Bones break, words crush - part two
Saturday, April 21, 2007

The immediate after-effects of the Big Blunder by Simon. The first part can be found here.


Disclaimer: all things Firefly/Serenity are the property of Whedon et al. I’m not making any money off this, just playing with the toys. For the livejournal prompt “frostbite” (I may have taken a teensy bit of liberty with this one).


The chill of the dawn had seeped into Simon’s frame. He’d spent the night camped out on the floor of the hold of the ship waiting for Kaylee to return, to apologise profusely over his words. He awoke with a yawn and gazed over at his sister sleeping next to him. He couldn’t help but smile. She’d had such a good time at the party, despite his fretting. She’d danced the whole night and had worn herself out completely. She hadn’t stirred at all when her brother had pushed back her hair from her face or had put a proper pillow under her head.

His eyes had narrowed, though, when he draped Jayne’s coat over River. He had been out there, with Kaylee.

Determined to speak with Kaylee, to get her to see reason over his mistake, he summoned his courage. Jayne could beat him to the end of time for all he cared. He wasn’t going to lose Kaylee, not after all the crew had been through.

Simon rose and stormed down the ramp. He was not going to play second to Jayne. He was not going to lose to a trained ape without the training.

The brave, rational thoughts came to an abrupt halt when he took in the tableau at the side of the ship. The air around him grew cold.

“You,” he began. “You...gorramn...hun dun. You God forsaken ta ma duh hun dun!” Shaking off the frost biting at his skin, he reached for Jayne’s collar and attempted to haul the man up. He succeeding in tearing the thin shirt.

“What the...?” Jayne’s groggy voice called. He blinked once then was up in an instant at the threat. He twisted Simon’s wrist, still clinging to the torn cloth, until the doctor squeaked in pain. “Don’t take very well to folks aimin’ t’duke it out so early in the morn,” Jayne’s voice breathed onto his face.

Simon blinked furiously, the heat of Jayne’s breath burning his eyes. “I have a very good reason, you barbarian!”

Jayne twisted a little more. “Yeah?”

Simon swallowed, but continued. “You took advantage of Kaylee.” His voice strained under the pressure.

The mercenary jerked the smaller man’s hand away as though he had been stung. “Ain’t done no such thing.”

The doctor raised a brow. “Really? Then explain to me why you had your arm around her and were sharing a blanket.” His glare intensified.

Jayne’s brows furrowed. “Huh?”

“You’re grotesque,” Simon seethed.

And that’s when Jayne’s brain registered the reason for hostility. He looked down at the sleeping woman, her eyes still puffy from crying, her hair tangled and her mouth open a little bit. The blanket was there, too, lying dishevelled from where Jayne had sat underneath. A grin played at his lips. Had been sorta nice having a warm body.

“Kaylee?” Simon gently nudged the woman. “Wake up, bao bai.”

Kaylee slowly forced her eyes open, feeling them thick and sticky, but a smile graced her lips. She tilted her head away from Simon. “Ooh.” She shut her eyes and reached a hand to the back of her head. “You’re kinda hard on the neck, Jayne.”

Simon paused before continuing. “It’s Simon. Kaylee, let’s go inside.” He moved to grasp her arm when her eyes flew open and she stumbled to her feet.

“You ain’t got call.” She blinked furiously, emotions from the night before assaulting her mind.

“Kaylee, please, let’s just talk about it.” Simon now stood and Kaylee could see the purple bruise on his cheek.

“Ain’t nothin’ t’talk about. I’m not the one yer wantin’.”

“Of course you are.”

Kaylee glared. “No, I ain’t. You called for Inara. That means you want her.”

Simon shook his head. “No, Kaylee. I want you.”

“For a little tussle, ya mean,” Jayne threw in. He was beginning to enjoy the trouble the doc was in.

Simon rounded. “You did far worse than me.”

“What?” Kaylee stepped back from both men, her gaze directed towards Jayne. From the corner of her eye, she could see the worn guitar resting against the landing gear. It gave her a strange warmth.

The merc shrugged. “Doc here seems t’think I acted inappropriate towards ya.”

The mechanic’s gaze now fell on Simon. “That true?”

The doctor could not comprehend how this was an issue. “I came out here looking for you and found you and... Jayne... together under the blanket.”

“So you figured I just upped and sexed Jayne, that it?” She put her hands on her hips.

“No, of course not. It’s just that given your mental state last night, Jayne would have taken full opportunity.”

“So I ain’t a big girl enough to know my own mind. Let some man run over me like that?” Her voice edged very close to anger. “Cain’t believe you done thought I’d sleep with Jayne. Jayne!” She scrunched her nose as though she smelled something Mal had cooked.

“Hey now,” Jayne interrupted.

“That I’d fall for some soft words and comforting arms? You don’t know me at all, Simon Tam.” She wrapped her arms around herself before storming back into the ship.

The cool air and chirping birds broke the silence between the two men.

“ and Kaylee never...”

Jayne glowered at Simon. “Musta knocked somethin’ loose in that genius-ass brain a yours you think that Kaylee’d go do what yer thinkin’ on.” He shook his head. “Always knew you weren’t right for ‘er. Be off breakin’ her heart.” The big man gathered up his blanket and guitar. “Girl’s worth more’n that,” he muttered and headed back inside.

Simon slumped against the hull. “I’ve blown it,” he whispered.

River sat on the catwalk of the hold, watching first Kaylee then Jayne return. Looking to the open space outside the ramp, she sensed Simon’s despair. “Some things get broke can’t be fixed.”

A/N: I did not intend this to be a Jayne/Kaylee fic. But as we all know "What you plan and what happens ain't ever exactly been similar."


Saturday, April 21, 2007 6:13 PM


oh, fun! but are you ever going to say why simon was calling for inara... i'd sure like to hear his side.

"She scrunched her nose as though she smelled something Mal had cooked." <--- props for this line. It cracked me up.

shiny good fun

Saturday, April 21, 2007 7:06 PM


More, need more.

Saturday, April 21, 2007 11:15 PM


Yes, I want to know why Simon calling Inara's name, not Kaylee's. I'd say he has more explaining to do than Kaylee. And yes, Jayne is right, Kaylee does deserve better so Simon had better shape up and put things right. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Sunday, April 22, 2007 10:38 AM


Ya know, I never thought much about the Simon and Inara thingy, beyond shipmates, until I read "Dead or Alive" (the unfilmed script.) I can see where your going with this. The three of them would have made one awkward triangle. Toss in Jayne and Mal to really complicate things.
I would love to hear Simon's explanation.

Sunday, April 22, 2007 3:47 PM


Oh...I am truly split here, ArtemisPrime! As it sits, I gotta say Kaylee is probably better off with Jayne...but I really wanna know what caused Simon to call out Inara's name when in Kaylee's company. I doubt the "true" reason would really help this situation, but I really think that Kaylee needs to at least know for certain Simon was voicing her true desires before tossing Simon aside.

That being said, why do I get the feeling that Jayne will try and prove the idea of being with him is better than Mal's cooking, sensation-wise?




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