Hero[es] of Beltane: part 1
Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sequel to 'Vera'. Might be an idea to give that at least a speed-read first. Jayne 'gets even' with Vera and the thick plottens.


Wasn’t intending our favourite merc to get put under Vera’s thumb; well, only as much as he *really* wanted to be since she is offering such *pleasurable* hospitality . So this pretty much follows on from the end of ‘Vera’ part 4. The rest of the post BDM crew will be along in due course, just give me time!

R17 for adult activity, including what a resourceful merc might do with bungee straps . You don’t like Jayne getting nekkid and sexed up? Better skip some of what follows . Rest of you get your popcorn handy and your bunks ready for...contemplation . *** ‘Tie me up and tie me down Tie me up, tie me inside out Just turn me on and come around’ [Doro]

Where'd you go, oh my brothers, don't you know you lead us on? In the blink of an eye, your fighting ways and rebel ways are gone Where's your voice, oh my brothers and my sisters Is it underground? Wasn't it yesterday you swore with the ship to go down? [Venice: Save the Legion]

Jayne woke up first the next morning. Vera was out for the count, snoring slightly. He grinned. After that first time when she’d made him see exploding galaxies with the things she did with her mouth, he’d had his turn. Actually, quite a few turns. The half-opened door revealed the mess on her desk where he’d finally nailed her again, good and hard. The first reunion sex had been pretty basic and urgent. There were dripping sounds from the shower from where the first couple of times had made them both hot and sweaty and there’d been a very nice slow re-match. The bed was a mess where they’d been trying to hump it somewhere into the next town for a good deal of the night.

Jayne tickled her nose, but Vera’s breathing deepened and her snoring got a bit more intense. He grinned. Time to show her just a little bit that he was boss; even if it only meant equal boss. Side benefits were damned good enough that he could live with that while he was here on this ball of dirt. Out there in the black - if she ever joined him - there’d probably be another tussle for being in charge and he had a number of plans for that one. Not that he wanted to break her, just level the playing field. Maybe tilt it some in his direction. Wanted to continue to have her warm, willing and eager in his arms when he got the itch. But for now there was a slight case of pleasurable payback due for her having had him (very gently) by the short and curlies last night; and with him pretty much aching for some good loving at the time.

Jayne very slowly slid out of bed and headed for Vera’s sheriff office. He knew he’d caught a glimpse of something useful with his line of sight in the midst of some basic hot and sweaty sex last night. Ah, there they were. Some bungee straps, on the floor behind the desk. He snagged them up and tiptoed back. Vera was still fast asleep, all naked and tousled under the sheet. Jayne very gently cupped one arm and a bungee strap and got to work. Vera muttered something, but slept on. Jayne got to work on the other arm, then her feet. He glanced at her face. She had dark rings under her eyes from a certain lack of sleep. Okay, maybe tone the ‘punishment’ down a tad. Last of all, he whisked off the covers and perched himself between her legs. Vera stirred, “Hungh? Cold...” She tried moving her arms to get the sheets back, but both her arms and legs were firmly secured. She snapped fully awake and looked straight at him, “Jayne? I can’t move!” He grinned, “I know!” She caught on quickly and grinned back, “Oh; another bondage session,” She looked up at the ties securing her. They stretched a little, being elastic, but she was trussed up good and solid, “Those are a bit more substantial than the silk scarves we used last time.” Jayne’s grin widened, “I know that too! Got me to thinkin’ about you doing that frustratin’ torture job on me last night...” “I had good reason, Jayne.” “I see that plain and clear, but I hadn’t been sexed up in...well, quite a while...and what with your red dress and seein’ you again...was in pain with wantin’, Vera.” “I didn’t know that, Jayne,” she smiled like the cat that got the cream, “Though considering you erupted like a geyser and with all the urgent, passionate rutting that came after, I’m not totally surprised *now*.” Jayne trailed one finger up the outside of Vera’s thigh, making her shiver, “Not good to keep a guy waitin’ too long. Hell, I enjoy bein’ teased a bit, same as the next man, but I was achin’ for ya last night.” Vera was genuinely contrite,“I’m sorry, Jayne; truly.” Jayne’s smile grew a lot sweeter, “I hear ya, darlin’. And don’t blame ya for bein’ pissed at me; that Callahan’s worth a deal of money and I named her for you, after all. Still, you darn near turned my balls blue last night and I gotta even the score.”

He bent and brushed his goatee on the inside of Vera’s left knee, making her squirm and giggle at the same time. He did it again to the other side and Vera squirmed harder. He licked the place and Vera moaned. Her scent wafted to him and he realised with a pleased shock that she was getting aroused faster than he’d reckoned, especially after the exertions of last night. He did a quick visual check. Oh, yeah; the lady was wet for him already and he’d barely started. He smothered a grin and set to the slow tease of tickling and licking her thighs, stopping well short of the apex. By the time he drew back, Vera was trembling all over and her breathing had speeded up. “Jayne?” She was *almost* pleading. He grinned, “Time to pay some attention to those breasts of yours, Vera.” He was rewarded with a frustrated whimper. He took his sweet time with hands and mouth on her breasts, until she was as taut as a bowstring with need. He was getting pretty close himself, what with her whimpering and clearly desperate for him. He knelt back between her legs, fully primed for action and just about ready for the final act. Gotta get his point over first.

“Vera? I know what you’re needin’; but ya gotta promise me summat. No matter how I might get you pissed in the future, you gotta promise not ever again makin’ sex a way of gettin’ my co-operation.’Kay?” “Jayne!!” “Promise, Vera. I gave you a firm promise of my own last night and I ruttin’ meant it, too.” She tried smiling, “So pleasure me, Jayne.” He bit back a groan. He was as hard as iron and wanted inside her like crazy, but he remained resolute, “Promise *me* first, then I’ll give you that lovin’ you’re needin’.” She took a breath, “I promise.”

He gave her a broad, melting smile and eased inside her, stroking with his fingers very gently so that she arched and came apart as he rooted himself fully inside her. He held her to him, managing to hold out for her second peak, then the fire came rushing from his toes and everything else blotted out in his mind. Sometime later he raised his head from where he’d been unconsciously delivering another love-bite to her neck just as his stomach rumbled. “Better let you up so’s you can get me some breakfast!” Vera chuckled in response and bit his shoulder just hard enough for him to feel it.


Elsewhere in Hine Moa...

Mal was standing with Zoe on the veranda of the Hine Moa hotel, enjoying an early morning cup of coffee. “So...Jayne and a sheriff...” “Downright unsettling, sir.” Mal wondered what crack Wash would have made of the situation, but he knew better than to voice that out loud to Zoe. He took another sip, remembering the grin on Wash’s face after Maidenhead. Wash had only commented once in public to Mal’s knowledge, but he knew his late pilot too well; Wash would have at least looked at Jayne differently for a while. “Saw that Maori fella talking to you.” “Cliff.” “Anything I should know about?” “No, sir.” The tone in Zoe’s voice indicated it was a strictly off-limits area.

Mal had seen Cliff’s body language and had taken an educated guess himself as to the way things had gone, “Hope you weren’t too hard on him.” Zoe looked at him with banked fire in her eyes and Mal decided to change the subject really fast, “So, not a bad place, this.” Zoe’s lips twitched with humour ever so slightly, “Bit dusty, sir.” Mal nodded, “Wonder when the supplies will come in for Serenity.” “Cliff said some of the things we need are off-planet, but they’re on their way. Vera and he pulled some strings, apparently.” “Decent of them.” Zoe lifted one eyebrow, “For some reason they have a soft spot for Jayne. Can’t understand it, but it seems he helped them out a while back.” “Vera said as much. Can’t see why a classy lady like that would want Jayne...” he trailed off, his mind boggling. Zoe pointedly looked the other way, “Well, if Kaylee is to be believed, Vera apparently said Jayne does great sex.” Mal shuddered, “Now I’m put right off my breakfast!” Zoe’s voice went dry with her sense of humour showing, “More coffee, sir?”


It was a good hour later when Cliff arrived with a message to go to Vera’s office. Mal and Zoe arrived at the same time as a rather flushed-looking Simon and Kaylee, who were trailing River behind them. Vera was dressed in a pair of green pants and shirt, but looking somewhat flushed under her poise. Jayne was in one of his many tee shirt and pants combinations and there was a distinctly lazy and pleased look around his eyes and mouth. Mal decided not to notice that his hired merc had been getting some. Inara drifted in last; she was wearing trousers as well, but they were harem pants in purple with a loose co-ordinating top. Inara always seemed to dress elegantly for the evening or a grand occasion, no matter where she was. Mal also decided not to notice how his heart speeded up when she came into the room.

Vera looked at Kaylee first, “How’s the boat?” “Well, the engine needs a major overhaul; lots of little fiddly parts.” “Hmm. I’d recommend going to Auckers on the coast east of here, lots more boats there; Cliff told me there’s a pair of twins about to pop out over there, so you can take Simon with you.” Kaylee grinned, “Shiny!” Vera turned to Inara, “Any...erm..takers?” Inara shook her head, “Not really, though there’s a few whores wanting to share...well, trade secrets.” Vera’s smile warmed, “Tips from one of the star pupils and trainers at Sihnon? The guys around here will be thanking you for *years*!” “You were never trained, were you.” It was more a statement than a query. “No, but my aunt was. Grace Lorscky.” Inara inclined her head, “We miss her still.” Vera smiled, “So do I; she was outrageous and funny.” She turned to Mal, “It’s going to be a few days at least before we get everything you need and Kaylee and Simon have been to Auckers and back. If you’ve nothing better to do, the Maori could take you into the boohai; parts of the interior are starkly beautiful, or you could go to Auckers with Kaylee and Simon.” Mal gave a brief nod as if deciding something, “Seems like the last few years have been spent running or hiding from something or someone. Reckon it’d be nice to take a breath or two.”

Vera turned to River, “And you?” River gazed somewhere into the middle distance, “Smoke. Fire and smoke. Coming from a long ways off. It’s all surrounded by water. Bad guys, poking things into me, into you. Stay here; safe.” “There’s a big fire here on Beltane?” It was a reasonable qualifying question from Vera. “Way off; in the black; secrets. Not as bad as Miranda, but bad enough. Coming for you.” She pointed at Vera. Jayne butted in, “Girl’s gone moonbrain again. Can’t smell smoke in space, dummy.” Mal looked at him, “No; but I think River *sees* it. Maybe in the near future, Jayne.” “Anyone go se for brains tries to hurt Vera whilst I’m here gonna answer to me!”

Vera was considering, “Surrounded by water... Apart from us, sounds like Venice. Ball of dirt - well, mostly water - used as a recreation spot by people here. Barely a planet; more a large asteroid up there with water all over and inside it. Got a casino, a double whorehouse and a bar. Serious diving for the trained and water caving. Low gravity, good for hydroponics. Could be Venice.” “Stay here.” River seemed determined about that one.


Monday, May 22, 2006 5:06 PM


Well now....turn about is fair play:P

And someone's a-comin' for Vera & co? Guess Jayne and the BDHs better saddle up for some funm huh?




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