Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Short Rayne fic written for Seven Deadly Sins Challenge on Rayne_Shippers. Graphic sex and violence. Ambiguous ending.


Thier mouths met in a duel of tongues and lips as bodies pressed against each other heat rising from thier naked skin. Flesh against flesh strove together in a dance of mating, one covering the other other, one engulfing the other in a passionate play.

River walked over the bodies that lay strewn like broken dolls at her feet. In her right hand she gripped Boo, now spent of its bullets. In her left hand was a large knife, blood dripping from its shiny blade. The blood came from the bodies she had left in her wake as she made her way through the complex to her goal.

The smell of sweat permeated the air. Old sweat and new sweat combined with the normal smells that were found in the cargo bay. The bench where many hours had been spent in lifting and bonding between two men who were not as different as many believed, was a narrow and hard surface. It pressed against her stomach painfully, but was easily ignored for the rough friction that sent waves of pleasure through her mind and body. Hot breath against the back of her neck, breathing against her ear, powerful lungs like an engine pumping air in and out through the strength of the diaphram sounding like a bellows heating a furnace. The drops of sweat falling against her bare back cooling for an instant her hot skin. Then a sound, a scream of pleasure as he released, warmness spreading inside her as she screamed with him.

The screams coming from further down the corridor hardened her resolve, and when men came with guns to cut her down she moved with swiftness of foreknowledge, moving where the bullets where not, cutting the men down with the knife, with his knife. They died or were incapicitated, it matter not which as long as they were no longer obstacles in her path. They would die anyway, slowly from loss of blood or shock. In the edges of her mind she could feel him, feel his pain, and it strengthened her when she would falter from the onslaught of so many minds, so many thoughts.

At the sight of of the hard rising member, its top glistening with moisture, she dove in her warm mouth closing in over the head. The salty taste of semen and sweat burst on her tongue. His groans echoed in her ears and she smiled at the sound. Tongue flicked over the top delving into the opening to taste more of the salty bitter precum while her hands gripped the long thick shaft pumping them up and down as her tongue and teeth and lips explored the uncovered head. Fingers carded through her hair, tracing over her ears, her neck and up to her cheek. She looked up into his blue eyes and saw the pleasure and the love within their depths.

He awaited her coming in fear. His minions were dead, there was no one to save him. He had tried to flee, but she had anticipated this. Doors were sealed, empty escape pods already jettisoned. He was trapped like the little rat he was. Old man trembling in fear when all his power was stripped away by a girl who had her own childhood stripped away. He tried offering money, power, anything in hopes of staving off the death that he deserved. At his fearful babblings, her eyes became even more enraged. At the sight behind him, all thought was gone from her.

He screamed as he died, tearing his throat from the sound. She would have like to take her time, but she did not have time. Only a few moments. When it was done she went to the one she had come for. The one whom many had died at her hands for. He hung from the hook like so much dead meat, blood covered and lifeless in unconsciousness. She ran her hands down his nakedness smearing the blood careful of his injuries. Tears fell down her face as the rage left her and she had neither the strength nor the energy to bring him down. As she fell to her knees she hugged one muscled leg against her body as the tears came more forcefully.

"Jayne," she cried.

Moments later minds intruded upon her and a voice echoed from the doorway, "Mei mei."


Wednesday, April 18, 2007 7:13 PM


I like the shifting between time frames between the italics and the regular print. The ending confuses me though... if I think too hard about who is hanging up and who is coming through the door I think my brain might melt :).

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 10:46 PM


As far as I'm concerned, Jayne's still alive - although badly injured - and it's Simon and the rest of the crew coming in the door. Oh, and Niska is most definitely deceased!

Saturday, April 21, 2007 5:09 PM


Utterly brilliant work here, Stormwolfdawn! The alternating narratives between the past and present really goes to emphasize - in my mind, at least - the dichotomy that pervades both Jayne and River's natures.

Would it be too much to ask for a follow-up or two?



Friday, May 18, 2007 6:35 AM


I love reading your angst. For some reason you write in a way that isn't too angsty, just enough.

BTW are you ever going to write a sequel to Patients or to your other fics. They're all wonderfull!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007 4:34 PM


Wow. I read this three times non-stop. Very powerful stuff! It's awesome!


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