Bladud [6]
Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The tired crew reunites with the Cotton Blossom. Mal tells the important information from the Reaver colony. Various reunions take place [sex alert!]. Another visit to the ultrasound scanner for Vera, Jayne and Clarry. crew gets paid, Mal and Todd Lawless have a talk across the Wave.


PART SIX * Bring me my bow of burning gold Bring me my arrows of desire Bring me my spear; oh clouds, unfold; Bring me my chariot of fire! I will not cease from mental fight Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand Till we have built Jerusalem in England's green and pleasant land * [William Blake: Jerusalem] [If you know what William actually had in mind when he wrote about that sword...!!!] * Vera was wearing a big white kaftan affair and waiting on the bank with Clarry and Ares and the children as the crew emerged, dirty, tired and scruffy. Even Inara was looking less than her usual svelte and groomed. Within moments, Jayne, Clarry, Vera and Ares were engaged in a huge group hug, being careful of the metal caging and bolting down his left arm. There were several steel rods; one holding the collarbone and shoulder still at front and rear then one on the outside of the upper arm and the last on the lower arm below the elbow. Adjoining rods went through the skin and screwed into the bone. His tee shirt was mosly cut away on the left side. Ares' tail was wagging fit to bust as he nosed his way closer. The twins ran to Kaylee and Simon and Zoe was already hugging Sarah. * Jayne inhaled deeply, “Home. Been too long, mi mei gui.” He stole a brief, hard kiss. Then the baby kicked and he stepped back, eyebrows arched in surprise, “Wow. He's grown a fair bit, huh?” Vera guided his hand down to the top of her bump, “Here, Jayne.” The baby obliged and kicked against Jayne's hand. “Gorram. Never thought I'd feel that till recently.” His voice was thick with emotion and went gruff in trying to conceal it. “It's great to have you back, Pa.” He clasped her shoulder with his good hand, “Hey, Clarry. I swear you've grown a couple'a inches since I left.” Mal came over, smiling tiredly, “Need to have a conference afore anything else. We learned a lot in that Reaver colony. After that, I'm hoping for real food, beer, a good wash and bed in about that order. We'll get Serenity re-fuelled and then flown back to Alexandria. I'm thinking of doing that my own self and then hopping back. We really, *really need a rest before carrying on, plus there's a whole major re-stock to consider. Let's go and have that talk first and a few beers.” “Captain's got food and beer lined up.” Simon came over, “Vera; I couldn't plaster Jayne up just yet, so holding everything steady with these rods and some injected medical cement was the best option. Apart from having restricted movement and being limited in clothing options, bathing and other activities will be fine.” * Mal sat at table, belly full of food and somewhat more contented, “There'll be time for tall tales and detail later, but here's the headlines. River was right; at the heart of the colony was a Reaver Queen.” “Zazhong saobi! Thought she could seduce regular menfolk!” “'Bastard' is debatable, but I'll give you calling her a bitch. Simon said she was probably using pheromones on the male Reavers. Given they are still at least partly human, there was an...effect on us menfolk as well. It made my flesh creep and the scent of the stuff in the air was *awful. She was big, swollen; like the Queen of an ant or wasp nest and several times as deadly. Killing her took over a week with all of us working together, what with having to fend off regular Reavers and kill the babies popping out of her as well. We eradicated several rooms' worth of embryo Reavers. In the end, when we finally got out, we dropped a huge bomb on the place. Nothing's getting out of there alive. But you can bet if there's one Reaver colony, there will be others. We've sent a report to Todd Lawless along with descriptions of the tactics and weapons used. I think we're done being the 'verse Reaver mop-up squad. I know I am.” “Can I have bath and get sexed up now?” Jayne was tired, but eager. Mal sighed, “Rest all round; we'll stay put for twenty-four hours or so while I negotiate how to move a depleted Serenity *and this boat back to Alexandria.” * Jayne had his good right arm around Vera as they went to their cabin soon after. “Inara had a quiet word with me when we were waiting for food.” Jayne grinned, “I was jest teasin' her, darlin'.” “I don't think that she really bought what you said, sweetheart.” Vera chuckled, “Shouldn't exaggerate, hmm?” “Heh!” Jayne laughed, “Made her think and lifted her spirits. Ain't so bad, mi mei gui.” “Took her mind off what sounds like a grisly task, huh?” “Yeah; she was makin' these 'ugh' noises and I could see it was gettin' to her. So I gave her the thought of a really big, hard diao to think on. Probably rippin' Mal's clothes off right now!” “You are *so naughty and I love you!” “Ain't that the truth! Now about this bath...” Vera unlocked their cabin, “Voila!” On the new linoleum (well, new to the cabin), was a large tin bath with hot water in it, soap and fluffy towels nearby. Jayne's smile widened, “Plenty big enough for two.” “Well, of course.” “I love you.” “I know.” Vera closed the door behind them. “An talkin' of big, hard things...” Vera put her arms around Jayne's shoulders and they had a good few minutes' worth of long, drugged kissing. She smiled, “Did you find out about the six months thing?” Jayne grinned, “Kaylee told me. Said she was extra wet, ripe and horny as hell for about a month or so. Glad of that, 'coz three months without touchin' you has built me up one enormous head 'a steam. Better cut my clothes off, mi mei gui. They stink to heck and ain't worth tuppence ha'apenny now.” He kicked off his boots. Vera fetched a pair of scissors. She carefully cut off Jayne's already semi-ruined tee shirt and cargo pants and he stepped into the bath. Vera pulled off her kaftan and undies, picked up the soap and eased in behind him. * Vera's hands began by carefully washing the semi-immobilised left arm. Jayne leaned back to deliver kisses and his right hand was in her hair, fondling. “Could use havin' those hands somewhat lower, darlin'.” She chuckled, “I'll get to it; leaving the best for last, so to speak.” “C'n feel Junior moving.” “Warm water *might send him to sleep. It has before, when we've had the water to spare for a bath.” Jayne chuckled, “That's good, coz I'm plannin' on sexing you until you beg for mercy!” Vera kissed and licked his shoulder, “Fever I've got right now, it ain't gonna happen!” Jayne moaned, “For Buddha's sake, just *touch me!” Vera was washing his back and chest, “Touching you pretty good, darling wan nao.” Jayne's voice descended to a growl, “Touch. Me. Get those fair hands where they'll do most good and I'll make you come so hard that you scream. A lot.” Vera gave in and let both hands slide downwards, around his shaft, “Better. Ohhh, much better.” Jayne jerked and swelled in her tender grip and moaned, “Sweet merciful Buddha; you have the *sweetest pair of hands.” Vera's voice trembled with desire, “My turn?” “C'm'ere.” It wasn't exactly a request, but Vera didn't mind one bit. * With some difficulty, Vera exchanged places with Jayne and sat in front of him. His hands weighed and caressed her breasts, then travelled down over her distended belly. “Ohhh. Talk about a sweet pair of hands..!” Vera gasped, then after only a short while, “Please. Jayne...” “Better get on your hands 'n knees; fittin' face ta face is gonna be tricky. Water's shallow 'nuff...” Vera was already moving to comply. Jayne had one hand fondling Vera's behind and the other on her belly as he eased himself slowly inside. It was Vera's turn to moan as he began to fill her, “Yessss...!” Jayne stroked down her stomach, “Stay asleep young'un. Ya Pa is just ridin' ya Ma to heaven and back.” His hand drifted lower and Vera yelled as she came, “Yeah. Like that mi mei gui. Don't hold back; give me everythin'. Sing out loud and sweet.” So Vera did and Jayne did; for most of the rest of the day and on into the evening. * Morning found Jayne lying flat out on the bed, snoring. His left arm was by his side and his right was flopped over his eyes. Vera picked her head off the right side of his chest and rubbed her bump. The baby stirred and turned under her hand. Vera smiled, “Better get used to the exercise, junior. Your Pa and I have about three months to catch up on, then I guess you'll be here and born,” she sighed, “Fitting in an active sex life with a baby's needs is going to be...interesting.” Jayne slowly came to and smiled at Vera with lazy satisfaction, “What a *night! Eight times!!” Vera smiled back, “Better make the most of it, darling wan nao! We'll be run ragged when this baby actually arrives.” Jayne stroked a strand of hair back from her face, “I'll help; you know that. Diapers and all. An' if Junior wakes us at three in the mornin', we'll take turns. Kaylee 'n Simon managed with twins and Zoe with Sarah.” Vera nodded, “And we've already got Kindergarten and school stuff set up on Serenity for the others. We'll cope.” “Told ya it'd be all right.” Vera drew Jayne's hand down to where the baby was wriggling, “Here. Feel Junior.” Jayne's smile was wide and warm, “Hey kiddo. You stay snug as a bug for a wee spell longer, huh? We'll meet ya soon 'nuff.” He looked at Vera, “Any chance of another peek at him with Simon's machine thing?” “We can do that.” Jayne's smile warmed with a lingering hint of desire, “Another ride afore we get breakfast and check that Clarry's okay?” Vera grinned, “We can do that, too. But gently, love.” “I can do that!” * Mal woke up with Inara asleep beside him. He frowned slightly. Over the last nearly twenty four hours, it had almost been like making love with an entirely different woman. Inara had been avid, demanding; practically ravishing him. Not that having a woman driving was a bad thing; Mal loved it. But Inara had never been quite so *intense before, making him serve *her pleasure. She'd done things to him that had kept him hard, ready and eager. He stroked her cheek. Inara's almost impossibly long sable lashes fluttered open and she looked very apologetic. “Mal; it's never been like *that before.” He smiled, “Ain't complaining.” She looked deep into his eyes, “Part of you is. And I'm apologising for perhaps shocking you with my need.” “I still love you.” Her lips curved, “I know; and I love you. Always will. But I'm thinking we took a step too many into the wild side for that secret, hidden romantic heart of yours.” “Maybe.” He shrugged, “No need to throw the baby out with the bathwater.” Inara smiled back, “Indeed not.” But there was something different and uneasy between them which hadn't been there since they stopped snarking at each other in frustration way back. * A day later, the Cotton Blossom was under way to the next village. The Captain had done some sterling work on the radio and the ship was towing a large pontoon with Serenity securely clamped in place on top. Everyone had dug deep in their pockets and the food and fuel re-stock of the boat would happen up at Naqada. While the boat rested again and the drinking water was recycled and purified, Jayne, Vera and Clarry went to Simon for another ultrasound. “Here we go. Ah, there's the head.” Vera smiled, “Looks a lot like you, Jayne.” “Better be a boy, then.” Simon continued, “Left arm, right arm. There's the heart beating.” Clarry was agog, “Wow.” Simon smiled, “Umbilical cord.” Jayne pointed, “He's all legs akimbo!” Vera's smile widened, “You slouch like that sometimes in the comfy chairs on Serenity.” Simon was carrying on, “Full bladder. Well, if you want to know for sure...” Jayne grinned, pointing again, “Ain't no doubt about it! He's hung like a horse, just like his Pa! An' ready fer action already!” Simon tried to maintain some decorum, “A full bladder can lead to involuntary erection in a young boy.” Jayne snorted, “Nah. He's a Cobb. We're ready for action at all times!” “Huh.” Simon gave Jayne a somewhat calculating look, “Familial inherited priapism? *Very rare. It could make a fascinating paper...” Jayne turned, hooked, “You ain't proddin' me or my boy there to see what makes us tick! Specially not our man parts!” Simon giggled, somewhat nervously, “I couldn't resist. I *was teasing.” Jayne's grin just widened and he gave Simon a friendly shove which sent him almost completely off-balance, “Yer getting' used ta me! Either that or Kaylee's loosened you up a whole heap.” “Probably a bit of both,” Simon said, colouring. “So, how are things going?” Vera asked, getting the subject on safer ground. Simon smiled with relief at the rescue, “He's fine. A bit big for a six month-old, but then both of you are on the large side. Might be born early, because he's more like a seventh month baby. Everything's going just as I'd expect. River's abilities in helping you both get pregnant are...extraordinary. I've no idea what will happen to your fertility *after your son is born; I'll have to keep an eye on that *and ask River.” * After the re-stock, the Cotton Blossom continued towing Serenity back to Alexandria. Finally, they arrived. Mal and the crew flew Serenity the short hop to the space port, then he and the others found the nearest bar with secure electronic transfer points. Within half an hour or so, Mal and the crews' credit cards were a whole heap richer, courtesy of Todd Lawless. He sent a Wave through a secure channel as well. “Hey, Mal. Thanks for the intel on the Reaver colony. My military specialists are looking at developing a deep, boring type of bomb which will go right down to the bottom of any further colonies.” “Hmm. We've got a dead Reaver embryo on ice. Might be a good idea to examine it to see *exactly what happened.” Todd sighed, “I've found out. When the Reaver hunters first went out, one was a DNA specialist. She concocted a potion, for want of a better word, intended to make the Reavers sterile. It did that to most of them...” Mal had Miranda firmly in his mind, “Let me guess; 10% of the females became super-fertile.” “Yeah, just a handful, but enough to spark off drone-like qualities in males and the whole ant colony scenario was up and running before you could say 'knife'. Other Reavers absorbed the hunters and now we have two differentiated groups of Reavers. Happily not many left, but while there's one Reaver alive, the whole thing can start up again.” “Well, we've got children on board and I *know that three months dealing with the one colony stretched us and was *not good for the parents and kids amongst us. Consider us off Reaver hunting duties, please. No matter how good the coin is. We'll be headed off for our Fall harvest helping and hauling produce again when the time comes.” “Sorry to hear that, but I know you want to stay off the radar.” “Indeed. Best to you and Jenneth. Let her know that Vera's six months' gone and it's a boy and he's fine. And we can space that gorram go se piece of Reaver carcass. Even Ares the dog won't go near it!” Todd grinned, “We're adopting. Not exactly personally, but we've got the first in a string of kids' homes here on Ariel coming along. Lot of kids left without parents after the Reaver attacks here.” “Sounds good. Over.” “Stay safe. Todd out.” *


Sunday, June 17, 2007 3:32 PM


Well now...wonder if someone will get around to studying what exactly separates the 10% from the rest of the surviving Reavers in their biology re: sterility vs. fertility?


Still...antoher brilliant chapter, Vera! One thing I really wanna see is just where you're going with Mal and Inara's new awkwardness...though I really hope it's just a short-term rough spot:(



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