White Lotus, Tiger's Eye [Part 1]
Sunday, July 9, 2006

Follows on from 'Per Ardua Ad Astra'. Zoe has her baby. The White Lotus Triad start looking for Jayne and Vera.


Follows on from 'Per Ardua Ad Astra'. If you've wandered into this one, please try to skim-read 'Vera', 'Heroes of Beltane' & 'Per Ardua...' first. Otherwise certain OC people and events may make you go 'Huh?' Thanks muchly. NC17 at least for both sexing up and added violence (given where 'Per Ardua...' left things).


Lightning bolts again and we become fireflies just flashing at the air. Firefly – Saves the Day

Teaser: * An exquisite, walled Chinese garden, somewhere on Ariel * An acolyte dressed in Buddhist robes walked into the shrine at the south of the garden. Behind the huge gold Buddha, he tapped a series of characters into a hidden recess. The recess swung open smoothly to reveal an inner room. Inside was seated a very well dressed Chinese man, head to toe in black and wearing the very old style single plait down his back. * “So, Ping got away?” The acolyte nodded, “He is back with his family, sir.” “Hmm. The 'Green Giant' was severely crippled near Deadwood. Someone got the baby off the ship and back to his parents. I don't need to know how; I want their names and current location.” “Yes, master Heng.” “Alert the Sensei in my employ. They will need to tidy up...loose ends. No-one bests the White Lotus Triad and gets away with it. You understand.” “Absolutely, sir.” * A few days later, the acolyte returned with photographs and I.D. information. “Master? These are the two responsible for 'rescuing' the baby.” Heng looked at the details, “Mercenaries.” He spat, disgusted, “And not even Chinese! One lady calling herself Grace Maclean, sometime sharp shooter; and that's not her real name, I'll wager. Well, she's tall, striking, long waisted with nice curves; if your tastes run to Western women with blue eyes and a generous ass.” The disdainful expression on his face indicated that his tastes most certainly did not run that way, “Ah, yes, the other. Jayne Cobb. He's...serviced...a whore or three we've had on the books in the past. We'll search them out and find out how he was as a client. Cobb's big, tough and a crack shot. Goes for coin and plenty of it, not averse to a pretty female face and a lush body. I'll wager a year's takings they're together and lovers. Like Bonnie and Clyde on Earth-that-was.” He tapped into his own computer for a moment or two, “Yes. Got them! Send the Sensei to rendezvous with a ship called 'Serenity'. We're going to offer Jayne Cobb and his woman a little Chinese...hospitality.”

*** Serenity * Jayne was playing 'fast asleep'. He had the knack down pat from a long time ago. At the moment, it was because Vera was very carefully heading south under the covers and his John Thomas was already rising in anticipation of long, slow, oral pleasuring. He knew that she probably knew he was faking it and he could scent her getting warm and welcoming all ready. He planned to let her tease him until he absolutely couldn't stand it any more, then give her what she wanted, good and deep until she was sated. He started deep breathing. He knew he was going to need every last shred of control for what he had planned after what Vera was going to do to him. But Merciful Buddha, she did it so well. As she started gently licking and blood rushed south eagerly, he thanked Whatever was in control of the 'verse that it had made him male, straight, very horny and brought to this part of his life and this woman. *His woman. His handfasted wife as of barely a month ago. * Jayne still wasn't sure what he thought of his Pa sneaking the handfasting up on them, but the night afterwards had made the 'verse move and the angels weep – not for the first time – and led to Vera looking right down into his soul and saying she loved him, and he'd given her the same back in the same breath. And being really, truly loved by a woman that he loved back had done all sorts of tender things to Jayne which he couldn't quantify or describe but tied straight to his John Thomas and how it was as hard as a rock for her even more often these days. Now *that, he understood. * Vera smiled to herself. Her ministrations had had their desired effect and Jayne was pretty much ready for action. So was she, achingly so. While one hand was full of Jayne, with her mouth and tongue doing their best to cover the rest, her free hand was busy with her own body. She'd got them both right to the edge three times and she knew she was close to desperate when that sexy wan nao finally decided to stop playing dead and haul her up and pin her under him. Jayne took over big time, but she didn't care. His fingers took over from hers and she yelled her release seconds before he tenderly spread her and took her deep with one expert surge. Then it was a wild, glorious ride, like a roller-coaster, with exquisite peaks and breathless moves until the final conflagration hit them both, hard and achingly sweet and brought them to the end buffer in perfect harmony. Jayne grinned, “We do have a great wake-up thing going on, don't we?” Vera chuckled, “We certainly do!” Jayne checked the internal clock, “Hour or two till what passes for morning. Get some extra sleep?” Vera snuggled up, “Mmmm...” He curled her into him and they drifted back off. * Zoe was in her bunk. Junior was kicking up a storm inside her and keeping her awake. She rubbed her belly, “Not time to be born yet, little princess. Soon, though. Go back to sleep for Mummy, there's my good girl.” * Simon was gently rubbing Kaylee's back, “Our twins are still very tiny in there. Are you sure they're giving you backache already?” Kaylee chuckled, “Just wanted a back-rub, sweetheart.” He tenderly kissed her shoulder, “You only have to ask, mei-mei.” “Uhhh...” Kaylee arched into him. Simon smiled into her skin, “Oh, *that sort of back rub!” * Mal was asleep, pillowed on Inara's small but exquisite breasts. She was lying flung out on the bed, deep in sleep. Mal stirred, his mouth finding one nipple on autopilot and suckling gently. Inara's eyes fluttered open and she began to tremble. “Mal?” He regretfully lifted his still sleep-heavy head from where it had been very happily engaged, “Inara?” She smiled at him, “You can't possibly want to go again?” He unzipped his pants and shimmied upwards, showing her, “Looks like I can, bei-bei.” Inara's trembling increased and Mals' smile curved wide and gentle, “I mean, if you can't...” She lifted shaking hands to his face, “Oh, I *can, love.”

Mal laughed softly and lovingly. Inara's lovemaking, right from the start, had involved trembling, awkwardness and an endearing lack of polish. It was as if she'd been remade a virgin from the moment he’d touched her in earnest after her medicine wore off. And Mal loved it, that she was totally vulnerable with him. His libido had loved it too and was after more of her as often as possible. Inara moaned softly as he began. He’d promised her that his persuasion could get a whole lot more detailed and he’d spent the last few weeks proving it. Slow, achingly slow loving, backed up by remarkable stamina and frequency on a nightly basis. So much so that she almost felt as if he was the Companion and she the client, but she didn’t voice that thought out loud. She couldn’t stop trembling in his arms. She wanted to be perfect for him and all she could do was shake as if she was an untaught girl, then arch and spasm helplessly around him over and over again. Mal didn’t seem to mind, he kept coming back for more, and more and more. * The crew were sitting around the table three hours later, the remains of breakfast on the table. Mal spread out the list of upgrades, “We’re getting there. Thanks to a careful use of coin and jewels, most of the list is nearly done. New shielding, new cannon that we didn’t have to bolt on roughly, new engine parts for Kaylee to play with, new handguns and bullets.” Jayne butted in, “Got me a hand-held rocket launcher!” Vera squeezed his hand. Mal carried on almost as if the interruption hadn’t happened, “Yes, well. Serenity’s practically done and we’ve still got money to spare. Need to keep a pile for the future and certain babies that are comin’ along, plus some for the rainy days that are bound to find us. But if anyone fancies going planetside for a day or two to mebbe expand their wardrobe some...” Kaylee grinned, “My wedding dress!” Mal smiled indulgently, “Amongst other things. Food supply’s good for a long while, even got some fresh stuff growin’ thanks to Hori and River gettin’ into gardening.” River looked at Mal, “Plants wanted to grow with us, wanted to see what it was like in space.” Hori added, “It’s just basics; tomatoes, onions, beans and strawberries.” Kaylee smiled broadly at him, “Strawberries!” He turned to her, “If I can get some more daylight lamps,” he flicked a questioning look at Mal, “and containers and growing medium, might be able to run to a small apple tree as well as adding to the sprouting mung beans.” * Jayne made a face, “Vegetables!” Vera turned to him, “You eat greens!” He grinned, “Teasin’, darlin’!” Vera smiled and turned to Mal, “If we can find some way of containing the smell, what about having a go at making cheese?” “On condition that you *do contain the go se smell, sure, why not?” “We’re turnin’ this ship inta a farm?” “Jayne, it’ll certainly help to have some fresh food around for the long hauls through the black.” Mal shrugged, “Things are changing. The kids on the way, some of us gettin’ paired up. Not entirely what I planned, but I’m taking one day at a time.” River looked at Mal, “I’m becoming a priest! Hori and Simon have both helped me.” She smiled sweetly. Zoe clutched her stomach, “Simon...?” The doctor went over to her and saw the small pool on the floor, “Your waters have broken. Dionysus has a pretty good hospital...” Mal ran to the com, “I’m on it. Yes, they’ll take Zoe.” He went back to Zoe, “Zoe?” Her first contraction hit, “Riding the storm, sir.” “Okay, everyone pack; someone get Zoe’s stuff. We’ll go planetside and wait this out.” Simon looked at him, “Labour could take some time.” “She’s crew, we go with her. The workers will be here soon to finish the alterations; we can leave them to it, dong ma?” * Hours went past. Simon, Kaylee and Mal stayed with Zoe whilst everyone else waited outside. Jayne was pacing the floor, stir-crazy already. Vera went with Inara to fetch food and water for everyone. When it became clear that Zoe’s labour was probably going to last until the next morning, Vera dragged Jayne away from pacing to find basic rooms for everyone but Simon at the nearby motel. Simon promised to call everyone the instant the final stage of labour was reached. Vera knew that all those hours doing almost nothing had made Jayne grumpy. Well, she knew a way to give him some activity and improve his spirits. She went for a shower and changed her clothes into something that would get Jayne’s attention. He’d put the entertainment centre on and was channel hopping, lingering longer on sports and shoot-em-up programmes. “Jayne Cobb?” He flicked up his head, went back to looking at the screen, then did an absolute classic double take, “Vera! You’re wearin’ your sheriff’s corset and stuff!” She smiled, “For old times’ sake, but there’s a difference.” Jayne switched off the entertainment centre and rose slowly to his feet, beginning to have a distinct plan for the rest of the evening. He smiled, “Yeah? What’s that?” Vera came closer, smiling seductively, “The difference is that now I’m not wearing any panties.” Jayne pounced and propelled them both onto the bed, “And I thought the evening was goin’ to be boring!” * Kaylee was still outside the room where Simon was keeping vigil with Zoe. She was grateful that Jayne and Vera had found her a room and a bed, but she couldn’t sleep. Not when her sweetie was being all medical and heroic nearby. Zoe called out really loudly and Kaylee couldn't resist going into the room. Zoe needed her back rubbed, hard; the contractions were getting intense. Simon kept on monitoring Zoe and talking her through each contraction whilst Kaylee got her strong, sure engineer's hands busy with a living client for once. * River was staring out into Dionysus' lush tropical jungle. Three hairy simians about half her size were outside the window, in a nearby tree, staring right back with their huge night-time eyes. They were all having a conversation. A Saurian crept over, but didn't attack what would normally be its prey. He – or she – was two thirds the size of River and speckled green and brown. “Wash would so like to have met you.” She sent the living dinosaur a picture of her late friend. 'Strange colourful monkey!' River heard the comment in her head as clear as day and giggled. One of the monkeys added, 'Big pink, brown and other not furry cousins make home in forest long time.' 'Don't kill us most of the time. Grow plants in trees, eat those.' “Tell me what it's like, living in the trees. Please?” And so the strange dialogue continued. * A loud ringing woke Mal out of deep slumber, “Wha?” He shot upright, buttoning his pants, “Oh, it's Simon. Inara, the baby's on the way...” But she was already out of bed and slipping on an Indian style tunic and matching pants. Mal pulled on a shirt and his boots and followed her, blinking sleep out of his eyes. * Everyone met outside the room containing Simon, Kaylee and Zoe. They were all mostly awake now. Simon popped his head round the door, “It's okay; Zoe says you can come in.” They went inside and there was Zoe cradling a baby who had only just been delivered onto her stomach, the umbilical was still attached. Zoe looked up, sweaty, tired and smiling broadly, “Everyone, meet my daughter.” River looked at the baby, “Sarah!” Zoe didn't seem even mildly surprised, “Yes. Sarah Alleyne Hoban Washburne.” * Everyone came over to have a peek. Little Sarah was a paler brown than her beautiful mother, with a tight fuzz of what looked like dark orange curls and pale blue eyes. She grabbed onto Mal's finger when he brought it close to one little fist. “Well, damn.” Mal was evidently trying very hard not to show emotion, and failing. Kaylee was grinning broadly, “Sarah came out all in a rush! Zoe was brilliant!” Simon nodded, “Born with the caul over part of her. In the olden days, it was considered very good luck.” Jayne commented, “Ma said I was born like that, like a puppy.” Mal could think of several really good witty responses to that, but his larynx was fighting a whole slew of emotions, “Hungh!” he managed. Inara stepped into the breach, “She's beautiful, Zoe.” Simon had finished dealing with the delivery of the afterbirth, “Zoe, would *you like to cut the cord, or is there someone...?” Zoe looked up, “Mal. Like you to do it, sir.” Simon showed him how to do it and in a matter of seconds Zoe had her daughter fully up into her arms. Simon looked at everyone, “Okay, Zoe needs to rest. The delivery went well, no tears or scratches, but we need about five days to make sure everything's okay. I'm handing over to the local hospital staff now and I recommend coming back later this morning. Much later, there's a tired new mother here who could use some sleep!” * Jayne and Vera were deeply asleep two days later when the black, masked men very carefully fed sleeping gas into their motel room. They were carried out, still naked and completely unconscious. A few minutes later, a sleek red ship took off from Dionysian airspace, bound for Ariel. *



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