Saturday, March 1, 2008

Written for ABC_AU ficathon for the prompt Vampire. AU crossover with Anita Blake universe. Pre-slash. Captain Reynold's first meeting with a new crewmate.


Normally Malcolm Reynolds didn't worry too much when he had a gun pointed at him, after all it wasn't as if the bullets could actually hurt him. However, as he stood on the ramp that led inside the belly of his ship, Serenity, Mal could tell that the bullets inside the guns pointed at him and his first mate, Zoe Washburn, were actually silver bullets, hollow points filled with garlic if the smell was any indication, and silver bullets had a tendency to hurt vampires, and if they blew away his heart it might even kill him.

So Malcolm Reynolds, master vampire, stood on the ramp of Serenity with his hands in the air facing the three men who were pointing guns loaded with silver bullets at himself and his first mate. Two of the men were short, dirty and obviously unwilling to negotiate. The third interested Mal quite a bit. Since the night in Serenity Valley while he and the rest of the survivors waited for the Alliance and the Independents to negotiate a surrender and a master vampire turned a bitter and broken Mal Reynolds into a vampire, Mal had grown in power. Some more knowledgeable vampires believed it was caused by the anger and resentment that had built up in Mal watching wounded men and women dying while two factions talked about surrender for two weeks after they laid down arms on Hera. Mal became a Master Vampire in less that seven years, something that took some vampires at least a century or more to do.

One of the benefits that came from becoming a master vampire was an mastery of certain animals. Mal's animal was the tiger, a species so rare only a handful existed in zoos on the Core planets. That mastery, however, included were-tigers, and Mal could sense that the big man holding a gun and clenching a cigar between his teeth was a were-tiger.

Mal smiled and called upon his powers. Marco and his other henchmen were obviously nulls, they did not feel the power building inside the master vampire, but they saw its effects even if they didn't know what it was.

The big were-tiger grunted, his arm holding the gun wavered and fell till the muzzle of the LeMat was pointed at the ground. The were-tiger was an alpha, strong, but not as strong as Mal's mastery and though the were-tiger fought, Mal's powers overwhelmed him.

"Jayne!" Marco yelled at the were-tiger not understanding what was happening.

The were-tiger lifted his head and his eyes were a lighter blue, and slitted like a cat's as his beast looked out toward its master. Then without even taking his eyes from Mal, the were-tiger shot Marco in the head, and the other thug in the neck all in the blink of an eye. Then the were-tiger dropped his LeMat into the dirt then fell to his knees.

Mal and Zoe put their hands down, and Mal walked off the ramp toward the heavily breathing were-tiger. He reached out and laid a hand on the man's head grasping a fistful of dark curly hair and pulled the were-tiger's head back. The eyes were still beast eyes glaring up at his new master.

"What's your name?" Mal asked.

"Jayne Cobb." the man-tiger answered.

Mal smiled a bit at the name. It fit the big were-tiger somehow.

"Well Jayne Cobb...welcome to Serenity."


Saturday, March 1, 2008 1:17 PM


Interesting take on how Mal really got Jayne to come on over to his side. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me


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