Bladud [2]
Thursday, May 10, 2007

River and Mal have a talk. Seek and locate mission on the Reavers starts and then gets diverted by Ares' doggy libido. Further diversions courtesy of one Miss 'Lilah who hires the Serenity crew for a job. The heist, plus 'afters'.


PART TWO * Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon? Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon We could float among the stars together, you and I For we can fly we can fly Up, up and away My beautiful, my beautiful balloon The world's a nicer place in my beautiful balloon It wears a nicer face in my beautiful balloon We can sing a song and sail along the silver sky For we can fly we can fly Love is waiting there in my beautiful balloon Way up in the air in my beautiful balloon If you'll hold my hand we'll chase your dream across the sky For we can fly we can fly * Up, Up And Away – Fifth Dimension *

“So, River; about this 'overflow' problem...” River put her head on one side, “Well; I think everyone here is aware that the nerves in your body carry electrical impulses.” There were nods from most people on that, “And there's an electrical field surrounding you which some call the aura. When we were fighting the Reavers on the train, I was getting close to being ready to help Zhang transform his matter into energy and become part of me. I was, to use a very basic way of putting it, leaking power. I *could harness and control this ability in the future to help in all our fights and battles.” Mal shook his head, “We turn into super soldiers – however briefly – even in a just cause, and anyone left of the old Alliance is going to notice sooner or later. We'd become lab rats or dead very quickly. Or people would take us for gods and goddesses or summat gorram like it and I've got experience of how being in charge is as boring as gorram hell. And when the gilt wore off the gingerbread, we'd be right back to the lab rat or dead scenario. You *know what that was like, River.” She nodded, “I did *promise to stay hidden. And I will, until I 'become'. Way in the future, when Sam, Lee, Sarah, Clarry the rest are all grown up and have kids of their own, *then I will rise like a phoenix. Not an albatross any more.” Mal nodded, satisfied, Well, till then; be our pilot and be as normal as you know how.” River smiled, “They'll never see me. In the mean time, there are Reavers left who need dealing with.” “We know. I was getting to that.” “We ain't gonna fight 'em?!” Jayne protested. “Only if we absolutely have to. I'm thinking more of a location mission. Find where they're hiding and tell the authorities.” * Two weeks later. Serenity is following a trail of reports about and sightings of the remaining Reavers, but still definitely not planning to engage in battle with them. Mal, Zoe, Jayne, Vera, Cliff and River are moseying into town, hoping for news and maybe a profitable piece of robbery or semi-legitimate business on the side. Ares is trotting along, nose and ears alert for anything interesting on the canine front. Jayne murmurs in Vera's ear, “Ain't felt nothin' diff'rent 'bout ya, huh?” Vera shrugged, “Maybe it'll happen quickly, Jayne.” “Well, not right now, I hope.” Ares suddenly made an eager noise and began moving towards a nearby assembly hall. As Ares' nose had proved very useful before, everyone followed him. They entered a small hall and on the dais were two men in the middle of auctioning off a prize canine ratter. A female dog, by Ares' eager demeanour. One of the men was holding up photographs and other evidence of the dog's prowess in disposing of rats. Ares was trembling eagerly in a way that suggested he didn't give a fig about what the lady dog could do, he only had a distinctly carnal interest in her. The bitch spotted her admirer, tore free of her handlers and bolted. Ares, the dog's owners and Mal and the rest gave chase. Eventually, everyone barrelled into the local bar, which was half full with rough mining types and even rougher looking saloon women. On the small stage at the back of the bar, were Ares and his lady friend, mating away like fury. * River gasped, “That's what I saw! It wasn't Jayne and Vera; it was the dogs!” Vera started chuckling and giggling; she couldn't help herself. Jayne pouted, “You mean we ain't gonna get a turbo-charge in our mojo?!” River turned to him, whilst efforts were made to separate the dogs by judicious use of water sprayed from a soda syphon, “No; I apologise. I was right on the 'animal' bit, though.” “I don't look like a gorram dog!” Mal and Zoe exchanged significant amused glances, but said nothing. “I know, but he belongs to you and Vera – mostly. There's a connection.” Vera sighed slightly, “There might be trouble with that dog's owners. She's likely to have mostly Staffy puppies combined with whatever she is as a result of this.” “Rat hound,” Mal said, authorititavely. Ares slunk over to them, still shaking himself, canine grumpiness all over his face. He'd been stopped far too quickly. The owners retreived their prize pooch. Mal moved forward, all conciliatory smiles, but wary underneath. He let his right hand drift fairly close to his gun and was aware of discreet cocking of weapons from Jayne, Cliff, Vera and Zoe behind his back. The bigger of the two owners stepped forward. He was around six foot, about fifty years old had some interesting vertical scars on his face and a broken nose which suggested he'd seen a fair few fights in his time. “Rogers. Your mutt spoilt a real sweet transaction that included being mated in front of witnesses with a male rat hound.” Mal subdued a slight tremor of disgust, and was oily smooth in response, “I can only apologise. Ares and your rat hound bitch were simply following a natural imperative. If you mate your dog with a male rat hound, there's a good chance that *some of the puppies will be his.” “Do you know how much coin I can get for pure bred rat hound pups?” Things were starting to look really ugly. A lady of mature but somewhat uncertain years stepped forward. She was on the big and blousy side and clearly had more money than most of the occupants of the bar. Voluptuous curves north and south and a corset cinching her waist very tight in between. “I am willing to purchase your bitch *and her puppies – no matter what they are – at the asking price. Staffordshire bull terrier genes are likely to produce at least one offspring that can be trained as a guard dog, which will be very useful to me.” Rogers touched his forelock, “Miss 'Lilah. I can see how a lady of your quality might like some extra security now that Abe's gone.” Miss 'Lilah nodded, “And protect my boudoir from *unwanted admirers.” There was something in her tone which indicated there had been a few of those. She dangled a velvet purse on a gold chain. Everyone's eyes followed its journey into Rogers' hand and him counting out a significant number of credits. Miss 'Lilah gestured and a young man with her picked up the rat hound. She turned to Mal, “How much to engage Ares you might say...finish the job?” Mal blinked, not having any idea of the number of credits such a 'job' would fetch, “Erm... Thirty?” Miss 'Lilah smiled, “It's not just this rat hound. Amongst other things, I breed dogs and currently have twenty females coming into heat, many of them are Staffys as well. I'd expect your Ares to service *all of them.” Mal calculated very quickly, “Twenty each, plus a bonus of...uh...ten for each puppy?” She smiled, “Worth double that to me, if he's fully fertile.” “He is!” Jayne put in. Miss 'Lilah turned to him, “Ah. *Your dog. I apologise.” She scanned them all, very quickly and assessingly, “Guns for hire?” Mal nodded, “Pretty often, Ma'am.” “Good,” She nodded, something settled in her mind, “Bring that dog of yours and we'll talk further business whilst he keeps *his part of our bargain.” * About half an hour later, they were all sitting on the verandah of Miss 'Lilah's country residence, sipping mint juleps. Ares was off in the garden, finishing what he'd started with the lady rat hound. When the servants finally led him to the kennels and he saw twenty other very eager females, he thought he'd died and gone to heaven. Jayne was consuming his drink and trying very hard not to grimace, “You got servants 'n stuff and that fancy electric fence; can't see how a classy lady like you needs protectin'.” Miss 'Lilah laughed. It was a low, rich and sexy laugh, “You do get right to the point, don't you? You've seen me. I've got a 32L – 20 – 42 hourglass figure. Have had that since the age of thirteen.” “Ah,” Vera commented, “Masculine attention.” “My parents were dirt poor and desperate and so they sold me. I was auctioned off – or rather, the 'honour' of being the first man to get his hands on me and deflower me was auctioned off. Live, in public, on the Wave.” Mal frowned, remembering, “Seem to remember hearing about that. It was quite the cause celebre.” 'Lilah nodded, “Especially as I was only fourteen. It sounds terrible, but the man who bought me was an expert seducer. He took *hours over it and helped me enjoy every second. Afterwards, he showered me with jewels and introduced me to the first in a string of men willing to pay obscene amounts of money just to say they'd had the pleasure. The last of those was the best lover I've ever had. Abe; you heard of him earlier. He married me when I was twenty one and we were blissfully happy for twenty five years until he died. He couldn't have children, but keeping my figure proved very lucrative. I've made a mint from the photographs I've allowed to be circulated. Nothing trashy; art type prints for 'discerning gentlemen of quality'.” Everyone absorbed that. “So, what can we do for you?” “In the other bar in town, in the safe, are some more...compromising photographs. After Abe passed, I had an assignation with a visiting dignatary who was prepared to pay hansomely for my time and attention. I was still grieving and perhaps not thinking straight. Anyway, there are photographs. Ones I didn't know about until too late. I managed to wangle getting the evidence *into the safe at the time and having him terminated, but there's a new manager at the bar and I'm too well known in town. I'd consider it a great favour if the snaps could be retrieved. Of course, any of the other contents of the safe would be fair game.” Jayne grinned, “No problem!” Mal made a call to Serenity and plans began to be hatched. * Jayne hit the Wave whilst he thought Vera wasn't looking and checked out Miss 'Lilah's earlier portfolio. Lots of delicately posed shots of her in wasp-waisted underwear, displaying an enormous cleavage that would make a monk sweat. An old fashioned bathing suit shot, with most of the front left undone. Only one nude shot and that was a bathroom setting and the intimate areas were covered in bubbles and a strategically placed loofah. * Vera was suddenly at his shoulder, “Wow, she was quite a looker twenty years ago.” Jayne's ears went pink, “Yeah, but....” Vera kissed his head, “Not even a *tiny bit threatened by Miss 'Lilah's assets. Having breasts *that big is going to be uncomfortable, for a start.” Jayne tore his eyes away from the screen, “You don't *mind me looking at other women in states of undress?” Vera laughed, “I get to fondle you all over, she doesn't! Plus, I seem to remember that the 'Knife Girl' shot of me had straight male comic fans across the 'verse weak with lust!” Jayne's mouth curved into something closer to his usual grin, “Well, there is that. A lot of the later editions used an altered version of you as a body double in the cover art.” Vera nodded, filing the latter information away to check on later, “Good quality prints, too. The sepia tinted ones look like they might have come from Earth-that-was.” Jayne pointed to one of the more revealing underwear shots, “An' the thought of you wearin' that...” She smiled, “I can do that.” Jayne nodded, his voice somewhat tight with imagining, “Good. Real good. Speakin' of which, have you changed your perfume? You smell...kinda like a peach under the rose stuff.” “No.” Vera paused, “Oh; peach? I suppose I *do feel; well, ripe. Ripe and ready. Think tonight might be a good time for you to mark my card, ai ren.” His hand tenderly squeezed her behind, “Oh, I'll mark it all right! I'll mark it *all *over!” Vera chuckled and kissed his ear, “Later, tiger! I have to go prepare for the heist and check on Clarry.” * Mal, Jayne and Zoe are in the Lazy Horse bar, dressed like rough miners and workers, to blend in with the rest of the clientele. River drifts from table to table, dressed and behaving like a young man. Into the spotlight on stage walks an almost impossible vision in these surroundings. A tall, stunning redhead, poured into a silky green dress and sporting enough cleavage and strategically placed slits to make it absolutely obvious she's wearing nothing underneath except gold killer heeled shoes. Every straight guy in the place has his eyes on her in about three seconds flat. Then the redhead grabs the mike, gestures for music and starts singing. Low, smoky voice, reeking of the promise of the hottest sex a fella could imagine. A slow blues number where every word that's capable of being double entendred is breathed huskily into the mike. River's still working the tables, reading guys whilst their minds and hormones are elsewhere. “Wow.” Mal's comment is heavily laden. Zoe appreciates the show from the perspective of a very straight woman, “That's some good slink, sir.” Jayne's mouth – along with the mouths of most of the fellas in the bar – has dropped open, “Gorram.” “Jayne...” Mal's voice warns just a bit. The redhead qualifies on a whole heap of counts as Jayne's kind of woman. Jayne's voice is quite loud, “I. Want. Her.” Mal grabs Jayne's arm, also raising his voice, “Not *now.” * Jayne breaks free, rises – with some care, because of the blood that's pumped south – and starts making for the stage. There's maybe half a beat and the fight starts. Guys pumped with lust and hormones pile in. Jayne wades through them all, taking out two or three at a time. Mal looks at Zoe and gives her the nod. They start on what might be termed the rearguard action. Jayne makes the stage and hauls himself up with a smooth jump. He grins at the redhead. She's got the most amazing green eyes. He speaks close to the mike. “Hello, Red!” She smiles, “Well, *you're keen, handsome. Do you want to give me something?” Jayne's grin goes to leer, “Hell, *yeah!” His fingers brush teasingly down her arm. “I'm a *very demanding woman; I expect the highest standards of...performance.” “Never had any complaints, Red. Just eager gasps cause I'm big *all over, then cries of ecstasy later!” Red takes his hand, “Then come with me, handsome.” Jayne's grin turns seductive, “Ladies first, Red; ladies first.” Red grins saucily right back, “*Definitely my kind of fella. Follow me.” She turns, swinging her hips, and Jayne follows. Once off stage, Jayne and Red make for the safe, put on gloves, and crack it open. Jayne whisks out the envelope of incriminating pictures and all the jewels, some of which he passes to the lady. Once all the valuables have been stashed, there's a shout of 'fire', so they hightail it out of there. After that, it's a mad dash back to the mule, guns blazing and then on to Serenity. The haul is stashed and the prints are in Serenity's safe until the morning. Jayne carries Red down into his bunk, spending much of the rest of the night showing her his prowess in the sack and getting hers right back. * The next morning, Jayne slowly comes back to reality after finally sleeping like the dead. There are long curls tickling his nose and a lush behind tucked right in front of him. He stirs and groans with pleasure, starting to feel the love bites and scratches. She stirs and stretches against him, pressing down temptingly. “Mmm, Jayne Cobb!” Jayne's voice is a low burr of masculine satisfaction, “Best I've ever had, Red!” He puts his libido on temporary hold, then gently keeps her still for several heartbeats; slowly pulling pins out of the red hair, then easing it away from her. More pins and clips release long, silky brunette strands into his hands. “Mornin'. Take 'em green contacts out, darlin'.” There's a wriggling in his arms, “Done.” He breathes close to her ear, voice hot with promise, “Turn over, mi mei gui.” She does and comes back into his arms with a radiant smile, “Yes, Jayne.” “One more time, huh?” “Think this one will make it certain, ai ren.” He stops, gazing deep into her eyes, “Ya mean...?” “As much as I *loved being Red – and am happy to be her again some time - this last time is about us and you making me pregnant.” “Gorram, Vera.” She smiles wide and warm up at him, “Go for it, tiger.” He chuckles, “Ladies first!” *


Thursday, May 10, 2007 10:16 AM


Oh Ares...the stuff you get your owners scuked into when you're acting like your master;D

Fabulous work here, Vera! Definitely been missing this rather strongly;)



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