Browncoat Rising [2]
Monday, October 23, 2006

More from Higgins Moon. Vera takes a picture! Conversation with Hori, Zhang, River, Simon and Kaylee. References to sexing up. Jayne gives another speech and surprises at least one person. Fess has a surprise up his sleeve for Mal and co.


PART TWO Say it's the same sun spinning in the same sky Say it's the same stars streaming in the same night Tell me it's the same world whirling through the same space Tell me it's the same time tripping through the same day.... Tell me it's the same blood breaking in the same head Say it's the same taste taking down the same kiss Say it's the same you Say it's the same you and it's always been like this Labyrinth – The Cure

Mal made damn sure Saffron was safe in her very secure custody, delivering warnings to the relevant authorities about her duplicitous ways. After that, he and the others helped Fess go through her stuff, both for evidence and for swag. The clothes were redistributed to various grateful female Mudders (and indeed, one man, but questions weren't asked). The authorities had dusted practically everything for prints and taken away evidence. Under the floor of Saffron's one room shanty des res was a small supply of coin, a couple of guns and jewels. Jayne declared the guns as being beneath his notice, which diminished their worth to anyone else. Fess put them in the safe in his house. The coins were divided as equally as possible between the remaining foremen and Fess took the jewels for his lover. So, there wasn't much more than tins of food for the Serenity crew. * Fess smiled at Mal and Jayne, “I'm sorting a reward for you, don't worry.” “Can you do something terminal 'bout that ruttin' love-bot the Mudders have made of me?” Fess' smile widened, “It's become a bit of a fixture and favourite with the Mudders, and Buddha knows, they haven't got much in the way of entertainment. They wanted to replace the statue and presented me with hard-earned cash and pleas. I made them keep their money and commissioned the bot myself; the little they'd presented to me wasn't even close to enough.” Jayne looked at Mal, “Can I hit him now?” Fess held up his hands, trying to placate Jayne, “All it does is sing the song they wrote for you and other songs to order. Nothing else.” “So it ain't a love-bot?” “It hasn't been programmed for that, no. Could be, but I thought if you ever returned – which you have – you might not be best pleased about that. No more than I would if there was a doppleganger of me out there providing trim in my stead.” “And it don't shoot?” “Heck, no. It's just an entertainment bot; singing is pretty much the only thing it has to offer, that and being an extra pair of hands for working the less muddy aspects of life around here.” Jayne relaxed visibly, “It ain't competition for me, I'll let it be. No trainin' it to do anythin' else, mind. Might want to see about mendin' it; I took a powerful dislike to seein' it.” “So I heard.” * Vera was on Serenity, skimming electronic messages in her bunk some time later. They were staying overnight on Higgins moon out of courtesy to Fess and because it was nice to get some down time away from flying through the black now and then. In Jayne's eagerness to send a certain image of her for further merc delectation, he'd apparently forgotten in the heat of testosterone poisoning that Vera had flirted with that side of things in the past. She'd seen the image and the award, glad that Jayne had managed to have the sense to shield her true identity and his as well as pick a shot that didn't make her face too clear. She'd been quietly working on a gentle payback on the more female-orientated sites. There were enough women in the 'verse like herself who lived something like a merc or bounty hunter lifestyle and many of them were straight and appreciated a good male specimen when they saw one. So, she'd picked her moment, after a night of passion when Jayne was pretty much dead to the world and snoring, and snapped away. She'd been just as careful, choosing a shot where Jayne's tattoed arm was over his face, hiding both distinguishing points from the camera and a wider audience. The sheet and blanket had been kicked off by Jayne down to just above the personal area and one leg was bare. Vera had doctored out quite a few of Jayne's more noticeable scars from the picture, given him a different name and submitted away. Some of the responses had been pretty much unprintable and quite a few had speculated saucily on Jayne's other...attributes, but Vera had stayed silent on that subject. Now she had her ammunition; the evidence of his cheeky behaviour and her response. * “Inara?” “Yes, Mal.” “Was it weird, seeing a guy you'd...erm...” “Serviced?” “Yes, I guess. And not being able to...I mean...” Mal shut up, realising he was skating close to old danger areas. Inara gave him a pointed look and a somewhat frosty tone of voice, “I seem to remember I'm with you now.” He turned to her and made to cup her face tenderly, but she pulled back, “I know. I'm sorry. I was trying to ask in my cack-handed way if you were okay seeing a guy you'd previously...been with.” “Yes, I'm 'okay'. I put in that polite wave ahead of coming here, telling him I was off the market. If he'd been otherwise than professional towards me, I have ways of rebuffing gently but firmly. I've done it in the past.” “Suppose you have, at that. Sorry. I'll try not to be such a mean old cowpoke in future.” Inara laughed, ruffled feathers duly smoothed, “Try to trust me, Mal. I'm going to be doing my best for you.” “I know and I sure as hell appreciate that. Just bear with me if old habits flare up now and then.” “I'll try.” * Simon, Kaylee, their twins plus Hori, Zhang and River were sitting at the table in Serenity's galley. Hori finished his beer and readjusted his eyepatch. Simon noticed, “Sorry I couldn't save your eye, Hori.” “You said that heaps, eh. I understand. A Kung Fu star jammed right into my eye was pretty much going to mean that I lost it.” Simon nodded, “I got you to a specialist ophthalmologist as soon as I could. You could still have a computer eye fitted; you'd see good as new.” “Na. No thanks. Don't want to turn into some kind of bot; even if it *is just an eye.” Zhang looked at Hori “There are other ways of seeing.” “I know; I'm awake to the spiritual realms, Zhang. I'm a tohunga, a Maori priest.” “Ah; I thought it was something like that. I'm a kind of sensei.” “Yoga, wasn't it?” “Yes, and Tai Chi. I learned how to put myself in a deep meditative state, to conserve energy.” “Jasmine - the woman I loved and lost - she was a Tai Chi master.” “River told me a fair bit about her and what Serenity means to all of you. As I told Mal, I reckon I survived all the plagues and diseases for a reason, and not just to court River.” “Hey!” Simon protested. Zhang turned to Simon, “I promise, I'll marry her before we make love.” River's smile made her face radiant, “Marriage? Making love?” Zhang squeezed her hand, “One day, princess. That's a promise. You're the first woman I've kissed as an adult and I'm as virginal as you. No ghosts in our bed. But I'll court you first.” Kaylee sighed, “That's so romantic!” She lifted her tee shirt and eased a fussing Lee onto her breast, under his blanket. A few moments later, Sam was plugged on to the other one. Simon almost absent-mindedly stroked the nearer baby's downy head. * Zhang carried on, “I *think I may be close to indestructable. I heal very quickly, I can't get ill any more. I expect a large enough physical trauma – like getting blown up or something – would finish me off, but otherwise I think you're stuck with me!” He smiled. “I'd still like to get you to an analyser to check out your limits, Zhang. Then *you'd know how far you could push yourself.” Zhang nodded, “I haven't been trained to use a gun, but I have Tai Chi and other Yogic martial disciplines. I'll be useful in hand to hand fighting and with Tai Chi sword or spear. If I can have access to welding and metal-working equipment, I can make myself a chakram to add to the mix.” River commented, “You're a trained weapon, like me.” Zhang's eyes heated as he looked at her, “I know. I've been waiting just for you; I know that here.” he put one hand on his chest and then his head, “You're my princess and we are going to be spectacular together.” He looked at Simon, “I'll protect her to the last breath in my body; I promise.” “I don't need protecting, Zhang. I can look after myself!” He turned back to her, “I know, River. But I think Simon needed to hear that.” Hori flicked his head at everyone, “More coffee?” “Juice for me,” Kaylee requested, “Don't want to pass on *too many stimulants to these two.” * Jayne had just finished 'showing' Vera how much she 'belonged' to him. As usually happened, the actuality of their love-making had turned everything around and ended with Jayne 'belonging' just as much as Vera did. Now they lay in a sweaty, temporarily sated, tangle of limbs and clothes on her bed. “Mmmm,” Jayne commented, stroking Vera's arm with the fingers of one hand, “Learned your lesson, darlin'?” She turned lazily and propped herself on his chest, “That goading you a little bit leads to magnificent, passionate sex? Learned that lesson a long time ago, sweet wan nao!” He chuckled, “Clothes off?” Vera pulled off her shirt, “Want seconds, hmm?” “Mebbe not *just yet; but soon.” He pulled off his own clothes and helped her get naked, then bundled them under the covers. His eyes twinkled, “Like havin' ya nekkid and next to me!” She curled up against him, “Me too; you're like a human hot water bottle! I can be naked in bed with you in the depths of winter and not feel cold at all!” He grinned at her, “Remember warmin' you from the inside out many a time, mi mei gui.” Vera grinned back, “That would be a novel and most pleasurable way to keep warm in winter; having you as a permanent internal heater!” His fingers stroked down the middle of her chest, “Mebbe not *permanent, darlin' – even I need a rest *sometimes - but certainly warmin' ya good and slow for long periods. Seem to recall it was like that after you were naked in my bunk with just that knife strapped to your thigh. Merciful Buddha, but you rode me long and sweet after that!” Vera took her moment, “And you were taking snaps of me stripping, weren't you?” * Jayne briefly fought his conscience, then remembered Vera enjoyed being photographed, “Well; yeah. You were fulfillin' a fantasy of mine. Did you ever come across Knife Girl in comics?” “Heard of her, seen some of the images. She was always losing pretty much all of her clothes apart from the knife strapped to her thigh in perilous and compromising situations.” Jayne grinned, “Yeah, and then pouncin' on the nearest lucky big merc and screwin' him into the far end of next week !” “I'll remember that for next time. Anyway, back to the snaps. You published one to a merc site.” Jayne inched away, “Just how pissed are you at me?” Vera shrugged, “You kept my identity and yours secret, even after 'my' photo won a prize.” She grinned, “Nice prize, by the way; I'm flattered. Great shot. So, I decided two could play at that game.” Jayne's eyes widened, “You didn't!” “Oh, yes I did. You, arm across your face, fast asleep in bed and naked as the day you came crying.” Jayne pounced, pinning her down, “You showed my John Thomas to the 'verse?” Vera chuckled, she couldn't help herself, “No, not that part of you! Pretty much everything but that. Got some very lusty comments from straight lady bounty hunters, even a couple of sly ladies said they wouldn't kick you out of bed.” “Gorram, shouldn't have...” Jayne realised he was in a moral impasse and ground to a halt, “I ain't even seen the picture!” Vera freed one hand and fetched a copy out of one of her bedside drawers, “Here.” Jayne took a look, frowning, “Not sayin' I don't look hot, but there are people lookin' at my nekkid body and mebbe some of them are sly guys and weird women.” “Well, ditto; mostly.” Jayne realised he had to compromise, “No more photos – nekkid or otherwise - uploaded to the 'verse without askin' first?” Vera smiled, “Agreed.” Jayne grinned, “Now then, where were we? Ah, yes.” He pinned her lightly to the sheets, “Knife Girl, 'cept I've got your knife and you're naked and in my clutches. I'm the biggest, baddest merc in the 'verse...” “And I'll never give in!” Vera completed. Jayne bent his head and started sucking very gently at one of Vera's breasts, knowing that the long tease and seduction he was set on would end in a 'verse-shattering climax for both of them. * In the morning, everyone went back to Fess to wind things up. Quite a number of Mudders stood around outside the house and murmuring increased when Jayne came into view. A Mudder representative stepped forward. “We know you ain't a real hero, but because of you, we got hope. Then Fess here was kind to us 'cause of you and our lives got real better. Not a lot, but 'nuff for us. We asked for the bot, cos we wanted a permanent reminder of you that'd actually do summat. We'd like to put up the statue again, if'n you're willin'. Yer a hero to us; *our hero.” Jayne walked up the steps of the house, fixed on using the verandah as a podium. He'd said pretty much all of his piece last time, but the Mudders deserved something. Probably carve the damn words in stone and he didn't think he wasn't capable of memorable ones. “I'm a merc and I don't do fancy words. Fess here seems to be a good boss; hopin' you'll keep in good relations with him and his kids as and when he has 'em. Rainin' the money on ya wasn't like I was Robin Hood, I was just tryin' to save my sorry ass. I'm all kinds of bad people; I kill for money, sometimes I kill cos I wanna.” Jayne suddenly found his inspiration, “But I got a part with a crew here's worth their weight in gold and I got my woman and that's more 'n I hoped for back along when I started. So, if you must sing songs to remember, do a verse where Malcolm Reynolds got the signal out against the odds, then finally nailed Inara who used to be a Companion and a verse where River sliced and diced a room full of Reavers and a verse where Zoe over there lost her good husband Wash in the fight and a verse where Kaylee the mechanic and Simon the doctor made their twins and got wed and one where we picked up Hori the Maori some time later and please do a verse 'bout my feisty handfasted, Vera, who used to be a bounty hunter and a sheriff and who was doin' all sorts of real nice with me in our bunk yesterday and don't forget a verse about our good ship Serenity.” There was general cheering from the Mudders and stunned silence from most of the crew. “Damn,” Mal commented, “Just when I think he can't surprise me any more, he does this...” Vera smiled, ear to ear, “That's my merc!” * Fess stepped forward and motioned for quiet, “I was minded to like you folks on Serenity last time. More so, now I've – we've all - heard what you've done since. You're good people, Captain Malcolm Reynolds; all the Serenity crew. You lifted spirits and heads all over the 'verse. I put a wave out yesterday afternoon and your vindication, your reward, is on its way. It's about time people really listened to you; Mal and Jayne and all of you. So, they're coming. The ex-Companions, the male Companions, Ping Han and his Sensei, many of the Maori from Beltane, the ones who heard the signal and heard about the Companions, fighting monks and nuns from most of the abbeys, the Browncoats and those who remember. They're all on the way here to lift you up and bear you to where your voices will be heard and you'll make a real difference. Ladies and gentlemen, Mudders and foremen and all. The Browncoats are rising!!”


Tuesday, October 24, 2006 4:42 PM


Oh...this is gonna make for fun times in lives of the BDHs;)

Definitely loved this chapter rather mightily, Vera. Especially Jayne's reaction to getting his own skin mag shot taken and passed around the Cortex;)


Wednesday, October 25, 2006 3:18 AM


Thank-you for being one of my regular feed-back people. As it happens, I'm due to be in Vancouver early next October. I told Nathan at LFACC and promised him a beer [gg]. And Vancouver could well be several thousand miles from you!



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