where NEAR about ready to charge into certain death. He's safely back at the medical tents, directing traffic!

TBH, I thought Chariots of Fire, which was post WW1 , was a far better movie. And that was made 40 years ago!






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