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Wednesday, September 2, 2020 1:49 PM


This was very entertaining.
If you like sci-fi, I think you will enjoy this. If you hate to think during a film, you maybe should skip this.

If you plan to see this, I do recommend that you get enough caffeine, and try to stay alert. I don't think I was able to catch most of the content in one showing, and I expect I'll need more than 2 viewings. Some of the concepts will need to marinate in my brain for a bit before I'll get it all. If there were any holes in the plot, I'm far from the point where I could identify them.

Some comparisons have been made to Inception. But Tenet was more like Inception at an exponential level - and without the in-depth explanations. It had a vibe closer to 007, but at a frenetic pace - and missing the spoon-fed preamble and explanations. Sometimes I thought it similar to some great Star Wars action scenes, but again without the preamble and explanations.
I have no doubt that virtually all of the explanations and story background are in this film, but it will take me several viewing to put it all together.

I had thought that there were difficulties with me understanding all of the different dialects and slang, as well as the muffled speach due to lots of mask-wearing of the characters. But upon reflection, and considering similar treatments in Inception, I am suspecting most of these were intentionally obfuscated, but I'm not sure why yet. Meaning, I don't currently conjure that they are a technical filmmaking error.

And you need to start paying attention right away.

I saw Tenet last night, on my local cinema's $5 movie night - the first Tuesday they were open since March. They opened last Friday.

I do recommend you see this on the Silver Screen. There was a lot of action filling the screen, and I'm not sure how well it will work on smaller screen. It is not overwhelming like a Valerian, but it does keep busy. There will be tons of stuff you already miss the first time as it is.

I did recognize Michael Caine and Kenneth Branaugh, but I didn't recognize Robert Pattinson, although I should have if I had recalled he was in this. His role was wonderful, far more in depth and gritty, involved than what I've seen before - mostly Twilight.

I will mention 2 suggestions, and I don't consider them to be spoilerish.
1. Keep an eye, or at least awareness of background action, or things that don't necessarily mesh with the foreground or action at hand. It will likely be explained later in the film.
2. I have begun to think of the character paths as threads weaving (or woven) through the fabric of time. This might help me develop my comprehension better.

There were no codas at the end of the film.


Thursday, September 3, 2020 2:26 PM


I finally realized that I had not compared Tenet to Edge of Tomorrow in my head.
Although both dealing with temporal manipulations, it is in a different way than normal in Tenet.
I had gone through EoT and counted the number of time loops presented on screen. In this way, and to keep things straight, I might do the same for Tenet, but they will not be as straightforward, and I'm quite sure, at this point, that they will overlap and intersect at numerous points.

As in-depth as Tenet is, I should assume that a Discussion thread will be needed for Tenet.

I was already surprised to find yesterday that there was not already a Tenet thread, from before it's release. It would have been difficult to fathom the story without experiencing it.






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