Bladud [1]
Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mini recap on end of last story arc. Vera and Jayne carry on celebrating Yule [sex, dears!]. Vera and Clarry have a mother/daughter heart to heart. River's abilities have something of an overflow 'problem'. Serenity helps with the re-build of Bucktown. Memorial service for the victims of the Reavers. Mal asks River for clarification and Jayne's smut-driven mind steers things in a different direction for a bit.


BLADUD * We all now can see you; all eyes are upon you Fly now, Bladud, head the calling Born to a bird's cry; sworn to the open sky Fly now, Bladud; aethro vates Your life is a-ripening, friend of fools Your wings are opening; sail on air Fly now, Bladud; aethro vates Sower and reaper, harvest is here Swine were your keeper, Breaker of promises. Seeker and dreamer, ride on air Fly now, Bladud, aethro vates * Fly now, Bladud - Avalonian Free State Choir * [The semi-legendary king of Bath, Bladud; father of King Lear. Cured leper, swineherd, finder of the hot springs of Bath which healed him. It is said that he went to the top of a pinnacle and launched himself off. Legend is divided on whether he actually flew or not] * [The thrilling heroics of Jayne Cobb: reluctant Reaver Hunter] [Continuing right on along where the main story in 'Onus Portamus' left off]

River put her hand on her chest, “Hand on heart. No-one will even notice me unless I want them to, promise.” Jayne shouldered his weapons, “Alright then. Time to set a torch to this mess and get back to celebratin' Yule.” “Sounds like a plan.” Vera approached River as they walked on board Serenity, “Will you be alright...alone?” “Never alone. Got all of you, got Zhang. Other lovers in the future that I haven't met yet.” Jayne grinned, “Any of 'em gonna be women? Coz I've lived forty years an' I'm still hopin' to see some girl on girl action!” Vera looked at him, “You've had sessions with several women at once in the past. Didn't any of them...?” “No, gorammit! Nearest I got to it was when Inara brought that gorgeous lady on board. Could'a been happy with just a kiss 'tween 'em!” Inara heard and approached Vera, “Well, if it's just two women kissing you want to see, maybe Vera...if you wouldn't mind...” Vera had a good idea about what would happen and played along, “Well, just this once...” Inara stroked Vera's face tenderly and began to lean in. Right on cue, when they were perhaps an inch away from contact, Jayne pulled them apart. Mal was smirking in the background, much surer of Inara. “Hey! No seducin' my wife!” Inara giggled, “I knew you were bluffing! In any case, Mal's kisses are the best in the 'verse!” Jayne grumbled, realising he'd been played, “Tease! Both of you!” Mal steered Inara away, “Got myself a naughty ex-Companion who needs a very thorough 'lecture' on not being a tease!” Jayne turned to Vera, “And as for you... Santa says you've been a *very naughty girl and wants to see you nekkid in his bunk, pronto!” * After leaving the carnage of the train plus a heap of assorted Reaver parts burning in a garish funeral pile, everyone had gone back to the Cobb homestead for a wash, food and sleep. Hillary Cobb had been in touch with the authorities and clean up squads were dealing with the train wreckage and the mess which had once been Bucktown. Mal offered Serenity's help in cleaning up, but the folks that passed for government here on Newhall seemed to have everything in hand. * Jayne had Vera in hand. Well, rather, he was watching her parade for him. He was propped up in bed in his Santa coat, cigar in mouth and enjoying the show. Vera was wearing a skimpy red Santa type dress and hat, red stockings, gloves and killer red heels. He flashed his best, 'I'm gonna pleasure you senseless' grin, “Come on, darlin'. Santa wants to see you be *very naughty!” Vera grinned right back and slowly adjusted one red stocking, straightening the lace elasticated welt at the top, even though it was perfectly in place, “Don't worry, Santa. Got a hot striptease planned for you!” Jayne's grin widened, “All right! Bring it on! Tease me real good and then I'll give you a nice big present!” Vera's fingers lingered teasingly around the ties at the top of her dress. She pouted theatrically, “And I was hoping for *several presents!” Jayne just laughed. * Vera shivered slightly in anticipation. Jayne was in one of his 'turbo charged and extremely horny' moods. She smiled to herself. She was glad for a delicate conversation with Sam Cobb a few years back which had included asking for sound proofing in 'their' room in the Cobb homestead. Both she and Jayne would be yelling by the time they were done. She popped a memory stick into the player. The music was slow, jazzy and seductive. The sort of thing that might well underline smoky goings on late at night in a bar once most of the patrons had gone home or passed out. And Vera could do the high class showgirl routine in her sleep; she'd spent the years with Jayne polishing each moment for slow raunch and maximum impact, just for him. He'd tucked his hands behind his head and was puffing on his cigar whilst sporting an ear to ear wolfish grin. It was about half an hour later when Vera climbed onto the bed in just her thong, stockings and heels, purring softly. Jayne finally pounced and took over, kissing and caressing. He finally lifted her and slid inside, holding her hips still as she wrapped her legs around him. He growled, “I'm such a gorram lucky Santa!” * Much, much later, they'd finally loved each other to a standstill. Jayne was gently stroking Vera's back with one hand as she lay pillowed and sated on top of him. His other hand was on her arm. “Vera?” She read the tone in his voice, “Thinking about what River said to us?” “Yeah. D'ya think it's possible?” Vera shrugged, “You saw what happened with Zhang. If River and he can do that, it's more than possible she can help us have a baby together.” “Vera...?” A different tone in his voice this time. She smiled warmly, “I already gave my word to you, xin ài. You want to say 'yes', huh?” His hand tightened around her arm, “Mi mei gui. Please.” “Of *course we'll say yes.” He turned so that they were face to face. His eyes were warm and wild, “Vera.” His free hand cupped her face, “You *know how much I gorram love ya; but this... Xin ai; ai ren...” His kiss was hard and fierce. Vera was more than a bit misty-eyed when he pulled away, “I gorram love you too; zhan shi; wan nao kang!” His lips twitched, “Just Santa fer now, huh? No tellin' the others 'bout this, hungh?” Vera smiled back. She knew Jayne wanted the tender 'marshmallow' side of his nature kept as secret as possible, “Yes Santa! I don't mind the others thinking you're just a hard-ass! Well, apart from Clarry; she's guessed. River too, probably; she *is a reader after all. Dealing with pregnancy and childbirth in the black is going to be interesting, but if Kaylee and Zoe can manage it *and the diapers...” “I'll have your back and change the little fella, promise.” Another beaming smile covered his face, “Gonna have a son!” “Let's get pregnant first, Jayne! And tell Clarry; she deserves to be part of a discussion, at least.” “Hmm, yeah. We'll do that.” * Vera was with Clarry on the verandah early the next morning. They were walking up and down the length of the structure and talking. “You and Pa were gone just after supper last night and we didn't see you later.” “Yes. Jayne gets these times - about once a month on average – when he gets extra horny. I come out in sympathy and then we have to go somewhere quiet to deal with it. Sorry for abandoning you; but it's somewhat irresistable. Doesn't mean we don't love you; sex between Jayne and me is something...extraordinary.” Clarry made a noise of disgust, then checked herself, “Nothing personal, Ma. Just the thought of doing...that. Ugh!” Vera smiled, “You're starting to blossom yourself. Wait until you see some young swain you like the look of for the first time, then you'll understand.” “Boys my age are all pimply and spotty!” “That'll change, trust me. Anyway, I came to talk with you about what River said to Jayne and I.” “You're going to have a baby together.” Vera nodded, “We're going to give it a good try. Doesn't mean that we'll love you any less, but this is something we thought we'd never have.” “River seems to be capable of almost anything.” “Well, the Alliance didn't take her without good reason. Their methods were invasive and cruel, but they started something which Simon and River working together helped to heal. From what I've heard, everything which happened up to and including Miranda freed her to fuller healing. That had its fruition in her marriage to Zhang. Now...well if Hori was still alive he'd probably say that she's 'becoming'. He called her a 'tohunga' once, I'm told. That's a kind of Maori warrior-priest. I'd recommend talking to her yourself. You saw what happened with the train full of Reavers. It wasn't just River carving through them like a hot knife through butter. Speaking for myself, I fought better than I ever have before. Something of her abilities is rubbing off on the rest of us. Might be more Reavers to face before we're done, if I'm any judge of the situation.” * “You mean *we'll become the Reaver hunters?” “Could be; which is why I'm keen to press on with having this baby. We've managed to protect Sam, Lee and Sarah - even from the Reavers – I'd trust both you and any biological child of mine to that protection. This farm is a safe haven if we have to leave the small ones behind; it's in the middle of no and where. Maybe Zoe, Kaylee, perhaps you and I and the guys will take turns playing parent and kindergarten with the children.” Clarry giggled, “Pa being kindergarten teacher!” Vera chuckled, “He'd be fine; and you'd certainly all learn to shoot straight when the time was right to hold a gun. You've seen him rough-housing with Sarah and the twins; he does good piggy-backs as well.” “Yeah, he's even piggied me a couple of times. I can shoot pretty good already.” “I know, I've seen you.” “Maybe I could be a Reaver hunter as well.” Vera had her doubts about Jayne letting Clarry take part, “Become a crack shot and excellent fighter first, sweetheart. It'd tear us apart if you got turned.” “I'm learning, Ma.” Vera put her arm around Clarry's shoulder, “I know. And you've got schooling as well, don't forget that.” Clarry sighed, all nearly-teenage boredom, “I won't.” * At the end of Yule, Hillary forwarded a wave to Mal. Serenity was being hired to help with the re-build. They flew over the site where the crashed train and Reaver carnage had been. There was still a sizeable gash in the soil and a patch of dark where the grass wasn't growing back, but the rest of the mess had gone and the rails shone like new. Most of the next days involved hauling timber and bricks, then furniture and house fittings. Bucktown was a lot smaller after the conflagration, with the few survivors doing their best to take a deep corporate breath and carry on. Once everyone was re-housed, there was a dedication service next to a rough memorial near the bay. On one of the bluffs was the sculptured metal remains of a Reaver ship, sprayed black and shiny all over. Near the base, the name of every fatality was etched into the metal, along with the known number of Reavers who perished. One of the monks from Newhall's abbey led the service, in non-denominational style. * “Yesu said: 'Let not your heart be troubled: you believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there you may be also'. Beloved, source of Love and Life; may we know your presence with us now. We seek Your comfort and the comfort of each other in our loss. Help us to remember that Love is eternal and that all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well. Kahlil the prophet wrote; 'For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun? And what is to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered? Only when you drink form the river of silence shall you indeed sing. And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb. And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance'. Let us join in the Hindu chant for the dead...” And everyone who knew the words sang, while others held the drone, “Om Tryambukam, Sugandim pushdi vardanam, Uruva rukam iva bandanaat, Myrityoor muksheeya maamritaat.” There was deep silence at the end of the chanting, which lasted for several minutes. The monk continued, “There is a field of silver grass and golden light, more beautiful than you can possibly imagine. Our loved ones are beyond pain and suffering and in the Presence of the One who knows all of us through and through. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.” Everyone responded, “We will remember.” * Once everyone was back in Serenity, Mal held a conference around the galley table. He was looking at River. “Okay, albatross. I think everyone here who fought the Reavers in the train was aware of an increased ability,” various heads nodded, I'm thinking with a fair degree of certainty that it came from you. Care to elaborate?” “I'm sorry – I was aware of....ability...flowing out of me and touching all of you - but I could not control it, not then. But I've seen more Reavers. A lot of them were wiped out on the central planets when we were in the Zhai. In fact, almost all of them. The few – about ten per cent - that are left are deadlier and more cunning and therefore extra dangerous. It will take special skill and dedication to wipe them out completely. If you are willing, I can let my ability out to you even more so that we can be the ones to combat this last menace.” Jayne leered, “Is it just fightin', or can you improve sexin' as well?” River looked at him, “You are aroused almost constantly for Vera and the pleasure between you is greater than I thought it could be between a man and a woman until I met Zhang.Your recovery rate is phenomenal, you've embraced Tantra. There is very little room for improvement.” Jayne wasn't fazed, “Could you mebbe make the ol' monster a bit bigger?” River squared her shoulders, “Bigger does not always mean better, Jayne. Look at me and remember how I took you out in that bar.” Jayne was still barrelling on, “Ya promised me 'n Vera a baby.” “The change is happening, since you've now asked. You'll both need to up the protein part of your diet to compensate. It'll be a fortnight and then you'll know.” His brow furrowed, “Know what?” “It'll be like you're an animal in heat,” River turned to Mal, “Better factor in Vera and Jayne.” Vera managed to get a word in, “I haven't exactly said yes out loud.” River smiled at her and Vera checked herself, “Ah. I said yes in my heart and you heard me. And, River; we already can work up quite an...appetite...for love-making.” “I know, but this will be like stags in rut. And given that *Jayne's the stag and you're the only doe at hand for him to mate with...” Vera got it, “Ah. That'll take 'insatiable' to a whole new level.” “You'll both be fertile and you'll be able to smell it on each other.” * Mal banged the table, “Can we get back to the fighting kind of turbo charge, please?” River blushed, “Sorry. I *can hold my abilities in - *all of them – I'm just offering to share them with all of you; at least when we're fighting Reavers or anyone else. It would make those of us who *do fight even more formidable.” “Hmm,” Mal responded, “Still not sure if I like this idea; no matter how handy it might prove. Can we think about it, and can you perhaps try to describe the process in simple terms?” River nodded, “I'll try.” **


Wednesday, April 25, 2007 7:31 AM

BLUEEYEDBRIGADIER blows my little mind to even try and fathom how Jayne and Vera could get even more horny for one another. Cuz, to be honest? My suspension of disbelief has been at a constant stage of active when it's come to those two sexing each other since the first story;)

Still...awesome little update and I can't wait to see where you take this, Vera;D



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