Jayne & the Mudder woman
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Because I don't think anyone has written it before!


Jayne and the Mudder woman

So, here he was, Hero of the People. Gorram King of the Mudders. His belly swam with a fair dose of moderately good whisky and there was a woman under his arm. She was pressing into him with a pleasing degree of keenness. In the semi-darkness he could make out dancing eyes and curves in all the right places and a mess of hair. He was on a freebie tonight; he was pretty sure of that. Didn't often get that. Line of work he was in, here one day gone the next combined with the very real possibility that one day he might be gone for good, he took pleasure where he could. Trim that he paid for, mostly. Working girls didn't ask questions or expect him to stay. Sometimes a lonely woman on some dirt planet might want him for a night or two to put her through her paces. And Jayne obliged readily and eagerly. He loved women; well, he loved sexing them. Closest thing to heaven he'd ever known; along with winning a fight and getting a nice heap of coin.

From time to time he wondered how it might be to have one woman in his bunk on a regular basis, but the chances of finding one who'd suit him, put up with him and give him his space were slim, to put it mildly. Plus he kinda enjoyed the variety. He always did his level best to give the woman as much pleasure out of the encounter as possible, though. Even the working girls. It meant that if he ever returned, he'd get a warm welcome and the pretty good certainty of repeat business.

Now, the women on Serenity; there was a different story. He'd not touched one of 'em. Looked, mind; that went without saying. But they were all off limits for different reasons. Zoe was beautiful, scary and married. Kaylee was cute and had a crush on the pansy-assed Doc twice the size of Vera. Inara was all kinds of beautiful, but in love with Mal, plus Jayne could tell that she looked down on him. Crazy was just that; and dangerous. He'd imagined sexing them, of course. He was only human.

Finally, he got Miss Mudder up the stairs, “Didn't hear ya name in all the din downstairs, darlin'” She smiled. Nice smile, cheeky, “Ruby.” He reached out a finger and let one of her brownish-blonde tresses curl around it, “Well, Ruby. Ya got a room, darlin'?” She took his hand, “This way, hero.” Her skin was rough with hard work, but her hand was slender. Mind you, he had callouses too, and scars. Ruby would see those soon enough. They closed the door behind them. Jayne gently held Ruby's shoulders, “Couple 'a things 'fore we start. I don't kiss on the mouth. Anywhere and everywhere else, though.” His eyes gleamed wolfishly. “'Kay.” “An' it's bin a while. Will probably go quick, the first time. After that, I aim to do my level best to have ya howlin' my name, an' often!” Her smile dimpled, “Well, Jayne. Ya sound like my kind of fella. Anything for the hero of Canton.” Jayne carefully removed his guns, “Talkin' of that anythin'; could ya git pretty close to nekkid and then...” he gestured at groin level.

Ruby got the point. She let down her hair and did a nice cheeky strip for him, right down to heels and panties. Nice breasts, curves and everything a fella might reasonably expect in the right places. Jayne sat in a chair, enjoying the show and peeled off his tee shirt along the way. Ruby crawled his way and removed his boots and socks. Then she massaged his feet. Jayne groaned softly in pleasure, then he loosened his belt. Ruby eased down his zipper and Jayne lifted his behind so that his pants were somewhere around his thighs. His erection sprang up, tight and hard. “Oh my!” That was a fairly standard reaction. He'd been longer and thicker than most guys since the tender age of thirteen. It'd gotten him attention back then and by Buddha, it was getting him attention now. Jayne chuckled, “Yeah. He'd love to feel your mouth on him.”

His mind flashed back to the upper school prefect. Emily Jade, nearly eighteen to his thirteen. She'd taken one look at him, naked, pouting and sporting a hard-on and promptly taken him in hand. A lot. Then in her mouth. After that, he was passed from one eager eighteen and seventeen year old to the next. Never lost his cherry, but he did everything else with them. Learned quickly how to pleasure a woman with fingers, lips and tongue. The lady who'd finally broken him in fully was the gym mistress. He'd been just fourteen and she twenty five. She'd given him a taste for feisty brunettes which had never really gone away.

The touch of Ruby's tongue on his rigid flesh brought him back to the present with a snap. He gently slid his hands into her hair, cupping her scalp. He felt himself rising to the brink as she worked her way upwards. “Don't stop, Ruby. For the love of...whatever, don't stop.” Then she took him in her mouth, “Cao! Yeah. Gonna...ah, darlin'. Just like that...” then he came. Ruby kept him in her mouth until he'd finished. Sweet girl even swallowed. Finally, she looked up at him, “Jayne?” He smiled slowly with satisfaction, right down at her, “Yeah. Ya did real good. C'mere, Ruby.” She climbed onto his lap, naked now. He kissed, fondled and stroked. Ruby began moaning and responding very quickly. When he touched her intimately, she was wet and practically fully ready. She slid against his fingers eagerly and Jayne helped her up and over her own peak. Then he picked her up, let his pants slide off his legs and carried her to the bed. By the time they got there, Jayne was ready to go again. He smiled down at Ruby as he eased slowly inch by inch inside her. He groaned in pleasure; this was what made everything worthwhile, being inside a welcoming woman's body. Ruby looked up at him, “Jayne?” He grinned down at her, “Yeah. Ya feel gorram good, darlin'. What do you need?” “Hard, deep. Please.” “'Kay. It gets too much, ya just holler. I can go pretty wild.”

Then he began moving and Ruby arched back in counterpoint, eagerly urging him on. Before long the bed was rocking and thudding rhythmically against the wall as they rode each other to glory. It was rough and ready, basic and visceral. Ruby was coming apart under him with remarkable frequency and they were both gasping. Finally, Jayne's second orgasm hit and he threw his head back and roared. Then he collapsed onto her; both of them hot, sweaty and sated. He chuckled softly and rolled gently over so that Ruby was pillowed on top of him. “Mmm,” he commented, lazy with satiation, “You Mudder ladies are gorram feisty.” She snuggled into him, “We work hard and play hard.” He chuckled, “More playing later, hmm? Living legend's got to sleep for a bit.” So, they slept; then came together several more times during the night.

In the morning Jayne left Ruby around breakfast, but she followed him at a distance and saw the confrontation in front of the statue. She gasped softly as young Hugo took the bullet made for Jayne. Then Jayne protested that he wasn't a hero. So, he rained that money down on them by accident several years ago. The money had helped a lot, but that wasn't the point. He finally came over, as he was leaving, “Thanks fer last night, Ruby. I gotta go.” She smiled, cheeks dimpling, “I know.” Jayne blinked. She wasn't clinging, like some women had, “'Kay. Mayhap I'll see ya again.” “Yer welcome. If'n ya ever come back 'n I ain't wed, I'll gladly give ya another ride. Or three.” Jayne gave her his best slow, seductive smile. The one that had relieved many a winning lass of her undies, “Mebbe even four, hmm?!” Not a hero? Ruby knew the truth. Jayne had been heroic in their bed last night. She'd keep the knowledge of it private, just to herself. She grinned, “Indeed. Mebbe four. Five or six if you bring clothing we could trade.” Jayne chuckled, “Gorgeous greedy girl! Be back if I can, darlin'!” He gently chucked her chin and was gone, off into the stars. Ruby smiled to herself as she walked to work, heart warmed and body still full of gorgeous, pleasurable aches from last night. No, she'd not forget Jayne. He'd always be a hero to her.



Thursday, April 17, 2008 2:14 AM


Jayne gave her his best slow, seductive smile. The one that had relieved many a winning lass of her undies, “Mebbe even four, hmm?!”
Lol! I love it! Very good and yeah I think you're right... not seen this idea before... very shiny!

Thursday, April 17, 2008 6:27 AM


Not sure Jayne was in the mood for smiling seductively at anyone at the end of Jaynestown, but it's a great tale! Funny how most everyone who writes has this idea that Jayne is a considerate lover who gives as good as he gets ...

Nice story!


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