Interesting Beginnings
Monday, August 4, 2008

This story is a sequel to my fic Mastery which is a Firefly/Anita Blake crossover. The story contains m/m but no sex as of yet. Please do not read if you do not like slash.


Simon Tam didn’t know much about spaceships having spent most of his life learning how to be a doctor, so even though the ship looked as if a stiff breeze would knock it over for some inexplicable reason he chose the firefly over all the other ships at the Persephone docks. Maybe it was the smile of the ship’s barker that seemed to be a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel that Simon had found himself inside after rescuing his sister from the clutches of the Alliance., or maybe it was the ship itself with its long graceful neck that seemed to stretch itself to the heavens as if yearning for the freedom of the black. Simon wasn’t sure, but he hoped that he hadn’t made a mistake, for both his sister’s sake as well as his own.

When he met Captain Reynolds, Simon wasn’t sure that he hadn’t made a mistake. He was obviously an Independent if the brown coat was anything to go by, but it was the look in the man’s eye that made his shudder inwardly, though outwardly he tried to remain calm as if he were facing a particularly difficult surgery procedure. Simon wasn’t a fool, despite the fact the man stood in the light of the sun, Malcolm Reynolds’ was pale and his eyes had a frightening light in them, and Simon knew he was looking at a vampire, one who had obviously not been sired on Persephone.

The barker who turned out to be the mechanic, Kaylee, introduced Simon to the vampire. The captain looked him up and down then looked him straight in the eye, “Welcome aboard.” And with that turned to go inside his ship followed closely by a dark skinned woman.

Simon wondered if it was too late to pick another ship.

Mal was suspicious of all passengers, but the young core boy was the most suspicious of all. Though the Shepard was a close second.

The Shepard surprisingly enough didn’t leave after finding out that the captain and his first mate were vampires. In fact he didn’t even seem to blink at the news.

Jayne didn’t like them, and had told Mal right off that he didn’t like the way they smelled. Jayne never liked passengers, and Mal wouldn’t take passengers either if they didn’t need the money. Kaylee always had a list as long as Jayne’s legs of parts that Serenity needed, and since Badger decided that he wasn’t going to pay for imprinted Alliance goods, they definitely needed the money. Jayne of course had wanted to kill the little were-rat. However, Badger was the Rat King of Eavesdown, and would have been able to call all his were-rats to battle. Mal’s dominance extended only over his own vampires, which was really only Zoë and tigers including were-tigers like Jayne. There were as many were-rats in Eavesdown as there were real rats, they wouldn’t have stood a chance. Something Jayne never seemed to understand.

So Badger got to live another day, and Mal needed the money that the passenger brought even if Jayne thought they smelled funny.

Turns out Mal should have been more suspicious of the bumbling idiot, but who would have guessed he would turn out to be an Alliance mole.

And really, Mal knew better than to open strange boxes, but who would have guessed a young witch rested peacefully frozen inside it.

“Zoë, shoot me if I decide that taking on passengers is a good idea.” Mal said.

“Gladly, sir.”

Zoë was always helpful.

Patience was an old woman who believed she ruled Whitefall. The last time Mal and crew had dealt with her she discovered the hazards of trying to shoot a vampire without silver bullets.

Mal had no doubt that she would be ready this time, however when they had last crossed Mal didn’t have Jayne on his crew.

The were-tiger was an excellent sniper as well as a tracker, and completely obedient to his master even if he did voice his opinion quite a lot. Mal usually let him because he was easier to deal with when he got to whine and say ‘I told you so’ every so often.

Since Mal and Zoë had both been turned on Hera, they were able to walk in the sunlight of other worlds easily. It was something the ancient vampires from Earth-That-Was had discovered upon coming to the new system. Only on the world of their rebirth did the sun destroy a vampire.

And Mal and Zoë avoided Hera like the plague, not that the plague was something they had to worry about.

Patience was indeed more prepared this time. Fortunately, Zoë still wore armor and the silver bullet was caught by it. Jayne’s sniper skills evened the odds.

Mal left Patience alive and took the money he was owed.

When Jayne came running yelling bout Reavers, Mal decided it was time to leave rather quickly.

No one knew where Reavers had come from. They just began appearing fifteen years ago attacking settlements and ships. What they did know is that Reavers were were-animals, mostly rats, but they were uncontrollable. Not even the most powerful Alpha were could control even a single Reaver, nor could the Master of Beasts himself, a powerful master vampire from Earth-That-Was who could control any animal or were.

Mal, Jayne and Zoë made it back to Serenity in time to kill the Alliance mole who apparently had gotten loose and was holding the young witch hostage. Mal shot him through the eye. Jayne wasn’t happy that he didn’t get to eat the body and instead had to help Mal throw it off the ship.

Wash, Zoë’s husband, and resident pilot showed his skills. Kaylee who had been shot by the Alliance mole was carried to the engine room by Jayne and with the Shepard’s help was able to get the ship ready for full burn as well as a Crazy Ivan.

Once in the black safe from the Reavers, Mal offered the young surgeon a job and a safe place for his sister and himself. The boy was smart enough to take it.

Once that was dealt with, Mal went to his bunk where Jayne waited lying on his pallet in the floor near Mal’s bed.

Mal pulled Jayne to his knees gripping the leather collar Jayne wore showing that he was taken. Mal felt Jayne try to fight Mal’s mastery. Mal opened up his powers and dominated the alpha were showing him who was master while he bit into Jayne’s neck just above the collar. He drained the big were-tiger as much as he could without killing him. When he was done he laid the unconscious Jayne down on Mal’s bed and petted the short hair smiling.

“I think things are about to get interesting.” He said to no one in particular as he lay down beside the big were-tiger and allowed the deep sleep of the undead to take him.


Monday, August 4, 2008 10:14 PM


This reads more like the summary of the Firefly episodes with the vampire twist and I am hoping you will actually expand the chapters into more of a story than a narrative, that would really make this idea stand out. I had to smile at Badger being a were-rat. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Tuesday, August 5, 2008 2:07 AM


Oh, I was figuring it to be the 'story so far' ...

Looks really interesting, and an intriguing take on vampires only being dusted by the light from their 'home' worlds.


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