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Saturday, May 6, 2006 4:49:08 PM

Well, maybe not a vengeance, per se. Maybe with a sharp stick or something.

Okay, so as some of you have noticed, I had taken a little vacation from my fanfic series "Antebellum." Okay, three months, whatever. Who's counting?

Point is, since I'm about to get my Associate's Degree in a couple weeks, I will now be able to work on my series a little more, hopefully finally being able to answer the question on everyone's minds: "Is there a point to all of this?"

Now, I don't want to outright state how frequent the chapters will be up, as I'm still jumping back into all this, and my employers still expect me to show up for work every now and then. But rest assured, the story's all up in my head and (biasly speaking) it's a pretty good one (if not insanely complicated and in no way meant for a fan fiction). And we still have a long way's to go until even Book One concludes. You guys don't even know about the gorillas yet! (Is he kidding?)

For those of you who are the majority and don't know what I'm talking about, I have put this handy li'l recap guide of chapters 1-9. Of course it's just a short jaunt to actually read these chapters your own damn self, but hey, I'm a nice guy. And when you're done doing whatever you're doing, feel free to read Chapter Ten of Antebellum: Book One which will be posted a couple minutes after this log entry.

Chapter One : A flashback to seventeen years ago reveals small truths about the Blue Hands and the mysterious "Phase Three." Back in the present (i.e. the future) River wakes up speaking a single word: "Antebellum."

Chapter Two : Set two years after Miranda, Mal Reynolds wakes up to yet another crummy morning, exposits at the speed of light, and then finds out he and his crew have now been given "Dead or Alive" warrants and been labeled as Terrorists.

Chapter Three : Jayne bugs Simon about Kaylee, Kaylee bugs Inara about Mal, a six-year-old bugs Mal about Inara, and Mal bugs River about her insomnia.

Chapter Four : Jayne and Simon find themselves in a tight spot after a burglary attempt. Mal and the crew reluctantly save them.

Chapter Five : The news of the Terrorist warrants is received by the crew with expected results as they argue about their next steps. Mal says their last resort is to split up across the Rim, while Inara says they should contact an ally of theirs through an old acquaintance of Mal and Zoe's. Also, Zoe tells Mal to get over his guilt, but Mal doesn't wanna. And finally, a young girl wakes up with the strict intent on finding her sister... River Tam!

Chapter Six : Gabriella and Michael, two Readers in the same program as River was in, are given their instructions to hunt down and kill Captain Mal Reynolds. Parlaimentary Agent Oren doesn't trust them, while Doctor Chen trusts them all too fully.

Chapter Seven : Nobody sleeps on the trip to Neo Sombra as Mal and Inara talk about not talking, Kaylee exposits background information for Simon (then tries to bed him), and Simon talks about Kaylee with Zoe.

Chapter Eight : The crew lands on Neo Sombra and Mal's good friend James Novak yells at him for being a Terrorist. Finally, James lets Mal stick around and use his CorTex, as long as he leaves right after.

Chapter Nine : Chen's assistant Nicolas ponders the reason behind the Readers, and Agent Oren looks to have Gabriella answer some questions. Instead, she introduces Oren to Andrew, the first Reaver. Elsewhere, Michael follows the crew's scent and then paints himself a picture.

There you have it. Now fill in the blanks by reading the full chapters!

Candle Wax, everybody!
Your friend and mine,