Drops of Jupiter - Out of Step (Chapter 7)
Sunday, September 3, 2006

Simon is pleased with Kaylee's progress, while Jayne broods bitterly on the selectiveness of Kaylee's memory loss, and even moreso as Kaylee finally remembers some things about her best friend and is perhaps over-eager to let her know. --- FINALLY I've updated. Sorry it took me so long. Simon/Kaylee, PG. I still have no idea how long this fic is going to be. xD


Word Count: 2857 Author's note: I really did my research for this one... hope you like it. Thanks to Wanmei for the beta reading. Love ya meimei.

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The first thing Kaylee was aware of when she woke was bright florescent lights shining through her eyelids, tainted red by her skin. She opened her eyes slowly, blinking rapidly to get used to the brilliant light, wondering why someone hadn't turned off the lights for the night. She gave a soft moan as she shifted slightly, starting a bit as she realized there was someone half leaning on her. Kaylee carefully lifted her arm, wincing slightly at the stiff soreness in her muscles, and brushed some strands of hair from Simon's face, a small smile curling her lips as she watched him. He was fast asleep, clearly had fallen asleep while sitting with her, and she greatly appreciated his concern. Kaylee sighed and carefully sat up a bit, shifting Simon so he lay partially on her lap, freeing her upper body. She was feeling much better, albeit quite sore, but she knew that would pass in time. Her head still hurt fairly sharply where the large cut was, but she was able to push it to the back of her mind for now, and did her best to ignore it.

Kaylee frowned slightly, trying to figure out exactly what had happened. Simon had said she'd fallen... but she couldn't remember where, or when, or how. She felt like there was a small chunk gone from her memory, a black area that her memory couldn't recall, but she knew it was there. It was like a well secured bank vault to a robber; no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't get in. Frustrated with this, Kaylee decided she was becoming too restless to stay still. She slowly began to swivel, attempting to shift Simon's head to the bed she was laying on. She thought it had worked at first and was slipping off the exam bed when she heard him stir.

"Hey... where do you think you're going?" he asked softly, his voice thick with grogginess. He reached out and caught her hips from behind, pulling her back up onto the bed. Kaylee sighed and looked at him, laying down again.

"I wanna walk around.." Kaylee said quietly, her voice slightly scratchy from sleep as well. Simon looked at her sternly.

"Baobei, its only been two days since you fell... You shouldn't be walking around yet, you have a grade three concussion, not to mention you're just getting over the hypothermia and your laceration needs time to heal..." Simon had immediately jumped into the medical jargon, forgetting for a moment that only he of the two in the room would understand the degree of severity of Kaylee's injuries from the terminology he'd used. He trailed off at the slightly wary and confused look on her face, his expression softening. "Let's just say you're not healed yet... I don't want you to over exert yourself." He said gently, cupping her cheek and stroking her cheekbone with his thumb.

"Simon..." she said equally gently, knowing that some of his worry was just because he was over protective. "Takin' a walk down to the dining area ain't gonna kill me." She told Simon softly, putting her hand over the one he had on her cheek, smiling at him. Simon frowned at her, though she could see he really wanted to smile. "Stop worryin', Doc... I ain't broke... just mendin'." Simon gave her a smile, easing up a little.

"I know, I just..." Simon trailed off again, wary of telling her he loved her in a time like this. He wanted her to know he really did love her, and he had a feeling if he said it now, she might think it was only because of her current situation, being injured and whatnot. "At least let me check your vitals first." She nodded indulgently and he rose, retrieved his stethoscope and returned to her side, gently tugging the neckline of her shirt aside, smiling apologetically as the cold metal disc on her warm skin made her shiver. "Deep breath for me." he instructed softly, smiling encouragingly as she breathed in slowly and deeply, and he listened intently to her lungs. He moved the stethoscope around her chest a few times, getting her to repeat her breaths, before nodding in approval. "Everything sounds good in there." he told her, pleased with her progress. He took her wrist in his hands and carefully placed his first two fingers over her veins, waiting to feel her pulse and watching his wristwatch, counting the pulse beats in a minute. After sixty seconds had passed, Simon nodded to himself, a small frown developing. Upon the suddenly worried expression from Kaylee, Simon smiled again, giving her hand a reassuring squeeze. "Nothing to worry about, your pulse is just a little slower than I'd like. But we'll get it up there." he said warmly. She nodded slowly, and he hung his stethoscope out of the way around his neck, standing up from where he'd sat on a stool beside her.

"Are we goin' to the galley now?" she asked softly, hoping that was the case; she was getting really fidgety sitting there. He nodded and tugged gently on her hand, helping her sit up and slide off the bed, supporting her with an arm around her waist. She wavered slightly, clinging tightly to him for balance.

"You okay?" he asked in concern. She nodded, wincing from the stiffness and soreness of her muscles again, and the various cuts and bruises littering her body.

"Yeah...let's go." Kaylee said, ignoring the pain and letting him support her. They slowly made their way out of the infirmary, Kaylee refusing to make a sound, even though she was in more pain than she'd bargained for. She clung to him, glad she was able to move around, but regretting asking to go all the way to the galley; it wasn't really that far, but she guessed just the walk to the passenger dorms would have been enough for the day. Simon seemed to sense this, and after a moment, he turned to her. Before she knew it, he'd scooped her into his arms, prompting a startled gasp from her before her alarm turned into amusement. Kaylee gave a soft laugh and wrapped her arm around his shoulders, leaning her head into his neck as he carried her up the stairs and into the galley.

Jayne and Wash were seated at the table, both stuffing their faces with food, and both looked up as they entered the room. Wash smiled at the sight of Kaylee in Simon's arms, while Jayne scowled. Jayne actually had a reason for scowling for once; the crew had discovered the day before that Inara was not the only one Kaylee's brain had forgotten; the mercenary was also one of the unlucky ones. Despite acting like he couldn't care less, Simon could tell that Jayne was hurt, or angry, or a combination of both. It actually touched Simon, that the burly, crude man actually cared enough about Kaylee to feel hurt. Simon gently shifted Kaylee and set her down, holding her upright while she steadied herself, taking a few tentative steps forward towards the table. Simon hurried in front of her and pulled out a chair, waited for her to sit and tucked her into the table, watching her beam at Wash, and then give Jayne a tentative smile. Jayne's expression didn't change, and he went back to stuffing food in his mouth, but Wash was looking at Kaylee.

"You look much better, Kaylee." he said, noting that her skin wasn't as pale as before, and she had her smile back. "Knew the doc was good for something." Simon pretended to be insulted while Kaylee and Wash laughed, Jayne snorting derisively. Ignoring him, Simon wandered over to the cupboard and took out a package of tea and a some rice and went about cooking it for Kaylee, using a few spices that the Sheppard had taught him how to use. Indeed it was a lot better than his earlier attempts at cooking, and he knew it for a fact when even Jayne lifted his head and sniffed, the smell of the cooking rice and spices smelling delicious. He dished out some for Kaylee and the rest for himself, then poured some tea for them both. Kaylee blushed slightly as Simon brought her the food, a bit embarrassed and flattered by all the attention. She smiled at Simon as he settled himself down across from her and began to eat, the taste surprising himself, even. Kaylee took a bite and made a slight "mmm" noise.

"Its really good, Doc!" Kaylee said happily after she'd swallowed. "Sheppard Book really did teach ya to cook!" Simon chuckled and nodded, glad she liked it. The four of them ate in friendly silence for a while, though Simon swore he could see Jayne shooting looks at Kaylee and himself from time to time. Simon finished up at the same time Kaylee and Jayne did, and the doctor took his own and Kaylee's plates over to the sink while Kaylee carefully sipped her hot tea. Simon jumped slightly as Jayne suddenly appeared beside him, plate in hand but a terrible look on his face. "She don't wanna remember me, does she?" he asked snappishly, keeping his voice down so that Kaylee and Wash's chatter over powered his voice. Simon sighed inwardly, wishing right now that he wasn't a doctor. He'd tried to explain to Jayne before that it was nothing personal, but he was convinced otherwise.

"She can't help it, Jayne." Simon said quietly, rinsing his and Kaylee's plates and putting them in the second sink. "Its not like she picked and chose who to forget... she can't remember Inara, either, and they're the best of friends." He explained patiently, though he knew it would do no good. Sure enough, Jayne's eyes radiated disbelief.

"Yeah, but still." he said bitterly. "Why's she remember him and not me?" he asked, nodding at Wash in annoyance. Simon gritted his teeth, counted to five and took a deep breath to keep from losing his cool. He wished the crew would just take his word for it for once. He was the doctor, after all, the one that knew what the human body did.

"That's just what happened, Jayne. I'm sorry." Simon said softly. He walked away before Jayne could protest, smiling with a slight shake of his head at Kaylee, who was looking at them curiously, clearly wondering what they had been talking about. "How's your tea, baobei?" he asked her, seating himself across from her again. Kaylee smiled and took another sip, then set her mostly empty cup down in front of her.

"Its delicious, my favourite kind. Inara 'n me always drink this kind in her shuttle." Kaylee said softly, a reminiscent smile on her face. Simon's cup slipped from his fingers just as he started to pick it up, a ceramic clink echoing around the room. Simon gaped at her, and as Kaylee looked around, she saw Wash and Jayne also looking at her similarly. "What?!" she asked, alarmed.

"Baobei... you... you just... Are you remembering Inara better?" Simon asked hopefully. Kaylee looked confused for a moment, then a smile crept over her face.

"I am." she nodded, the smile becoming bigger. "I remember what her shuttle looks like... and that we have tea in there a lot, and sometimes she does my hair..." Simon got up and moved around the table to Kaylee, where he wrapped his arms around her in a relieved hug. She hugged him back, happy she was making such good progress. They pulled apart and Wash was just about to congratulate her when Jayne stormed out of the room, stomped down the stairs and off down the hallway. Kaylee looked up at Simon warily. "Was that cause of me?" she asked timidly, her euphoria dying. Simon sighed, brushing some hair out of her eyes.

"Jayne's just being selfish, as usual." Simon told her softly. "Don't worry about him." Kaylee nodded and Simon was relieved she listened to him. As far as he could figure out, he guessed that Jayne was angry, hurt or any number of emotions that were negative that Kaylee had begun to remember Inara and not himself. "Do you want to go back to your bunk?" he asked her with a gentle smile. She nodded and he helped her stand, surprised as she batted his hand away.

"I wanna try myself." Kaylee said stubbornly, beginning to walk slowly towards the doorway. Knowing that Kaylee had made up her mind and wouldn't change it unless she had to, Simon followed at her heels, ready to steady her if she wavered. They got to the door without problem, and pride in her recovery was welling in Simon's heart; she was so incredibly strong. When they got to the stairs, they both saw Inara emerge at the end of the hallway at the same time. Kaylee became excited, and began to run forward. "Inara! Guess what I remembered!!" Kaylee called, trying to take the stairs quickly.

"Baobei, be careful!" called Simon warningly, hurrying forward as Kaylee almost leaped down the stairs. She shouldn't be running already, especially down stairs, she was too weak. Simon gasped as he suddenly realized what he was seeing. As if in slow motion, Simon watched one of Kaylee's ankles buckle, an eerily echoed crack filling the corridor, her body losing its balance and tipping backwards. Inara's expression mirrored Simon's... alarm, shock, and the knowledge that even if they threw themselves forward, there was nothing they could do.

"KAYLEE!" Simon yelled, leaping forward, but it was too late; as Kaylee fell backwards to the floor, she cracked her head on the last metal step, the sound of a terrible thunk followed by what was even worse; nothing. Her limbs had gone limp and her head lolled, her body sprawled awkwardly over the cold metal floor of the corridor. He leapt over her down the stairs, landing hard on his feet and tumbling to his knees. He turned back to her and saw to his distress that she was completely unconscious, a bit of blood trickling from the corner of her mouth down her cheek. Inara had rushed up to them and looked down in horror as Simon carefully lifted her up and hurried to the infirmary, following at his heels. Mal turned the corner into the hallway just as they rushed past an adjoining corridor, and he immediately panicked.

"Hey!!" he yelled, chasing after them. "What the hell is going on?!" Simon didn’t answer, and he just barely heard at the back of his brain Inara explaining that she'd fallen. Simon's heart was pounding in his throat, and he had to resist the urge to want to be sick. He was terrified for her; two head injuries in such a short period of time could be catastrophic, and even worse; it could be fatal. Not to mention that he was ninety nine percent sure that she had broken her ankle. Simon finally reached the infirmary and rushed into the darkened room, thanking Inara inwardly when she switched on the light as she entered the room. Simon quickly adjusted the over head light and began to examine Kaylee's scalp, making sure she hadn't gotten cut or anything worse.

Satisfied that she was just going to bruise, Simon moved on to trying to wake her up. Nothing he tried worked. Scared by the possibility that was staring him in the face, he quickly retrieved a pin from a nearby cupboard. Inara stared at him wide eyed as he moved around to Kaylee's foot, and as gently as one could possibly accomplish in a task such as he was doing, stuck the pin into Kaylee's flesh. The sickening feeling in Simon's stomach worsened as he stuck her three more times, once more in the same foot, and the other two in the other. She had no response, no twitch, no verbal response, no nothing. Simon took a step back, a wide eyed, worried look on his face and ran a hand through his hair, his heart pounding.

He was suddenly aware of Inara and Mal's eyes on him, and he shifted to look at them, specifically Inara, who had terrified tears in her eyes.

"What was that?! Why isn't she waking up?!" Inara asked, her voice breaking in worry. Mal stepped up behind her, the same questions in his own eyes. Simon took several deep, long shaky breaths, attempting to slow down his pounding heart before he threw up. He had to face it, he had to tell them... but how would they take it?! He himself was ready to burst into tears.

"Dammit doc, tell us what in the gorram hell is happening!!" Mal demanded fiercely, shocking Simon out of his scared reverie. Simon ran his hand over his face, covering his mouth for a moment before he could piece together the words to say. When he spoke his voice was soft, scared; full of anxiety and worry.

"She... She's gone comatose. She's in a coma..."

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Sunday, September 3, 2006 6:21 PM


Amazing chapter!

Holy cliffhangers batman! Honestly, I love everything about this. The pace, the action, the characterization, all of it. It's very well written.

I definitely can't wait to see more!

Sunday, September 3, 2006 6:45 PM


Poor Kaylee - I can't believe she fell again so soon, but I'm glad Simon was there. Her waking up was perfect and sweet as was Simon's concern.

Thank you for updating - I have been hoping to read more of this! Please don't keep us waiting too long for the next chapter!

Sunday, September 3, 2006 8:37 PM


Welcome back!

I think Mal's going to be rather pissed. He'll blame Simon for allowing Kaylee to walk (and run) so soon, even if we all know that any attempt to stop her would have gotten him yelled at.

You do intend to let Kaylee have a brain left by the end of this, right?

Monday, September 4, 2006 4:50 AM


Vile, vile torturer. You let us celebrate that Kaylee is okay and awake, if still a little forgetful, and then put her into a coma... evil...EVIL.

Okay, thats out of my system... good work here, I liked the characterizations, especially when Kaylee woke up, and I think you got Jayne dead on (not an easy thing for many authors to do).

As to how long it took to post this one, well, let's just say "PLEASE, don't leave us here for long (yes, a day is a long time :) ), it's just heartbreaking.

Monday, September 4, 2006 5:44 AM


See hun? Toldja they'd love it.

I agree with goblueguy about the EVIL thing, and about the Jayne characterization. Kudos.

Anyway, just popped by again to say update soon or I hurt you.


Tuesday, September 5, 2006 3:32 AM


I'm glad to see you're continuing on this. I do love your writing.

Comatose huh? What a way to end this chapter....great cliff-hanger especially since she'd just woke up and seemed to be beginning to get her memory back.

Poor Jayne though, I can't possibly imagine why she wouldn't remember him...maybe he really doesn't leave any lasing memories with people...heh.

Anyway, get back to writing, I'm glad your muse visited you.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006 3:35 PM


*Shocked gasp!*

Thursday, January 18, 2007 2:53 PM


So, are you going to write more soon or do I have to come over there? If you don't update quick... someone gonna get-a hurt reaaaaaaal bad.

So go write! You know I wanna read more of this! You know how wibbly some of this stuff makes me! Hee!


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