Onus Portamus [Latin; We carry the load] [4]
Friday, March 9, 2007

Summertide picnic heat on Newhall. Felicity has the puppies and Ares lends, well, a paw. Clarry and two of her other Cobb cousins. Hauling olives to Deadwood. Jayne and Vera separately emeet old friends during the lay over waiting for cargo to go back to Newhall. Sexing up x1 and references to the same.


PART FOUR * I walked in town on silver spurs that jingled to A song that I had only sang to just a few She saw my silver spurs and said lets pass some time And I will give to you summer wine Ohh-oh-oh summer wine * Strawberries cherries and an angel's kiss in spring My summer wine is really made from all these things Take off your silver spurs and help me pass the time And I will give to you summer wine Ohhh-oh summer wine * Summer Wine: Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood * It was late into lunchtime at the Cobb Summertide picnic. The temperature was heading somewhere into the upper forties, but it was dry heat. Jayne hovered close behind Vera's shoulder. He kissed right at the junction of her neck and shoulder, tasting her, “Hey, cuz.” She leaned towards him, moaning quietly, “Feeling horny? In this heat?!” His mouth trailed up towards her ear, “Feelin' horny 'bout you twenty four seven. Specially when I see li'l bit Clarry over there who's a fine example of how well Cobb and Samuels genes work out together.” Vera trailed the fingers of one hand lazily up his thigh, “Will there be anyone by 'our' pool on the river?” Jayne clamped her hand down before it got to dangerous territory, “Let's find out, hmm; cuz?” Vera could see where this was going, “You thinking of playing 'forbidden fruit' with me, wan nao?” His goatee slowly trailed back down, “Gets gorram explosive between us when we pretend we're not supposed to be touchin' each other.” “It'll be hot and sweaty in this weather.” Jayne growled as he pulled her hand, “I know, gorrammit!” “Well, I hope no-one follows us, wan nao.” “Ma's about to announce siesta. They'll all be headin' indoors where it's cooler.” Jayne grabbed a flask of water and dragged Vera off with him. * Felicity had managed to escape from her mistress and was hiding near the barrels at the back of the beer tent. The puppies were coming. She trembled as she brought the first three into the world. The fourth took longer and she was exhausted after freeing it. She had little strength left. Some sixth sense brought Ares to her in the shade. He helped nudge the last puppy out. It was small and very still. Felicity wasn't even able to raise her head. She had four puppies suckling already. Ares nudged the little one, then set to licking it slowly and carefully. Eventually the little puppy gave a tiny wail. Ares saw that Felicity couldn't cope with another mouth to feed, but knew it needed a mother. He carefully picked the runt up by the scruff of its neck and set off. Ares had smelt female cat in the barn and went in that direction. The old mother cat had two kittens who were almost weaned. She accepted the puppy without a murmur and began licking it immediately. The puppy latched on happily. Ares, job done, went back to Felicity. * Clarry was hanging out with Val's siblings. True, they were a few years older than her, but it was fun having someone a lot closer to her own age to talk with. Currently they were playing video games together and Val's sister was doing Clarry's hair. “Do you parents still...?” Val's identical twin brother Vi grunted, “Yeah. S'disgustin'. No-one over thirty should be allowed to have sex!” “Have either of you ever...done it?” Val's sister Venice made a disgusted noise, “No, gorrammit. After Val got Mary-Jane pregnant whilst losing both their cherries, Ma battened down on us. We're way over sixteen now and being treated unfairly.” “Pa said lots of Cobbs got made that way.” Vi nodded, intent on his game console, “Sure; plenty of shot-gun weddings and quick handfastings. Even Ma got pregnant with our older triplet siblings afore she wed. Only just afore, though.” Clarry frowned, trying to remember, “Two set of triplets and two sets of twins, yes?” “And we're the youngest of her natural children. After we came along, she sent Pa to the vets!” “For real? To an animal doctor?” Vi grunted with humour, “Na; just to get his tubes well and truly snipped by a regular doctor. Apparently she threatened to crush his eggs with a pair of bricks and hack 'em a knife if he didn't.” Clarry giggled, “Sounds like the sort of thing my Ma would say!” Venice smiled, “We like Vera. She's real family; both for marryin' Uncle Jayne and being a Cobb by marriage anyway. We breed our women folk strong, sassy and sexy!” Vi answered back, “Just like the men, sister; just like the men!” “I made them real first cousins with each other.” “We know. Cobbs won't marry any closer, though. There's a family of inbreds east of here where I swear there's sheep and cows in the family tree!” Clarry giggled, “Yeah. I don't have a sister or brother, but just the thought of it...” She shuddered. “'S'not healthy, that's fer sure. Makes for runt babies.” * The grass by the pool was still long and green. About the only growing thing in these parts not covered in a fine layer of dust. Jayne looked overhead, “Thunderstorm's a-comin'.” Vera undid the ties of her white dress and let it fall in a whisper to the ground. She stood there in nothing but a white cotton thong, her gold and diamond chain and sandles, “Plant some of your lightning deep inside me.” Jayne grinned, “'Some'?!!” He adapted to the change of course readily. Thought of unleashing fire and energy inside her was more than enough to make him hard and ready. Vera shook out her hair, grinning right back, “Let me feel the whole storm, then. Every bolt and surge of it.” Jayne pulled off his tee shirt and flung his guns and knife carefully on top. His boots, socks and pants followed in rapid succession. He grinned wickedly, “Darlin'; ever been with a tornado afore?” Vera put her hands gently on his shoulders and the fire between them kicked in, hard and strong, “Be my tornado, then. I'll be the whirlwind, pulling you ever upwards.” Jayne was pretty well 'upwards', even now, “Oh, Vera. Gorram. Yes!” Then he dipped her to the ground and words gave way to gasps of pleasure. * Todd and Jenneth went on their way, along with Hank and Rebecca, plus Felicity and four puppies. All four looked like their mother, if somewhat chunkier in their physiology. The remaining runt, the one who looked like Dad, was unwittingly left behind, with the cat as its mother. Jayne and Vera discovered the adoption two weeks later and decided to let things be. Ares was keeping half an eye on his offspring, when the mother cat let him near enough. The puppy appeared to be thriving in any case. Serenity continued with harvest runs, picking up the olive crop some weeks later to go to Deadwood for pressing and pickling. Mal was commissioned with the crew to wait for the first virgin pressing of oil and several containers of pickled olives to go back to Newhall, so there was layover for at least a week. * Deadwood; Calamity * A medium sized, elegant redhaired woman was walking around Calamity. From a vantage point, she saw a tall, familiar, male figure. When the man's head turned, she recognised him as Jayne Cobb. He was with a tall, striking brunette. The way his gaze heated and went tender when he looked at her was unmistakeable, even at this distance. The redhead smiled warmly and had a good look at the woman who had to be Jayne's lady. She liked what she saw; determined chin, memorable features, blue eyes. And was as caught up in Jayne as he was with her. Had to be a love match, even if they didn't realise it themselves. The brunette smiled and gently patted Jayne's bicep. There was instant fire and lust along with the tenderness; then she turned and moved to the more up-market side of town. The redhead saw where she was going and got herself into position. * Jayne was in one of the many ale houses in Calamity centre. Clarry had begged off to go with Kaylee and Inara to do girly things, Vera wanted to browse the stuff they couldn't afford, so he was currently alone. One of his old drinking mercenary buddies was in the corner. True, Fred had lost an eye and was a lot older and more grizzled now, but Jayne remembered many happy hours fighting alongside and chasing tail with Fred. “Hey, Fred!” “Wow; Jayne Cobb! Been twenty years odd since I saw you last!” “Still in the business?” Fred shook his head, “Not so much since I lost my eye, mate. I help pull pints here and haul barrels. Pay's good and I still score tail with women who like their fellas scarred. You getting some?” Jayne grinned, “Some?!!? Ah'm gettin' myself a huge dose of as much as I can handle!” “Got yerself a regular doxy, huh?” Jayne's lips twitched with humour, “Yeah; she can be that if I like. Got myself handfasted, Fred.” “Wuh de mah! You said you weren't ever gettin' tied down, 'less it was with silk scarves to some fancy lady's bed!” “Well, she's a fancy lady too.” Fred grinned, “She have a name, this doxy of yours?” “Vera; Vera Samuels – well, Vera Cobb now.” Fred groaned eagerly, “Ohh, Vera! I know her!” Jayne grabbed Fred not so warmly by the throat, “You one of her two thousand men, huh?” * Fred licked his lips nervously, “She was masquerading as a man – as Samuel Vera – 'bout ten years back. I was real confused because I was having hot, erotic dreams and thought I was turnin' sly. At the end of the shout, she drags me somewhere real quiet and secluded, then screws my shocked and grateful ass somewhere into the far end of the next month. Thought my diao would never recover! Damn, she was hungry!” “That's my *wife we're talkin' about!” Fred tried to shrug through his panic, “Wasn't your wife back then, was she?” Jayne relaxed by a hair's breadth, “No, she wasn't.” “If she's had two thousand guys, you were bound to meet one of 'em sooner or later.” “Yeah, I know.” Jayne let Fred back down real slow, just to show off his muscles and provide visual warning. “I had no idea, mate.” Jayne nodded, “I know. If'n you weren't my old tail partner, your face'd be decoratin' the wall behind you.” “As much as I like tail, Vera's appetite was a bit fierce for me.” Jayne slashed a grin, “Not for me!” * Fred realised that he was off the hook and back on safe ground, “Burns her way onto a man.” Jayne smiled wickedly, “She does that; burns her way onto a man. Mind you, I did some burning right back.” Fred grinned back, “I remember how you could work your way through several girls in a whorehouse in one night.” “Still could, if I wanted to.” “I bet you've got Vera sexed right into submission to your every whim.” Jayne knew full well it wasn't like that, but this was 'bloke' talk and an opportunity for him to brag wildly, “Hell, yeah! Can't get enough of me! Got me the finest piece of tail I've ever had any time I want it, which is every night.” * Vera was wandering alone around the up-market stalls, just browsing. She went into one of the coffee houses for a brief respite. At the seated, classy end of the coffee house was a lone, striking woman in a booth by herself. This lady looked like she had class and breeding and was probably somewhere in her early sixties, although she could probably pass for forties. Red hair beautifully styled up into a French pleat, blue silk clothes, understated and very expensive jewellery, blue eyes. The rest of the coffee shop was heaving and Vera was hard pressed to find somewhere to rest her feet. The classy lady beckoned. “You can sit with me, if you like.” There was an impish dimple next to full carmined lips and laughter lines around the lady's very blue eyes. Eyes that were almost identical in shade to Vera's own. Vera decided she liked the look of the woman and sat down, “Thanks. Vera Samuels-Cobb.” She offered her hand. The other lady shook it, “Cobb, huh? Cobbs of Newhall, south of Andersonville Halt?” That red hair was a dye job, but it was expensive and exquisitely done. “Yes, that's right.” “Melinda Glaston-Wright. I knew a Jayne Cobb a long time ago; twenty five years back.” “Big guy, over six foot, muscles, guns, blue eyes, hairy as a bear, mercenary?” Melinda added to the list without a pause, “Stunning diao, powerful libido and sexual expertise to match?” Vera nearly choked on her coffee, “Well, yes; but there's no way you'd know that unless....” Melinda smiled, “I was his first lover, when he was fifteen.” Vera grinned back, “I'm his wife and you *have to tell me more!” Melinda grinned as well, “Not jealous?” Vera chuckled, “More like 'grateful'. You taught him well!” * Melinda began, “Jayne wasn't hairy back then, of course; well, just a sprinkling on his chest, legs and arms. I could see he'd turn out hairy, though. He was ripe and more than ready. My son Nat junior was at school with the monks on Newhall. He was a late bloomer and on the small side; kept getting picked on. Jayne waded into one fight and got all the bad boys off Nat. My son had seen him handle himself well in a number of fights before that. Anyway, he hired Jayne on the spot and brought him home. I saw this rather sullen, tall, sensual youth just desperate to lose his cherry. I waited until Nat went away with his uncle on one of their cultural weekends and walked out near the pool in a tiny green bikini. The rest happened pretty naturally! We didn't leave my bedroom until Nat got home, and even then, it was cutting things very close! * “I don't know if Jayne ever realised where my son and I got our wealth. A lot from my much older late first husband, but even from when I was a teenager, I'd had a natural talent for sex. Didn't have enough resources to train as a Companion, so I became a high class call girl and a madam, with a speciality in spotting potential new talent of both sexes. Of course, Nat, my husband, knew nothing of this. He was much older and I was able to make him rise to the occasion, so he married me. I gave him a son and he died contented thinking of me as the dutiful little wife. * “I picked up a lucrative sideline in 'preparing' young men and women to be high class 'dates'. Jayne was one of those with potential and he was a natural, even from the first time. It was a genuine pleasure teaching him everything I knew about satisfying a woman. I sent him out on 'delivery errands' when my son was with his uncle and my *very grateful female friends added to his knowledge. I heard he was working his way through the local whorehouse as well, on top of fighting, shooting and pleasuring the regular ladies.” Melinda shrugged, “I could see that being a mercenary was the other gifting in his life. So, I crossed him off my list of trainee gigolos, but not before I'd shared Tantra with him. I had a feeling even then that there would be a special woman in his life – sooner or later – and told him this was only to be shared with a woman he really cared about. Whores and easy lays didn't count.” * Vera grinned, “He's shared Tantra with me.” “So, it's love?” Vera glowed, “Oh, yes. Mutual, passionate and given.” She considered, “Were you the one who put him off kissing on the mouth?” Melinda nodded, “Something most whores, call girls and gigolos just won't do. We only kiss on the lips with men or women that we really love or respect.” Vera's lips curved, “Kisses me all right!” Melinda nodded, “You're his wife. His woman. Of *course he'd kiss you on the lips. Near the end of Jayne's 'education', when my son was close to leaving home and not needing a bodyguard for much longer – he'd grown a fair bit by then – I gave Jayne a 'present' for his eighteenth birthday. All the women he'd been with up to then were seasoned, with a fair few miles on the clock. One of my contacts had this pretty young daughter who was away at convent school; and a worse place for Lucy I couldn't begin to imagine. She was just sixteen, blossomed in all the right places, vibrant, ripe and more than ready for sex. Practically begging to be plucked, if a man could get to her. So, I invited her over because I was 'alone', stood back and let Jayne get to work.” Vera's lips twitched, “He wouldn't be able to resist that.” Melinda grinned, “He didn't! He plucked her slow and sweet, just like it should be done, then they spent the rest of her stay with me improving her knowledge. When Jayne left, she became one of my young protegees. Suited her to a T; got her a very wealthy patron and eventually happily married to a rich guy who wanted a smart, clever and sexy wife.” * Vera looked at Melinda's hands, “You remarried?” Melinda grinned impishly, “Several times. The man I'm married now is young enough to be my son, although he doesn't know that!” Vera chuckled, “Jayne remembers you warmly. I don't think anyone forgets their first lover.” “Will you tell him you've met me?” “Possibly.” Melinda nodded, “Yes. I can see why Jayne fell in love with you, and you with him. You've got the right mix of sass, beauty and spirit to keep him on his toes, and he needs that.” “Bit of a merc myself, when push comes to shove.” “And the sex is spectacular as well?” Vera blushed, “Makes the 'verse move and the angels weep, but I guess you'd know about that, hmm?” Melinda shook her head, “Not with Jayne, no. It was good – sometimes *very good – but the 'verse-moving stuff I discovered with other men. Could see the potential in Jayne for it; I'm glad you have it with each other.” “He's around if you want to meet him again.” * Melinda smiled, “I saw you with Jayne about half an hour ago. Recognised him straight off, even if he has filled out his muscles a lot and grown a goatee since I knew him. I could see the passion and love between you and decided that I wanted to meet the woman who'd found his heart.” Vera grinned, “You're sneaky; I like that. And I didn't exactly *find his heart; we had this moment three years back when we'd just...well, you can guess what we'd just been doing. We looked right into each other and our hearts – and possibly souls - met in the middle.” “Ah. Soul-mates.” “Something like that, although I'm not sure about either souls *or God.” “But if you know Tantra...” Vera sighed slightly, “There's something. I know *that. And a deeper connection than I ever imagined could happen between Jayne and me. The energy flows like crazy up the Tantric chakra points, through us and between us until everything goes incandescent with pleasure.” “You're joined right now. There's a fine silver and gold thread of energy between you.” “Ah. You're a seer, like Hori. He saw it too. Yes; we're permanently connected. That happened some time later, although the circumstances weren't pleasant.” Melinda nodded gently, “It often takes a crisis to make the bond that is stronger than death. There are several bonds like it not far away from you. A gunslinger and an exotic call girl; a lyrical fighter-dancer and a Sensei; a doctor and a lady mechanic.” “Sounds like most of the crew of Serenity.” “Oh, Serenity. It all makes sense now. Better seers than I have seen the fate of the entire 'verse linked to that one ship and its crew. There's no escaping that destiny! Take care of that big rascal of yours, won't you?” “Don't worry, I will.” “Have spectacular sex.” Vera's grin threatened to meet her ears, “Oh, we are! You too!” “Glad to meet you, Vera.” “You too.” Vera made her goodbyes and went to find Jayne.


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Now this was just all kinds of shiny, Vera! Definitely loved the Melinda/Vera conversation about Jayne's...history. And the comment about the other bonded couples? Brilliant;)



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