Just Like All of Your Toys
Monday, March 6, 2006

Simon says: No batteries! Simon/Kaylee, NC-17


Author's note: Wanmei, FrellingBlonde, Leaisky and I decided to take a common theme (voyeurism and/or toys) and write a story around it. This is my version. Comments and reviews are very welcome but please don't compare the stories to one another; it wasnt a competition. =)


Kaylee's gasps echoed around her bunk, a fine sheen of sweat covering her body, which was bare aside from the small pink tank top. She cried out as her fingers slid the silicone toy in and out, her body shuddering after each thrust. Her body was arched up off of the mattress and she was panting for breath, moaning and shivering as she continued, her body shaking with exertion and euphoria. She swallowed thickly as she thrust it in deeper, almost feeling it in her chest, it was so hard and so deep. She nearly screamed but kept it in, gasping throatily instead. The artificial passion surging through her blinded her senses, and without realizing it, she was calling for Simon. Calling for him in a low, throaty voice thick with lust. She let out a combined yelp and moan as she thrust it deeper than before, her muscles tightening around it and she almost didn’t let herself pull it out again. She felt herself reaching her climax, her body shuddering as she gasped for breath, trying desperately to keep in the cries of mingled pain and joy to a minimum volume. She wasn't keen on someone walking in on her. As though reading her thoughts, there was suddenly a loud knock on the door of her quarters. Kaylee gasped, her chest heaving painfully, her back still arched. She tried to make herself silent, praying whoever it was would go away. "Kaylee?" she heard Simon's voice call down to her. Kaylee tried to hold her breath, her heart racing, her body begging her to continue. She found she couldn't hold her breath and started panting again, trying to keep it as quiet as possible. "Kaylee?" he repeated, sounding concerned. "I know you're down there..." She bit her tongue to keep from yelping as her body shuddered, urging her to continue, pleading her. "I'm coming down if you don't answer me..." Simon's voice threatened, and Kaylee hastily spoke up. "It's fine!" she called, trying to make her voice light and cheerful. "I'm just going to bed!" Simon raised his eyebrow, hearing a weird tone in her voice that he couldn't decipher through the metal hatch separating them. It worried him, and he decided he needed to be bold. "I'm coming down." he called, giving her a few seconds to cover up if she was indecent before he began to open the door. Kaylee, meanwhile, frantically pulled the toy from inside herself and shoved it under her pillow, yanking a blanket over her mostly naked body, and tried to slow her breathing. She swallowed thickly several times, trying to rid her body of the almost overwhelming feeling as she listened to him descending the ladder. "Told you.." she told him as he closed the hatch door and crossed the floor to where she lay in her bed. Simon frowned as he came closer and saw the sheen of sweat covering her, and how she was breathing hard. "Are you okay?" he asked in concern, touching her forehead and feeling the heat of her skin, mingling with the drops of sweat. She tried to banish all guiltiness from her eyes and nodded at him. "Why are you out of breath? Do you feel dizzy?" Simon asked anxiously, immediately going into doctor mode. She was dizzy, yes, but not for the reason he thought. "Really, Simon, I'm fi-fine." her breath caught on the last word as one of the last waves drifted over her, and Simon saw the flash of guiltiness in her eyes before she managed to mask it. He sat down on the bed beside her and frowned, trying to work things out in his mind. He suddenly sensed it, and a small smile played on his lips as he realized what had caused the glazed look in her eyes. Kaylee saw the comprehending look and blushed, realizing he knew what she had been up to. Kaylee waited for him to say something, to point it all out, but was surprised and gasped slightly as he suddenly leaned in and kissed her, not all that gently, wrapping his arms around her shoulders. After her surprise wore off, she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer, as close as he could come and their tongues clashed almost violently, passionately, daringly. They were moaning in unison and Kaylee's heart pounded with glee as Simon lay over her, pulling her as close as he could, pressing his body into hers through the blanket that covered her. But then his hands began to roam, around her head and around her pillow. Kaylee realized too late that his hand had brushed her toy, and as he pulled away and pulled it out from under her pillow, she felt a deep blush start to rise up from her neck. Simon knelt, straddling her waist, and examined the toy, which was still somewhat slick. She knew she was beat red, her neck and ears included, and watched as he looked it and then at her. He tossed it on the floor and looked down at her. "You know... you don't need that when you have me here..." he told her, and Kaylee's heart thudded almost painfully in excitement as Simon leaned over her again, kissing her deeply and roughly, something that seemed almost out of character for him. She supposed passion did funny things to people, and as Simon began to ravage her neck with kisses and nips, she knew she wasn't going to argue with it. Kaylee shivered as Simon's hands ran up and down her body, his lips, tongue and teeth still attacking her neck. She moaned as she felt him traveling down her neck and chest, his lips tracing along the parts of her breasts that were exposed, his tongue licking down past the hem of her shirt, making her shiver and squirm in delight. Her hands sought his chest in a flurry of desire and she hurriedly undid his shirt and pulled it from him, running her hands over his bare chest, massaging his firm muscles, his skin slightly moist from the beginnings of perspiration. He dove into her again, and she ran her hands all over his bare back as he kissed her deeply, her eyes rolling up into her head in delight, both of them moaning and gasping for breath in the milliseconds that their lips parted contact. She frantically reached for the button of his pants, managing to undo it and unzip them while he pulled them off, both trying to kiss at the same time. It wasn't working, and Simon pulled away just long enough to yank off his pants and throw them on the floor before pursuing her lips again. Kaylee could feel his arousal through the thin blanket over her legs and she shuddered in joy and lust, her hands roughly massaging every part of him she could reach. Soon Simon's hands found the hem of her shirt and tugged it over her body, smiling as she willingly lifted her arms to help him remove it. He tossed it aside and leaned over her, deciding to tease her with the bra. He slowly ran his hands over her breasts, around the sides of her chest, smiling as she shivered, her eyes closing as he slipped his hands under her and gently undid the clasp of her bra. He gently kissed every inch of her breasts as he slowly uncovered them, his heart fluttering as she moaned, glad he was making her feel this way. He finally released her from the torture and pulled off her bra all the way, tossing it on the floor as well. He looked down at her for a moment, admiring her small, almost fragile frame, the beautiful curves and natural contours of her body. He ran his hands over her breasts, caressing them, kneading them, making her shake and moan in pleasure. He worked his hands over her ribs and down to her stomach, kneading her abdomen and feeling the tension in her body. He knew what she wanted, and hell, he surely wanted it too. As though reading his mind, Kaylee propped herself up and pulled at the hem of his boxers, pulling them down away from his skin, exposing him to her. He lifted his legs one at a time so she could free him from them, and she looked down at him, smiling. He smiled back and pulled the blanket off of her, both of them now equal, completely exposed to each other. He pressed his bare body against hers, their body heat mingling. He kissed her skin, teased her, licking and kissing and biting as he went, starting just at the dip of her abdomen. He made his way slowly up her stomach, pausing for only a second to look at the scar on her flesh, a flash of guilt sliding over him before he shoved it aside and continued on. He heard her breath catch as his tongue worked over her breasts, teasing her nipples ever so gently, and he felt goose bumps rise on her skin, despite the heat her body was radiating. He kissed his way up over her collarbone and up her neck, licking at her racing pulse just under her jaw. He felt her spread her legs almost subtly, and it made him smile into his kisses. He decided to reward her, to give her what she wanted, and he positioned himself better, his arousal hovering just outside of her, looking down at her anticipating gaze. He let himself get lost in her eyes for one, two, three seconds, before gently fitting himself inside of her, just the very tip at first, smiling at the shivers that coursed through her body at the light touch. Then he slipped inside of her, filling her, feeling her around him. She gasped throatily at the first thrust, the first feeling of fullness. He was still inside of her for a moment, kissing her deeply, before beginning a gentle rhythm, making her smile and gasp, moaning in pleasure every so often. He looked down at her and could see it in her eyes that he was being too gentle but she didn't want to say anything. Deciding to take initiative, he began thrusting a bit harder, pleased at her gasp of surprise and happiness. He went harder and harder still, and she clung to him, their bodies swaying as he moved in her, sweat shining off both of their bodies. They both moaned each other's names, clinging hard to each other, Simon kissing Kaylee's neck gently, combining strong and gentle, which made Kaylee ecstatic. She knew she was going to hit her climax soon, and he knew that he was so close as well. Sure enough, after another couple of thrusts he let go, spilling into her. She cried out in happiness and relief as he did, letting herself go at the same time. After a moment he slipped out of her and lay down beside her on his side looking over her as she stayed lying on her back. Her chest was heaving, as was his, but her eyes were glazed with happiness and she had a big smile on her face. He nuzzled his nose against hers, kissing her gently. She smiled and brushed some hair out of his face, waiting until they'd caught their breath before speaking. "You're learning." she said with a grin. He laughed and kissed her deeply, leaning over her, his fingers tangled in her sweat-damp hair. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck, also tangling her fingers in his hair. They kissed for a long time before Simon finally pulled away, feeling the sleepiness in both of them. He lay down on his side again and Kaylee snuggled her head into his shoulder, trying to get as close to him as possible. Simon smiled and leaned his head down on hers, wrapping his arms around her delicate body. He heard the soft, even breathing that meant she had drifted off, and looked down at her with a smile, feeling incredibly happy. He pulled a sheet over them, the light cotton tickling his bare flesh, and soon, curled up as close to Kaylee as he could get, he too fell asleep.


Monday, March 6, 2006 3:23 PM


Another awesome piece for our challenge!

It's brilliant to see all these different perspectives on the same type of theme. I love this one! If I could fall asleep in Simon's arms... well you know how the end of that sentence goes!

Awesome work!

Monday, March 6, 2006 3:50 PM


So many hot fics...this was just...oh yes, VERY hot. Good job. ;)

Monday, March 6, 2006 4:04 PM


*guh* *thud* Did it suddenly get hot in here? Pass me a fan, please. *fans self*

Monday, March 6, 2006 4:14 PM


Whoo hoo. Go Simon! Initiating that kiss. Well done. You must write more:)

Tuesday, March 7, 2006 7:48 AM




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