White Lotus, Tiger's Eye [Part 4] - LAST PART!
Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jayne and Vera against the Sensei. What Mal & co got up to. Couple of surprises (hopefully!). Hospital on Ariel. An ending for now. Warning for violence, sexing up and 1 x character death.



Sweet or bitter, go through it together Steel that withstands a hundred trials An ant may well destroy a whole dam.

Chinese sayings * Lead me too, across my pain Take me to ... Serenity Sign your face, my human cry Drink my tears And break the stone Eternity, eternity Take my hand ... Serenity.

Dark Lunacy – Serenity

Jayne quickly swapped weapons with Vera whilst the Sensei circled them. He had a liking for that chain, plus he knew Vera could do a whole lot more damage with the katana which would give her an advantage. He was preparing for one or more of the Sensei to make a move when there was an almighty explosion. He rocked on his feet, feeling Vera steadying herself behind him. Heng had turned to the noise and the Sensei had stopped circling them. Through the dust came an absolutely enormous man, seven foot of muscle-bound giant. Behind him was a middle-aged Chinese man and a dozen or so men. “Who the heck?” Vera was wondering if this was a good sign or a bad one. “Don't ask me, darlin'.” * A second explosion followed from the other direction. Through the dust of *that one came very familiar figures, Mal and Jasmine. Jayne grinned, “Mal!” Vera laughed, “They found us!” Mal caught Jayne's eyes and sent something fairly substantial flying through the air to him. Jayne recognised it about halfway over and braced himself, bending his knees as he caught it. “Vera! Now we're cookin' with gas!” Jasmine ran closer and threw a fair sized repeater rifle to Vera. “Right with you, Jayne.” She put the katana on the floor nearby, just in case it could come in handy. “Let's see if those Sensei really can deflect bullets, hmm?”


“Commander Grayson! There's reports of a major disturbance down town in the Chinese quarter! Two big explosions under the Buddhist temple there!” Grayson sighed, “Send the Chinese police squad in, ambulance, fire brigade; I'm on my way.”

*** Everyone was just watching each other. The audience in the stands tried to leave, but Hori and Inara were standing at one entrance, guns at the ready; Kaylee, River and Simon were at the other. The huge giant walked over with the other Chinese guy near to where Vera and Jayne were standing. The latter stepped forward, “Chow Hu. Supervisor at the male training house. Mal clued me in and I brought some help.” He turned and looked at Master Heng, “You are a disgrace and without honour, *sir.” Heng narrowed his eyes, one hand in his jacket. In a blur of motion, he drew and threw a kung fu star. Jayne shot him dead; the star hit the giant rather than Chow Hu. The giant fell over, crushing a couple of Sensei on the way. Then everything went mad. Bullets, arms and legs flying in all directions. Mal felt one bullet get his right leg and he had to sit down, but kept shooting Sensei for all he was worth. * Hori made it down to the floor in the middle, herding the audience in front of him. He and Simon's group got them in a huddle at one end, at gun point. Some of Hu's men helped them. Heng left to help finish off the Sensei, using his staff. One Sensei attacked Jasmine, hitting her in the chest with a kung fu star. Hori engaged him, killing the guy but getting a kung fu star thrust into his left eye for his pains. He bent and lifted Jasmine up, carrying her out of the melee. This all happened in a matter of seconds. Hori sat, cradling her, near the tiers of seats. Jasmine's wound was bubbling and very red; Hori knew the star had found at least one lung. Simon dashed over, but the look on his face to Hori said everything. Simon gave Hori a pad and bound it over his wounded eye. Jasmine tried to smile, “It's okay; they were almost bound to get me in the end. You're bleeding, love.” Hori managed a smile back, “Aroha, love, it's okay. I'm right here.” He grasped her hand, “Take the canoe on the other side, I'll find you when it's my time.” “Kiss me?” He did so, very gently and she breathed her last into his mouth. Hori had tears in his eyes when he lifted his head, “So it is; the greatest hongi. We are united for all the lives to come, whaiāipo, beloved.” Simon helped him stand, “You need to get to hospital, Hori. I'm not an eye specialist.” Hori held Jasmine's limp form in his arms, “Just as long as I can take her. She came to me just for pleasure, eh. I wasn't about to refuse, then we both found love to our complete surprise.” * “Everybody freeze! This is the police!” Everyone who wasn't dead or seriously wounded put their hands up. Jayne was pleased to see that there was a good pile of Sensei not moving any more. Some of the audience had tried to make a break for it and failed, rather terminally. He, Vera and Chow Hu turned to the cops nearest them. Chow Hu stepped forward, laying his own gun on the floor. He saw that the police were Chinese, so spoke to them in their own language, just to be on the safe side, “This is the headquarters of the White Lotus Triad. Their leader is dead,” he pointed at Heng, “and we have...dealt with some of the others. They were holding this man and woman hostage illegally.” His hand indicated Jayne and Vera. Grayson came to the front of the phalanx of police, “Well, well. Captain Malcolm Reynolds and crew, plus a couple of new members. It seems you turn up wherever there is trouble.” Mal was standing, resting on his good leg, supported by Simon and Inara, “Seems I do at that.” “Is there a full explanation?” “Jayne Cobb is my hired gun; 'Grace' is his wife. They rescued baby Ping Han from the clutches of the White Lotus Triad. We gave him back to his parents some time ago.” “Ah. And the Triad would not be pleased about that. Well, you – with our intervention – have effectively dealt a death blow to this Triad.” He gestured to his men, “Round up the living Sensei and that gaggle over there.” “Audience. They were ruttin' watching us play death match!” “Which is also illegal, of course. Take Malcolm Reynolds and his associates to the hospital.” Chow Hu gestured to the men from the Companion house, “Time to go home, boys.” * Jayne insisted in sharing an ambulance with Vera. Once inside she came into his arms and onto his lap and they kissed, long and sweet. He stroked her hair when they both finally came up for air, “They didn't...touch you, did they?” Vera shook her head, “No. And I hope that goes for you too.” Jayne's eyes widened, “If they'd tried that with me, I'd have pulled their ruttin' nuts off! Though they did take me to a desert place and try to tempt me with a floozy.” “And didn't succeed.” “Hell, no! She tried - *she* touched me – but I wasn't even tempted, not a bit. My John Thomas just lay there, refusin' to play.” His eyes heated, “It ain't refusin' now!” Vera chuckled, “I can feel you, I'm sitting on your lap! Soon, tiger. *Very soon, please. We need to get stitched up first. That gash on your forehead will need attention, for a start. And we're both covered in bruises.” Jayne's eyes became hot with desire, “Take it nice and slow for you.” Then they arrived at the hospital. Jayne was a bit nervous, remembering the last time, but happily no-one recognised him. * Mal was whisked off to get his leg set. Hori flatly refused to be parted from Jasmine's body, so the doctors had to knock him out before taking him to the operating theatre. Simon, River and Kaylee stayed guarding the body on the way to the morgue. Vera found herself having her cheekbone reset under local anaesthetic and then injected with a medical cement to help it knit together. They stripped her and sprayed her pretty much all over with something to help lessen the bruising. They put her in a gown and suggested she might like to take a shower in a while. She was put in a room with its own shower and left to rest overnight for observations. Her phone rang. “Vera?” “Hello Jayne!” “You okay?” “Got a reset cheekbone – they did it with cement - and bruising. Planning to take a shower in a minute, my hair's a terrible mess.” “Wait for me!” * He came into her room a few minutes later. He had some stitches in his forehead and a big elasticated bandage around his chest. Vera went into his arms. “Couple of cracked ribs; guess I had the same cement stuff as you. This new scar and a whole lot of bruises.” “Got my own shower room.” Jayne grinned and snagged a chair, “Use that to keep the handle from turning, we'll be fine!” “Don't you go damaging anything else, sweetheart!” He chuckled, securing the door behind them, “Seems I remember on Newhall that this activity made you and me feel a whole lot better, mi mei gui.” “'Honey rose flower'?” He shed his medical gown and helped her out of hers, “Yes. Rose, 'cause that's how you smell most of the time, honey for...well, the sweet hot welcome you give me and flower...” He trailed off, “Hopin' you can figure out which part of you I was thinkin' of, Vera.” Vera blushed, “Reckon I can, Jayne.” He lifted her into the shower, “Now for a good, long reunion, darlin'.” * He shampooed her hair first and gently combed it out with the comb provided, then started soaping her all over. Vera got in on the act, returning the favour. Finally he lifted her against one corner and they slid hungrily together. Vera moaned with pleasure, “Gang hu!” Jayne chuckled in her ear, “Reckon I do feel like a tiger and all solid an' all.” He moved slowly, “Tryin' to make this last, Vera.” His fingers stroked tenderly and Vera arched as everything tensed into sweet release. Jayne managed to keep it slow and sweet right to the end. Then they dried each other off and he helped her back into her gown and onto the bed, where he snuggled beside her. Some time later he woke up with a nurse shaking his arm, “Mr Cobb! You should be in your own bed!” He smiled winningly, “Imagine I'm a visitor. Pretend I'm not here or somethin'.” The nurse sighed, “Newlyweds!” It wasn't strictly true, but Jayne let it ride. * Mal was in his room for overnight observation, one leg in plaster above the knee. Inara found a 'do not disturb' sign and put it on the door of his room. Then she set about showing him how brave he'd been and for the first time her hands didn't shake as she took the lead and seduced Mal to the point of incoherence. She lay with him in the afterglow. Mal kissed her hair, “Hope they haven't got CCTV, darling!” Inara smiled, “No-one's bothered us, so I don't think so.” * Zoe arrived the next morning with Sarah strapped into a special carrier on her chest. She went to see Mal first. Inara was sitting in the visitor's chair beside him. “Grayson's compliments, there's a reward for dealing with the fake Alliance ship *and* helping them nail the Triad, sir. He's offering money, gold, jewels and pretty much anything you want but not up to half his kingdom.” Mal chuckled, “Well, some coin always helps. But mostly I want to go into the black and keep hauling cargo in peace.” Zoe nodded, “Grayson says the Alliance are minded to offer to put you on *their* payroll, sir.” Mal glowered, “Choo fay wuh suh leh! Don't they know what side we were on in the war?” “Thought you'd say that, sir. Better not say you'd rather die to Grayson, though.” “Anything else?” “Wave from Ping Han senior. Very pleased to hear of the success of our...negotiations with the Triad. Offering us a safe place to rest and heal our wounds a spell, free of charge, if we want it.” “I think we'd better float that one past the crew, Zoe.” “Yes, sir. I'd like to introduce...'Grace' and that crazy merc gun of ours to Sarah.” “Go right ahead. I'm hoping we can pack up and be out of here today. All present and correct, plus one coffin.” Zoe nodded, “I was sorry to hear that Jasmine didn't make it, sir.” “Ought to bury her where she wanted to be put. Put in a wave to 'Lotus Blossom' on Venice and find out.” “Right on it, sir.” * So, later that day, the crew checked out of the hospital. Mal on crutches, Hori with a brand new eye patch and Jayne and Vera with several rather damp bandages. Hori was carrying Jasmine's coffin with Simon holding the back end. Everyone sat at the table in the galley. Mal put Ping Han senior's offer to the crew. “I know I'm going to be in plaster for a while and be less able to slip quickly from place to place. Reckon we can trust Ping's offer. Some of us have got bruises, bones and cuts that need a spot more healing. Hori, what happened with your eye?” Hori shrugged, “Not there any more. Surgeons couldn't save it. Can see okay with the one that's still in my head, eh.” Zoe chipped in, “Jasmine wanted to be buried in space, sir.” “We can do that. Find a nice piece of black between the planets and let her go. So, what about some luxury R&R? Can we accept it and not get to liking it too much?” Jayne grinned, “Vera and I had a few days on the 'Chicago' without going soft!” Mal looked at everyone, “Okay. Burial first, then ask Ping Han for directions. Might as well get a holiday while we can; don't know when the next one will be.” * Everyone said their piece over Jasmine's body. Hori was the last. “Farewell, whaiāipo. Go peacefully, love.” He slowly performed the funeral haka for her and then pushed the button to release her body to the darkness. Zoe bit her lip. It reminded her too much of a mountain top and a white dress and a rocket. She buried her head next to her daughter's. “Per ardua ad astra,” Vera commented. When everyone looked at her, she translated, “I had an ancestor on Earth-that-was who was in the R.A.F. Regiment. It means 'through adversity to the stars'.” Mal nodded, “Always is, always is. With some good times in between.” Jayne bent close to Vera's ear as they walked away, “Mi mei gui; as long as we're getting' sexed up regular, I'll take anything the 'verse throws at me!” Vera chuckled, “Yes, indeed. Me too, sexy wan nao!” Simon held Kaylee's hand, “Did you get some shiny material on Dionysus?” Kaylee nodded, “Then how about turning this R&R into a wedding celebration?” Kaylee squealed with delight and Simon whirled her in his arms. Hori stayed looking towards where Jasmine had gone for some time, “Now I know what love is.” He walked slowly to find River. Time for some more healing, both for her and himself. Ministering to her would help him grieve. Serenity sailed on through the soft blackness towards the light.

*** Graceful as the roaming dragon. Heaven and earth merged as one Chinese sayings

*** What a sight for my eyes to see you in sleep.... What a day for laughter and walking at night.

What a reason for waiting and dreaming of dreams. So here's hoping you've faith in impossible schemes, that are born in the sigh of the wind blowing by

Reasons for Waking – Jethro Tull

*** Where do you go when you're lonely Where do you go when you're blue Where do you go when you're lonely I'll follow you When the stars go blue The stars go blue, stars go blue

The stars go blue – Tim McGraw



Friday, July 14, 2006 3:44 PM


Gotta certainly know how to wrap things up for the moment, Vera;)

Though I do have one small criticism: Simon IS a surgeon....trauma surgeon of the highest class. So he could have done the operation on Hori theoretically, but he probably didn't have the equipment available to him.


Friday, July 14, 2006 10:26 PM


I wasn't denying Simon's skills, just that a big fancy hospital like the one on Ariel would have the best and most up-to-date equipment.

There may be more; the plot bunnies are currently having a long lie down in a darkened room [!]. I've got some ideas - single scenes only, but I'm waiting on a thread/arc to tie them together and drive the narrative.


Sunday, July 16, 2006 2:41 AM


Authoress' notes.

Already mentioned casting Dame Judi Dench and John Mahoney as Ma and Pa Cobb, with a younger Glenn Close as Matty, Jayne's sister.

Way down the trail since 'Vera', I think Hori should be played by Lawrence Makoare [LOTR] and Cliff is definitely a thinly veiled Cliff Curtis ['Three Kings', 'Whale Rider' amongst other things]. There are a couple of other fine Polynesian actors - Dave Fane and Hori Ahipene who were lurking in my mind as some of the other Maori on Beltane.

Vera - well, she looks like me [hey, it's my take on the 'verse!] because I'm a complete Jayne drooler [duh].

Grayson + Caspian are 'Highlander' names [from the tv series]. About time Marcus Testory got another acting job (if he's willing!).

Chinese - I guess Jet Li would have to be in there somewhere and some of the guys from 'Crouching Tiger...' and 'House of Flying daggers' to be Sensei.

Think that's all for now.



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