Onus Portamus [Latin; We carry the load] [2]
Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bethan tells the truth. Simon gently insists on a medical examination. Vera and Jayne have something of a disagreement. Mal & Inara scene. School on board Serenity. Vera takes action because Jayne is in stubborn and grumpy mode. Then they make up [and you know how that's going to go!].


PART TWO * A thousand artists have done their damnedest to paint her, But all in vain. And ev'ry day their hopes grow fainter; The reason's plain. For Victoria's also known as Victor, Making it tricky to depict her. Victor Victoria, Victor Victoria, Victoria, what a victor you are! She spreads confusion; her illusion is serene. Behind the screen, is he a king or is she a queen? She's such a tease; fellas like these, Trying to please, get ill at ease. Not sure if he's: Louee or Louise... * Victor/Victoria; from the musical of the same name. * [I would like to apologise to my very male (and straight) friend Clarry for stealing his name and using it for a girl] * Serenity still doing carrying jobs around Newhall * Warning for steamy stuff, particularly at the end * Bethan flushed red as a beetroot and then went pale, “Please. I've been meaning to tell you, but it's been years since...” Jayne stayed put, “Time for truthin'; and I reckon the whole crew needs ta hear why you ain't plain and true a girl. Coz I've had me a powerful number of women and I know female flesh when I see it.” Bethan backed off a little, seeing the thunder in Jayne's eyes, “I'm naked!” Jayne stayed stock still and raised one eyebrow, “So get dressed, then we'll hear your piece.” “Please.. Pa?” That single word went straight to the heart of Jayne without passing 'go' or collecting even one dollar. He'd never thought he'd hear anyone say it and it was a sucker punch. From that one word, he instantly built a whole edifice of defending his, well, daughter it had to be now, against all comers. It was the same as when Vera had said she loved him and meant it. He slowly turned his back on her but stayed in the doorway. “Don't even think of makin' a run fer it, sweetheart. By the way, *are you Bethan?” There was the sound of frantic dressing behind him, “Gramps swapped my fornames to protect me. I'm Clarry really.” * In the order of a few minutes, Jayne tenderly frog-marched his daughter to the galley. Everyone gathered, apart from Zhang and Cliff who were in the cockpit. Clarry ran and hurled herself into Vera's arms. Vera hugged right back, seeing the blotchy anguished face and realising things were serious. Clarry's head was tucked under her chin “What is it sweetheart?” “Help me, Ma.” Vera gasped a little and had a similar reaction to Jayne. Whatever happened, she'd stand by her adopted child. Jayne came and put his hand reassuringly on Clarry's shoulder, “This is Clarry, and *she's got summat to tell us.” Sarah wrinkled her nose, “Bethan's a girl? A girl called Clarry? Is she like Sam; a hermy...hermy thingy?” Mal approached Clarry, “Tell us the truth, please.” Clarry turned, pale and frightened, “Don't space me!” Mal could see the fear, and pulled back on the 'stern captain' tone, “I'll try not to; but you deceived us about being a girl. Even the doc here.” Simon looked at Clarry, “I did wonder why you refused a medical, but you *are close to puberty. Having your body start to change can be a bit scary. I'm going to have to insist on one now; well, soon.” Clarry took several deep breaths. She felt Jayne and Vera at her back, strengthening her and began, her mouth wobbling, “After Ma died, Gramps got a job on Sceptre, near Orb.” Several people around the table sucked in their breaths knowingly. Mal nodded, “Been to Orb but once. Really rough mining moon and even rougher miners. Pay's good, but the conditions are dire. No place for a woman who ain't a whore, not if she doesn't want to get gang-raped. Your Gramps changed your gender on your ID to protect you.” Clarry nodded, “He helped me learn how to act like a boy on the long haul over there; cut my hair and told me what I might face if I couldn't be convincing. He needed the money; he was really sorry about that. Sceptre wasn't so bad, there was a house with...erm...working girls and they were kind, and protected by law and guys even bigger 'n my new Pa.” Jayne seemed to grow a couple of inches with pride, puffing out his chest; then got diverted into reminiscence, “Ah, Tiara. Real sparkly whorehouse and women very grateful for a man what treats 'em right and not like animals. Had me a couple of real sweet...” “Jayne!” Mal cut him off. He turned his attention back to Clarry, “How old were you, Clarry?” Clarry seemed to shrink a bit, “Six.” Inara's eyes were suspiciously moist, “Oh, sweet child.” Kaylee managed to hiccup back most of a sniff, “Poor baby.” Mal gently lifted the now tear-stained face, “It's okay, Clarry. You've been a boy so long, you forgot how to stop, hmm?” Clarry nodded, “It helped me get to Newhall without being...touched.” “Sadly, there are places in the 'verse where being a young boy wouldn't protect you either. But here on Serenity, everyone is free to be as much themselves as they can be without annoying others. My ship, my rules.” He smiled. A real, full smile, not often seen on Mal's face. * Vera and Jayne went with Clarry later when she visited the infirmary. Simon smiled encouragingly. “It's okay; I just need to check you over and take a blood sample. Vera and Jayne can stay if you like.” Clarry nodded, “Yes, please.” “Any illnesses not registered on your ID?” “Only colds and stuff.” Simon looked in Clarry's mouth, eyes and ears, then listened to her heart and lungs, “Everything is working just fine. I'm going to ask you to take your clothes off, just this once.” “Do I have to?” “You're on the verge of puberty, by the look of it. I just want to see that it's progressing okay.” Clarry flushed, “I got boobies coming.” Simon nodded, gently holding her shoulder, “I'm *very happily married *and I'm a doctor. I've seen both Jayne and Vera naked when they come for their yearly check-ups.” Clarry disrobed rather awkwardly. Jayne turned his back, to save her blushes and stood by the door. Simon had a look at her, gently touching and examining, “Maybe a little thin for an eleven year old, but everything looks fine so far. No scars or blemishes. You can get dressed again now.” Clarry did. Simon continued, “Have you had a period yet?” Clarry shook her head. “But you know what to expect?” “Oh, yes. Gramps told me, 'for he passed. Said we'd have to hide it.” Simon checked the basics with Clarry, then continued, “Well, you don't need to hide it here. River and Kaylee have supplies for when you need them until you get your own and if it's painful, I can give you something. Don't suffer in silence, Clarry.” “I won't.” * Vera had her arm around Clarry as they left, “I care for you, Clarry; I always will. If you want any help making frocks....?” “Not sure about that. Always been a tomboy, even before I had to be Bethan.” “Bit of a tomboy myself. Even spent some time as a man, Clarry.” Clarry's head whirled in amazement, “You did?” Vera's arm drew Clarry closer, “Yeah. If you hear of the exploits of one Samuel Vera 'bout fifteen years back, that was me. I lived as a man succesfully for at least five years.” Clarry was all hero worship, “Wow.” “I might take a day or two to adjust to having a daughter now, but it does mean we can do girly things together if you want.” “I'll think about that; but what I can do hasn't changed.” “I know, Clarry.” * Clarry looked at Jayne, “Earlier, you said that you'd had a 'powerful number of women', Pa. Exactly *how many?” Jayne stopped dead, “That's um... You really don't want to know that, Clarry.” “Yes I do.” Vera's lips twitched, “Clarry's got you there.” Jayne rubbed his neck, caught between a rock and a hard place, “Ain't right.” “Would you have told me if I'd still been Bethan and a boy?” Jayne sighed, “Mebbe some day; when you were a *lot older 'n I could 'a given you pointers on courtin' a lady.” Clarry put her hands on her hips, “So?” “Thinkin' you'll judge me or summat.” “Never!” Jayne sighed, he wasn't getting out of this one, “Well, remember little Clarry, I got big appetites. Some men can go *years without it, like Mal and that prissy doc in there, 'fore he met Kaylee. I gotta have it pretty regular with a willin' woman or I get even more ornery than I am now.” His eyes flicked up to Vera, hoping for acceptance. Even *she didn't know the number, in fact she'd never asked. “And Vera and I, we're solid; till death. I'm given to her fer keeps and she with me. Fact is, l'il Clarry, she's number two thousand.” Clarry's eyes were round like saucers, “Wow. You must have been at it a long time!” “Since I was fifteen, but that's no encouragement for you to start thinkin' 'bout doing it!” “It's different for girls?” “I should say not!” Vera got her point over, “I started at fifteen as well.” Clarry turned to her, “Have you had as many men as Pa's had women?” Vera blushed slightly, “Well, actually...yes. But I don't recommend starting early either.” Jayne was staring at her, “You've had two *thousand men?” Vera folded her arms, “Want to make something of it, wan nao?” Clarry giggled, “Rascal! My adoptive Pa's a rascal!!” * Jayne mostly ignored Clarry, “Two *thousand?” “Same as you,” Vera said in a level voice. “Yeah, but all those other men'” Clarry saw a row brewing and edged away. Vera lifted an eyebrow, “And all those other *women's parts, Jayne.” Jayne glowered, “Yeah, but you've handled their John Thomases and everythin'!” Vera wasn't rising to the bait of getting angry, “Wan nao; husband. At the risk of inflating your ego even further, yours is the biggest I've ever handled, if you're going down the measuring tape route.” Jayne pounced on the tiny hole in her argument, “But not the biggest you've ever seen, hmm?” “There was one male exotic dancer I saw who was *spectacularly well hung, but there *is such a thing as too much, Jayne. He'd never fit all of himself inside most women. You know as well as I do that we're a perfect fit together, and not just physically.” “But you kissed 'em and had sex with 'em.” Vera's raised eyebrow inched hgher, “I hope you're not implying that an unwed woman of my age in the 'verse should still be a virgin, Jayne.” He got right in her face, “I want to be the only one, dammit!” Vera stayed calm, “You *are the only one. You were from the moment we realised it was love.” Jayne punched the bulkhead near Vera, hard, then whirled on his toes and stomped away to the medbay. His knuckles were now a mess. Clarry reappeared, “Are you okay, Ma?” Vera smiled, “Sometimes Jayne can be a bear with a sore head, Clarry. Just remember he's a big soft marshmallow under all the bluster, like Ares. Jayne won't ever hit you or me, even if he threatens it. He adores both of us really. Let's go check on the plants, hmm? Keep out of Jayne's way until he calms down. Seems to be the best thing to do, I've found.” * Some time later, Inara was standing behind Mal in the cockpit, “Clarry's had some tough breaks.” Mal's lips curved slightly, “You don't need to preach her cause to me, bao bei. There were a couple of 'men' in Serenity valley who turned out to be women after they fell. She's family now.” Inara glowed as she smiled, “That's why I love you.” Her hands crept a little way down his chest. Mal covered one of her hands with his, “Not while I'm driving, love.” “You do know that Wash and Zoe...” Mal made a face, “In this chair? While he was flying my ship?” Inara's lips twitched, “Apparently he could multi task. Steer around asteroids *and pleasure Zoe all the way to paradise and back.” It was a challenge Mal could not resist, “Lock that cockpit door and *then I'll show you 'paradise'!” * In the galley, the table was being utilised as a school room. Lee and Sam were in high chairs at one end, exploring playdough properties, Sarah was learning to read and write in the middle and Clarry was parked at the top end, plugged into the Wave via lap top computer, doing tests to find the gaps in her knowledge. Vera had already set her up with long distance schooling and Clarry was buckling down to learning in her spare time off from chores. Zoe and Vera played teacher and helper whilst throwing together some dinner. Ares was lying at Clarry's feet. He was pretending to be asleep, but his ears and nose were cocked, interested. He could smell food cooking and knew that meant a bowl of something nice for himself, plus all the children had found out that Ares made an excellent mobile waste disposal for unwanted food. * Several days later * Vera was uncharacteristically getting annoyed. Jayne had put himself into lock down mode and was barely communicating with anyone on the crew except for grunts and the bare minimum requirement. He stayed firmly in his own bunk at night. Vera knew he was being an idiot, and reckoned Jayne did as well, but was stuck firmly in grumpy mode. Maybe he needed reminding of what he was missing. She went to her own bunk and fetched out a particularly skimpy baby doll outfit that had been torn off her more than once by Jayne. Hence it had been much patched up. The two piece was mauve, almost one hundred transparent and held together by thin pieces of ribbon. Vera put it on and got snapping with her camera. * Jayne was *extremely grumpy. He couldn't get passed all those other men having sexed up Vera. The fact that he held the same score card of women didn't count, at least in the stubborn part of his brain. Every time in these last few days that he'd tried to take matters into his own hands at night and think of any of those other ladies, it had been no good. His memory reminded him in long and lingering detail of how unbeatable sex was with Vera. Right along with remembering the sex came the deep, wild and passionate feelings he had about her. He'd been psychologically incapable of bringing things to a natural conclusion and his John Thomas was screaming at him that he was a grade A1 idiot and could he please do something about the backlog before everything went into melt-down. Then Vera's recent photo found its way into his bunk. * “Gorram minx!” His mouth was open, panting, as he looked at the visuals. He hid the picture under his pillow and went on the warpath. Mal stopped him in one of the companion ways, “I need some welding done in the cargo bay.” A box of tools, a small welder and a face shield were thrust into his hands. “Aw, Mal...” Mal held his ground, “It's those chilled, steel boxes of grain; they're starting to leak. We won't get paid if the harvest is damaged.” Mal popped a tool belt with lots of pockets on top of the pile. Jayne glowered and stomped off. Mal went to the bridge, “I gave him the tool belt as well, like you said, Vera.” She smiled, “Thanks. My little secret gift in one of the pockets *should shift him. If it does, you'd better count on not seeing us for several days.” “Can't go on with Jayne in 'grump' mode.” “Look after Clarry for me.” “Of course.” * Jayne set to welding. In one of the pockets of his tool belt someone had thoughtfully popped one of his favourite cigars. He lit the cigar at arms' length with the blowtorch and set to work. Funny, the cigar tasted of Vera right along with the tobacco. Welding a seam in a metal box wasn't easy with a raging hard-on and Vera on his mind. He reached for a second cigar some time later. It was there, with something wrapped around it. Jayne pulled out the cigar and its wrapping in front of his face and there was the bottom half of that mauve baby doll outfit. The scent of Vera hit him hard. He flipped off the blow torch and it clattered to the ground along with the helmet. Jayne couldn't help himself; his mind was a haze of arousal. He brought the mauve lacy thong to his face and inhaled. Everything crystallised together in his mind and body with a burst of realisation. He knew more deeply that ever before that the other guys didn't matter; any more than his other women didn't matter. If there was a God [or Goddess] in heaven, Vera had been made with his body, libido, heart, John Thomas and soul designed as the other half. True, there might well be several women in the 'verse like that for him, but he'd had the good gorram luck to find one of them. He could no more walk away from her than he could walk away from his guns, or his own self. All of this knowledge plus the scent if her had fresh blood pumping southwards, swelling him fuller than he'd ever been before. He shot to his feet. “Vera!” She heard and recognised *that tone of voice. She looked at Mal, “Might need to take a week, sir.” Mal remembered having had Inara spreadeagled on the console and arched with ecstasy recently and he was currently wanting to repeat the exercise pretty regularly, “I understand. We'll manage.” * Jayne almost ran into the galley. Vera was there, waiting. Jayne had the grace to look apologetic and abashed, “I...erm... Shouldn't have said what I did.” “I know.” Limpid blue puppy dog eyes met her gaze, “I love you.” Vera wasn't letting him off the hook that easy, not even with the major dent in his tent lower down., “I know. I love you too.” “I ain't been able to... I mean, I haven't... I tried, but all I could see was you and I...couldn't.” Vera got the drift, “Are you trying to tell me you haven't had an orgasm since our...erm...disagreement?” Jayne nodded, “Built me up the most powerful head of steam over you, Vera.” Vera nodded, “Best part of a week without an orgasm? You must be close to climbing up the walls.” Jayne's eyes gleamed hot, “Rather climb up you.” He started closing the gap between them. “You know what I'm waiting for.” “It's gorram hard, Vera.” She couldn't help it. She deadpanned back, “I can see that!” Jayne's grin went wolfish and deadly, “You are such a bad, naughty minx and I *love it!” Vera's lips curved despite themselves, “Not quite what I was hoping for, but it's a start.” Jayne got to the heart of it, “I was an ass. You make me so...” “Hot?” Another grin, “Yeah. And hard. Got a hard-on for you the size of Serenity right now. I have my heart an' my loins an' every gorram part of me tied up around you 'n the way you make me feel. Makes me wanna sex you up until neither of us can move.” “We've done *that a few times.” “Wanna do it now,” he was close enough to touch by this time. “And tell you, loud and clear and true; hand on heart, that those other guys and women are nothin' when held against what we've got together. I forget everyone else when I'm in your arms and it's been gorram lonely not havin' you snuggled up to me at night.” “I know.” “An' I been rememberin' everythin' we've been through. Rememberin' how I fell in love with you twice over and our two 'first' times. Not just the sex, though there was a powerful lot of that. The fire, the Triad prison, beating the Sensei, being your pirate king for a night.” “I remember that too,” Vera's eyes were dusky with the beginnings of arousal. Jayne caught her hand and pressed it to his lips, “Mi mei gui. If the Big Guy will pardon me, you're my own personal goddess, 'n I'm sorry.” Vera laughed softly, “Just a woman, darling wan nao.” His free hand stroked her face, “An' my wife, hmm? For always, if you'll forgive me.” Vera put her hands on his shoulders, “For always, even when you *are being an idiot!” Jayne swept her up in his arms, “Bugger the welding! I got me near on a week's worth of sexin' up to catch up on!” * Jayne carried Vera down into his bunk and set her on the floor. They kissed deeply several times. Jayne untied Vera's hair and gently ran his fingers through the strands, “Want this to be our *third first time.” Vera's gaze dropped, then flicked back up again, “Sure you can wait that long? You're close to the edge, wan nao.” A small smile played around his lips, “I know, but the wan nao John Thomas down there is gonna have to wait until I've slowly stripped off all your clothes and then pleasured you until you're limp.” “That could take at least an hour, my love.” Jayne's fingers gently traced up Vera's arms, “Make that about two hours fondlin' and gettin' you out of your clothes, then at least an hour of pleasurin' before I even *think of getting naked. He led me astray by bein' jealous, now he's gonna be taught a lesson.” Vera cupped his face in her hands, “The seduction sounds absolutely gorgeous, but if you find you can't wait...” Jayne put his hands over hers, “I'll wait. I'll be startin' my special breathin' soon and it'll be fine.” * He was as good as his word, although Vera could tell from the half-swallowed groans and even whimpers of need that it cost Jayne to hold on that long. She lay on his bunk, boneless with satisfaction whilst he was there bending over her, still mostly in his clothes but having lost his boots and socks. Vera had managed to undo his shirt, because having her skin sweetly rubbed by his hairy torso always drove her to greater heights of passion. Jayne knew that as well as she did and let her have her way. He let her undress him at the last. The shirt went first, then the pants. When his John Thomas finally reared up, naked, straight and true, she sucked in her breath. He was fiercely, gloriously ready. More than ready, rampant, and bigger than usual. The cords of muscle over his body were equally tense with need. Vera lifted her gaze to his, “Jayne?” He bent to her, lifting her to him, “Love you, Vera.” She lifted her hips, “Love you, too.” He took it slow, millimeter by millimeter, breathing deep to hold on to control. Vera arched and met him, drawing him in. There was nothing better than this. It was a simple meeting of flesh and flesh, yet every movement was exquisite delight and reverberated deep down to soul level, making them one in every sense of the word. When he was finally seated all the way home, he looked deep into her eyes, “Might not last that long, mi mei gui.” Vera smiled, “You've more than earned yours, Jayne.” His grin went cocky, “Gonna be sexin' you more 'n once, though!” He began to move then, drawing out the pleasure as long as he could before finally giving in to his monumental need. He stayed hard for a second round and then a third, taking Vera right along with him, before finally collapsing into a sweaty tangle in his bunk. *


Saturday, February 24, 2007 7:14 PM

BLUEEYEDBRIGADIER this was just all kinds of hot, Vera! Between Mal's inability to let a challenge go and Jayne's "pennance," you definitely went for broke with the BDH loving;D

Oh...and I am glad you came up with a realistic/believable reason for Bethan/Clarry pretending to be a boy. I think the crew's gonna have enough fun on their hands when Sam gets old enough...



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