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Zoe back on Beltane. Mal & Inara somewhere else [avoiding spoilers!]. Jayne & Vera on Euridice. Sexing up on more than one front [ know what I mean!]. Warning for the naughty stuff. Jayne & Vera find a furry friend.


PART SIX * If I could make a wish I think Id pass Cant think of anything I need No cigarettes, no sleep, no light, no sound Nothing to eat, no books to read

Making love with you Has left me peaceful, warm, and tired What more could I ask Theres nothing left to be desired Peace came upon me and it leaves me weak So sleep, silent angel, go to sleep

Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe And to love you All I need is the air that I breathe Yes to love you * Air that I breathe - The Hollies * Zoe meandered down the main street of Hine Moa. She held Sarah by one hand. There was something very important she'd left here and she fhad to find it. Something drew her to the sheriff's office. She knocked on the door. A tall, hunky, gorgeous Polynesian guy with a striking avian nose and a kilowatt smile answered the door. She had her answer; it was him. Yowsa, talk about a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. “Zoe!” His face beamed. “Glad someone knows me. Seem to have lost my Captain and my mind and gained a daughter.” “That's Sarah; come in do. I'm Cliff and where's the rest of the crew? Thought you were on your way to give evidence in Niska's trial. Thanks for rescuing me by the way.” Zoe shook her head to clear it, “Loss of short term memory, I think.” She gave Cliff a brilliant unfettered smile and he had to grip the sheriff's desk, hard. Zoe in seduction mode was vibrant and practically irresistable. “Erm...tea, coffee, wine? Juice for Sarah?” Zoe slung her long legs up on the desk, “Wouldn't be thinking of adding yourself to the menu later, would you? Because, there's no need to ask. The answer's yes!” Cliff turned back to her, “If you knew how long I've ached for you; been in love with you, eh...” Zoe picked up Sarah and she sat on her mother's lap. Her smile went from ear to ear, “Oh, Cliff... Hope you've got piles of stamina for...erm...riding later.” Sarah looked at her mother and then at Cliff, “We gonna ride horsies?” Cliff just grinned at Zoe, “I got a couple of real horses out back, eh. We *could* actually go for a ride on 'em.” “That'd be good. We could stay for supper later?” Sarah caught the innocent part of the conversation, “Gonna sleep over with Unkie Cliff?” Zoe coughed loudly, “Yes, sweetheart. We're going to do that. Think Cliff can give you your own room too?” Cliff nodded, bringing back a tray of mugs and the kettle, “Say, I've got some toys my niece left, I'll get them.” Sarah drank her juice then ran squealing with pleasure at the pile of dolls and doll-house Cliff brought in. “And much later,” Cliff murmured in Zoe's ear, “There's a love-sick stallion who needs your undivided attention.” “Stallion, huh?” Cliff grinned, “Polynesian genes, eh. Came out in all the right places, sweet Zoe.” * Mal sat up with a start. He was in the biggest, most luxurious four poster bed he'd ever seen. He frowned. Strong memories of a life pod and a lone journey through the black came back to him. Before that... vague images of a very special spaceship and some kind of family, then the war. He remembered the war all right. But didn't the Browncoats lose? If he was here, in the lap of luxury, maybe the Browncoats had won. Or he'd sold out, a thought that had chills running down his spine. He fervently hoped that wasn't true. He sat up in bed. Silk sheets. Never slept in silk before...had he? The most radiantly beautiful dark-haired woman he'd ever seen drifted into the room. She had poise, grace and breeding. The green kimono she wore moved and clung sweetly to her figure. Mal's mouth went dry and a whole lot of blood eagerly rushed south. “Morning.” He smiled, that would do until he could remember her name. She picked up a tray of Japanese tea which was near the bed, “Tea ceremony, sir?” Mal ran his hands through his hair, “Um...yeah. Kinda hoping for more 'n tea, truth be told.” She smiled impishly, “I can see that. Tea first, then I'll pleasure you till you can't move.” “Wow. Good sales pitch. Can I pleasure right back atcha?” The lady blushed charmingly. She liked him. Mal felt his heart leap. “Of course you can, President Malcolm Reynolds. Anything you desire.” “President?!!” There was something both odd and familiar about that title. “That's what the girl said who woke me up this morning. Said I'm your wife as well. Came back yesterday after a longish trip in a life pod. Apparently we got identified, picked up, given medical assistance and brought back home.” Her name suddenly clicked into place for Mal, “Wow. I got me powerful good taste, Inara. How come I won someone as gorgeous as you?” He captured one of her dark silky tresses and ran it through his fingers. She looked at him with those dark almond deer-like eyes and Mal melted; well the parts that weren't as hard as a rock melted, “You swore undying love to me, I believe. And since I'd apparently been in love with you for years...” Mal moved the tea tray firmly out of the way, “Bugger the gorram tea! I want *you*!” They fell onto the sheets in a giggling and passionate clinch. * Jayne and Vera stumbled on across Euridice for the rest of the day and through the following night. They slept in snatches, huddled up against trees or rocks. It was pretty miserable. Then the rain started; lashing down in icy sheets on the mountain. “We gotta get outta this!” “It's hard to see anything that might help and we're soaked through.” “Agh! Wuh de mah, this is nasty!” “What's that over there, about 400 yards off?” “Looks like a dark blob; 'kay, we'll take a closer look.” “It's an old space observation station!” “Hope the ruttin' thing's weather tight!” Jayne and Vera turned the airlock handle and stumbled through the metal door, almost asleep on their feet. As the door clanged shut behind them, the noise of the storm subsided. Vera hit the light switch and some of the bulbs flickered into life. The station was quite small, mostly metal, maybe 15 feet square, with one inner door leading to rest rooms and another to store cupboards and minature kitchen, long since abandoned. Ancient wooden and metal units creaked on their hinges. The telescope had long gone and the aperture for it was shut tight. Jayne grabbed one of several nearby couches. “Let's get these into an open square.” Vera nodded, dumping her bags and the joints of pork on an old observation workstation. Once a draft-resistant barrier had been constructed on three sides of a rough square, Jayne went in search of fire materials. He came back with wooden cladding torn from inside the rest rooms, kitchen and one of the inner doors. He got a fire stated in the metal drawer of an old filing cabinet. Vera removed her coat and checked the station's metal storage cupboards. In one she found a nylon fur rug. She brought it over to the enclosed square and put it on the floor. Jayne was already getting one of the legs of pork cooking slowly in the embers. “Better get out of our wet clothes.” Jayne grinned, “Thought you'd never ask!” He came over and they exchanged a brief and sensual kiss. Again, the fire of delicious arousal raced through both of them. Vera yawned, “Sorry; just about dropping, Jayne.” “Yer dead on your feet, darlin' and I ain't much better. What say we strip off and try to catch forty winks first, hmm?” Vera peeled off everything down to her thermal undies and socks, “At least these stayed dry.” She turned and there was Jayne looking at her. He was similarly attired, but the evidence of his arousal was making quite a tent in his longjohns. Vera's mouth went dry, “Oh, my. Sure you don't need a hand...or rather, a couple of hands with that?” Jayne managed a chuckle, “Wanna take you screamin' right along with me, darlin'. I'll live. But thanks for the thought of your hands on me. You can do that later, after the first couple o' times. And as for you...” His eyes heated, “Damn. Wanna touch 'n kiss you all over.” Vera yawned again, swaying, “I'm so sorry. Your words are so hot and I'm gonna...” Her knees buckled and Jayne caught her, lowering them both down onto the rug. “*Sleep*, darlin'.” He pulled out one of the parachutes and covered them with it. Jayne lay on his back and Vera snuggled up, head on his chest. His heart swelled with emotion. He stroked Vera's hair with one free hand and she purred softly as sleep took her. He drifted off shortly afterwards. * Vera woke some hours later in the semi-darkness before dawn, her hand already moving purposefully up Jayne's chest. She was surrounded by the scent of him; lingering tinges of gun oil, explosives and underneath, pure unadulterated man and hot sex. Was as familiar as anything. His own hand was sliding up inside her thermal vest. There was also an overwhelming fragrance of roast pork in the air. Jayne continued peeling off Vera's thermal vest. “Mmm, Jayne. We may well have done this more than once, but it also feels like the first time.” “Try to take it slow and sweet, darlin'.” Vera chuckled, “You don't have to; I'm aching for you.” Jayne stopped and looked at her, “Any time you need for your own pleasure, you got it, darlin'!” Clothes got peeled off pretty rapidly after that. Jayne rapidly kissed and shimmied his way down Vera's body, muttering lusty comments as he went. She smelt of roses and sex and – Merciful Buddha – her own honey flowing for him already. If this thing was going to be fast and explosive, he wanted to be sure of Vera's pleasure first. His tongue and mouth centred right where they'd do most good. That taste, the taste of Vera; it was like his tongue knew it and craved it. Vera arched and the orgasm which had been hovering just out of reach broke over her. Big bear Jayne scored a bounty of honey and he growled, aroused to the point of pain. Jayne lifted his head, “Woah. Delicious. Responsive; ain't'cha, sweetheart.” Vera was busy stroking his chest as he moved back up, “You too. Let's have a look at that major weapon of yours, then. Wow. Oh, yes!” Even as Jayne eased her legs further apart, she spread herself, then he was there, easing into her. They looked into each other's eyes once he was fully sheathed inside her. It was exactly like coming home. Or sliding a grenade into its tightly fitting barrel. Lock and load. Results were likely to be nearly as explosive when the moment came. Jayne grinned, “This is *it! Think I love ya, woman.” “Oh, good; because I'm pretty sure I love *you.” “Gorram, Vera...” Then they began to move together and words disappeared. * Some hours later, Jayne and Vera were lying naked and replete on one of the couches after an epic lovemaking session and a big helping of roast pork. Jayne gently trailed his fingers up Vera's back, “Have to move on soon, darlin'.” Vera sighed and burped, nuzzling against his chest, “I know.” Jayne chuckled, “Filled ya in more ways 'n one, huh?” Vera gently bit his shoulder, “Cheeky! You certainly did. Three times, you glorious insatiable man. Could do with a wash; any predator out there will smell us a mile off and think we're wild pigs!” Jayne eased himself more upright, “The main fawcett in the kitchen is working; the one fed by purified rainwater. We can heat up a pint or so and have a lick and a promise kinda wash.” So they had a quick wash, some more roast pig, filled their water bottles, got dressed, packed up and continued on down the mountain. * After two hours had passed, Jayne and Vera found the abandoned mining site. The protective domes had long since caved in and plants were growing with wild abandon over the buildings and down the quarry site. In the glass covered domes, there were some fairly exotic species enjoying what amounted to glasshouse conditions. Suddenly there was the unmistakeable sound of dogs barking. Both Vera and Jayne shouldered their weapons. About a dozen medium sized brindled dogs barrelled around the corner, then stopped, sniffing, growling, yet also wagging their tails. “Good dogs,” Vera said soothingly and hopefully. “Seem to be some beagles in their number.” “Yes, and something stockier; some kind of chunky bull terrier types. Wasn't there a run in black market beagles about ten years back?” The evident ring leader of the dogs picked his way forward. He was stocky, largely black and brown, had a face alive with canine intelligence and favoured the terrier end of things, although his tail was straight up as a beagle's should be. He sniffed at both of these strange new humans and made a wuffing noise. It was part defence and part inquiry. Vera smiled, “That's a Staffy bark. We've got Staffordshire bull terrier stock here. Faithful, strong and soft as butter underneath.” She got out the pig's heart and intestines and a dozen pairs of eyes watched her every move. She gave the pork a good throw. Once the dogs were distracted, Vera and Jayne legged it. They got to the river and found a store and a number of boats. “Now, if one of 'em will float...” “Could do with varying our diet if at all possible, Jayne.” “Okay; let's check the store.” Vera smiled, “Apple tree; with apples! Over there.” “Gotta have apple sauce with pork, Vera!” * Some of the food tins from the store seemed to be intact and not blown. They threw a selection into a cardboard box along with a big jar of maple syrup. Then they set about checking the boats visually. “These are new. Someone's been to this moon within the last few years.” “Probably bringin' 'em beagles?” Vera shrugged, “Maybe. Perhaps someone's planning to recolonise, now this moon has life on it. Here's a fibre glass barge. We can float that down stream, even if the engine won't work.” “Could do with a long pole.” Vera's eyes lit up, “Like on a punt! Plenty of trees around here.” “See what I can find.” They were just finishing stocking the ship when the dog which had greeted them came bounding up, making excited growling noises and wagging his tail like fury. He sat down near Vera's feet. “Hey, you're not wild; you're used to people.” The tail thudded eagerly. “And you've got a collar!” Vera offered the back of her fist carefully and the dog licked it eagerly. Jayne came over, Lux in hand, “He makes one move to hurt you, he's toast.” Vera very carefully moved the dog's collar, “Identity tag. 'Ares'.” The dog grunted happily. “Ah. 'Official sniffer dog'. Registration number, obliterated.” Vera moved away slightly and fondled Ares' ears. “He okay?” “Yes, he's an ex working dog. Goodness' knows why he's here. Lie down, boy.” The dog lay down and then rolled onto his back, panting and grinning at them. Jayne came over and scratched Ares' stomach; gingerly at first and then with increasing confidence. Jayne grinned, “Why, you're an old softie; all bluster on the outside and marshmallow underneath!” Vera thought there was someone else not so far away who could answer that description. “Shall we take him with us?” Jayne looked at her with a big grin, like a five year old boy who'd just been offered the best birthday present in the world. So they set off down stream, the three of them. Vera, Jayne and Ares the dog. * The barge drifted between the slumbering volcanic ridge a day later. Through the other side of the volcanoes, to the starboard side, the volcanic activity had sculpted terraces down which water flowed and steamed lazily. “Ohh, hot water!” Jayne grinned, “Bath time!” He steered the barge into the bank and tied off around a boulder. Ares jumped off and, after sniffing at the water, plunged happily in. “Well, it's safe!” Vera began pulling off her clothes and soon followed Ares into the natural hot bath.”Come on in, water's lovely!” Jayne followed her moments later, “C'mere, darlin'!” They met in the shallows and kissed, then caressed. “Gonna have more than a bath, hmm?” Vera took a hunch on Ares, “Hey, Ares, guard the boat!” He paddled out and sat near the rope, watching intently. Vera turned back to Jayne, “Now, where were we...?” After lovemaking and having a thorough wash, Vera and Jayne sat on the parachute just sunning themselves. Vera was combing her hair and re-plaiting it. Jayne sighed happily, “This is the life, mi mei gui.” “Yes, indeed, darling wan nao.” There was a moment of silence and then it hit them. Memories came racing back in a matter of instants. * “Vera!” Jayne was grinning like an idiot. “Jayne!” Vera grinned right back. “I remember!” “So do I!” With a huge chuckle, Jayne pounced and spilled them back into the water, “Fell in love with you twice over, mi me gui!” Vera laced her fingers with his, laughing joyfully, “So did I.” Jayne steered them back to the shallows and Vera sat on his lap. They put their arms around each other and hugged. Hugging led to several long, deep kisses, then Vera tucked her head on Jayne's shoulder. “Glad you were here with me when I 'membered.” There was the marshmallow side of Jayne, rarely seen in public. His hands pulled her closer. “We'd have coped somehow. Don't think the 'verse could keep us from finding each other!” Jayne nodded, “I'd've caught your scent on the breeze and then nuttin' would have stopped me from findin' you. Gotta find Serenity too. Mal had better gorram let us keep ol' Ares!” The dog heard his name and padded over to the wet, naked humans he'd adopted. He frowned slightly, they'd been getting dry not so long ago. He sat down near them, panting. Crazy humans. “When we find the others, we can tell them that Niska has got his come-uppance. It was him in that other life pod and I'm not sorry. I'm thinking *he was responsible for us losing or memory and thereby scattering at least us; maybe some of the others.” Jayne kissed her again, “Yeah. Let's carry on down to the sea and then launch one of the life pods' distress and summoning beacons, hmm?” “Sounds like a plan. We might get there today or early tomorrow.” “Yeah, that'll do.” “Then we can find out where the others are.” “Get back to Serenity. And in the meantime, we have a ruttin' holiday, huh?” “You bet!” *


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Hmm...guess someone should have gassed Mal and Inara sooner, if they automatically get to the freaky and "hoo boy!" when they can't remember who they are and their mutual baggabe with one another;D

And damn was the Jayne/Vera moments all kinds of "Huh!" Definitely gotta give them the prize for the best case of overeager libido around;D


Wednesday, January 31, 2007 10:12 PM


It's exactly because Mal & Inara *have* forgotten that they get passed all the snark. However, when they get their memories back... Wait and see.

I've gone on record pretty firmly that Jayne and Vera have trouble keeping their hands off each other! Making love/having sex for them is their preferred method of communication <EG>.

Next part...probably after this weekend. Going to a Stargate:Atlantis convention.


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Ooohhh...I just surfed on in, and had to all my firefly storylines (yes, in my head) I ALWAYS have my staffords...'faithful, strong, and soft as butter'...and our new girl is called Mei Mei!


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