Do the Impossible [Repost]
Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jaylee: NC17+, not for kiddies. AU to the Vera-inhabited stories I've previously written. My 'take' on how Jayne and Kaylee might get it together, post movie. I'm reposting because it seems to have disappeared for some unknown reason. Anyway, it has The Sexing, so be warned!




* They say the odds are stacked against us But that can't hold us back, we will be relentless There's a voice they're gonna hear A voice so loud and clear So let them say we can't do it, give us a mountain, and we're gonna move it.. cause..

I can (oh I can) Do the impossible (do the impossible) I have the power in my hands, and I won't stop Cause I've got to make a difference in this life With my one voice, one heart, two hands, we can


[Do the impossible – LeeAnn Rimes]


[Most of the Jaylee angles that have flitted through my head have been covered admirably by other writers. This has some things in common with other Jaylees, but with a different character helping put a match to the flame!!!]

[AU to all the other stories I've written; coz the proposed Sheriff Vera's MY invention!]


Kaylee was as nervous as hell. Simon had proposed, she'd said yes and now she was meeting his parents. They'd flown to the Tam estate and Kaylee had felt like a fish out of water even before the doors to the big house opened. She was rim born and bred, out of hardy mechanic and farming stock. She felt more out of place here on these manicured lawns that she had when those catty women had put her down at the ball for having her beloved old-fashioned gown. She'd put a pretty Summer frock on, it's true, but she felt awkward to be so spit and polished.

Simon squeezed her hand, “I'm right with you, bao bei.”


The Tams were stiff, but polite. Regan had sniffed a bit at the entire Serenity crew, but they'd been made welcome, if a little frostily. It was the pointed, almost under the breath remarks to Kaylee whenever Regan and Gabriel got close that got to her. It didn't help that they were otherwise welcoming and polite or that Simon had trouble believing Kaylee. The latter made her burst into tears.

“It's not right! They make me feel like a country hick! You could stand up for me!”

Simon held her, “I can't understand it. Mother and Father always said we should welcome everyone.”

“They ain't welcoming me into your family!”

“Bao bei, I'm sure you're hearing them wrong.”

“Not when your Ma says I'll never be welcome, no!”

“She never said that in *my hearing.”

“That's the problem!” Kaylee was steamed up by now, “They're saying stuff real quiet an' nasty as they pass me.”

Simon ran his hands through his hair, “This is just...awkward. I love you, but I love my parents as well. Maybe if I talk to Mother and Father...”

“They'll likely deny it.”

“Bao bei; don't make me chose between you!”

Kaylee folded her arms, “Not makin' ya; but I think you hafta. Is your heart with me and a future bein' together on Serenity, or is it here, where you were raised?”

Simon sighed and nodded, “You're right, of course. That's the crux of the problem. A lot of my hopes and dreams are still here, as well as with you and River.”


River looked at Kaylee and came closer, touching the other woman's arm, “He's torn.”

“So am I.” Kaylee sighed, “We'd bin doing great. Sex was good.”

“I know.” River smiled.

“Thought we loved each other.”

River tilted her head on one side, “You can't have children.”

“He said my love was enough for him.”

“Should have been, but he started drawing away once he had the medical diagnosis in his hands.”

Kaylee sighed, “You're right. It became a barrier between us, 'n I started drawin' back as well.”

“Simon can't fix it. Got enough on his plate helping me mend. You can't help those twists and tangles, stopping the eggs getting through. And the eggs don't mature. I'm so sorry, Kaylee.” River hugged her and Kaylee let the tears come.

“Usually me hugging you.” Kaylee commented, once she'd got her voice back somewhere close to steady.

River rubbed Kaylee's back, “You're not the only one on board Serenity who can't have children. I won't have any of my own either, but I've already decided to adopt one day.”

“'N I s'pose Inara's taking stuff to stop her having kids.”

“Yes. Simon's a boob. He loves you, but he's not the one you're meant for. There's someone else for Simon too; we just haven't met her yet.”

“Just wanted someone to be with, mebbe grow old with, have fun with.” Kaylee started brightening up.

“You'll find him, once you stop looking.”

“Thought Simon was the One. He's so shiny!” Kaylee sighed, and let Simon go; just like that. If he couldn't stand by her against all comers, he wasn't the right one.

River giggled, “Can't say as I've noticed that, but there's a diamond in the rough too. You find him, you'll have real and lasting love.”

“Okay. No clues, huh?”

River shook her head, “Way to go yet.”


So Kaylee and Simon had a real, honest talk. It was probably the hardest thing she'd done to date, but she did it. There were tears and sadness, but in the end they both realised they had been trying to fix something that had broken some months before. The sojourn with the Tams ended in a very different mood compared to how it has started. Simon and Kaylee had come to a gentle closure to their relationship and happily the atmosphere on board wasn't strained, apart from Jayne making snide comments about Simon's supposed lack of prowess in the sack or the presumed small size of his manhood. Kaylee had eventually angrily rounded on Jayne, telling him to 'shut the cao up' and to her complete surprise, he had. After that, the Alliance had got feisty and they'd had to go on the run, dodging and diving and generally staying as far under the radar as possible for the best part of four months. Most of the crew had extra scars by the time the heat was off and they had to find somewhere quiet to hole up and heal for some time, including fixing the ship.

Jayne grinned helpfully at the crew, “My Ma and Pa's farm is in the middle of no and where on Newhall. They'll take us in!” So to Newhall they duly limped.


Kaylee smelt the green of Jayne's home almost before she saw it. The wooden pale grey clapboard farmhouse reminded her strongly of the place she'd grown up. Big living room, huge kitchen with a range at one end, six bedrooms and a couple of bathrooms, plus a study. The whole house was surrounded by a wooden verandah and grass in all directions except for a river to the north. Three similar houses stood nearby, set apart across the grass and chickens wandered freely to the rear. Somewhere to the south the white blobs of sheep could be seen grazing low hills. It was fairly early in the morning.

Jayne grinned, spreding his arms, “It's all Cobb land; everythin' from the river southward and pretty much as far as you can see east and west.”

Mal nodded, “Quite a spread your folks have got.”

“Ain't just them; there's Mattie and my sister and her huge brood. Here they come now!”

A tall, forty-something handsome woman with similar colouring to Jayne, plus a white haired lady just over five feet tall came out to meet them, surrounded by a positive gaggle of children of everything from young adult down to toddlers. Some had the dark hair and blue eyes which seemed to run pretty strong in the Cobb family, but all the others were clearly from different ethnicities.

Jayne stepped forward, “Hey kids; hey Ma and Sam!”

He managed to get that out before being swamped in children and going down under their enthusiasm. He'd just had time to ditch most of his weapons in advance of the flood. The rest of the crew boggled at seeing Jayne laughing, rolling, tickling and mock-wrestling with the children.

Zoe commented for all of them, “That's him? That's our hardened merc?”

Jayne grinned at her through the melee, “I'll still pinch ya if you like!”


Kaylee went to rescue the guns, along with Zoe. The children finally let go of 'Unkie Jayne' and let him stand up. He hugged his diminutive mother and his presumably older sister and ruefully retrieved his weapons whilst making introductions.

“This is my Ma; her given name's Val and this is my sister Sam. Pa an' Mattie will be inside, I guess?”

Val Cobb nodded, “Damplung's stopped him going to help out with the sheep again.”

Simon stepped forward, “If there's anything I can do...? It's not a term I've heard before, apart from when Jayne read out your letter some time ago.”

“You a doctor, son? Well, anything you can do to ease the problem will be right welcome. Sheep are mostly wild and Sam's fella's stretched in lookin' after 'em with their eldest two.”

So, they went inside for a meal, several beers and to get more acquainted. The older children eventually dispersed to their various chores and Sam took the younger ones off by mule to school or kindergarten in the nearest town. Only Kaylee noticed the tiny wistful look in Jayne's eyes as the children left. She was still grappling with the new knowledge that Jayne was great with children; at least some of the time.


Simon went into Mattie's room. Here was a man slightly younger than Jayne, but the family resemblance was strong. However, almost everywhere that Jayne was strong, this man was weak, except in spirit. That was fierce enough to remind Simon of the elder brother. Simon did a full examination. After two hours he returned to Val Cobb.

“It's one of the newest, rarest forms of Eosinophilic pneumonia. I'm not surprised you called it 'damplung'.”

“Is there anything that you can do?”

Simon nodded, “A long course of specific steroids and antibiotics plus good food and I'd advise him steering well clear of those sheep until you've got a vet to check them out for any infections.”

Ma Cobb looked at him, eyes bright, “He'll get better?”

Simon let out a breath, “I believe so. Don't worry about the cost of the medicines; consider it my gift for staying here.”

Jayne punched Simon's shoulder, “Sometimes, Doc, you're okay; even if you didn't do right by li'l Kaylee.”

Simon sighed, “We tried; but there were too many differences between us.” He turned back to Val Cobb, “You have a hospital here or something?”

Val nodded, “Andersonville. Over on the east coast; they train doctors. It's a good day's ride in a mule, though.”

“Ah. So Mattie hasn't seen a doctor very often?”

“Not really. We mostly only call on 'em if we've got a bad broken leg needs mendin' or someone's got a gut wound or appendicitis or there's a baby coming.”

Simon nodded, “And this form of pneumonia is extremely rare. I've only seen it in text books and on film. You and Mattie are lucky I came. I believe we've caught it whilst it's curable.”

“Thanks, doc.”

“Simon; please. Have you got a spare mule I can borrow? I'll return it with the medicines in a day or two. Anything else you need fetching from that way, for that matter.”

Kaylee put in her bid, “I need *lots of bits for Serenity!”

Val replied, “Ah, wrong direction. Big ship yard and junk yards are the other way, over in Burnham to the west. That's where Tam works in welding, when they call for him.”

Mal chimed in, “Looks like we need two mules going in two different directions, then. Which is the best way for the vet?”

“Andersonville. Vet school near the med school.”

Simon nodded, picking up his bag and a modest pouch of coin, “I'll get going, then and fetch the vet for you. The sooner Mattie has some medicine in him, the better.”

River trailed with him, “Don't forget me!”

Simon smiled at her, “Okay; you can drive. You're a better pilot than I'll ever be!”

Kaylee went to make a list of all the parts she needed for Serenity.


Later, that evening, Kaylee was standing on the verandah looking westwards. Jayne was rough-housing with the children again, playing some form of tag, along with Sam and her husband. Val came and joined Kaylee.

“You're surprised at my son, huh?”

Kaylee nodded, “Never thought he could be like that with kids.” She sighed, “An' it was my not bein' able to have 'em which didn't help with Simon 'n me.”

“He wasn't always a hardened merc. He spent his childhood here and left in his teens.”

The children gathered and ran off towards their home with Sam and her husband.

“There's that sad look in his eyes again.”

“Ah. You'd noticed. *He can't have kids either. Measles at the wrong time.”

Suddenly Kaylee got a whole lot of insight into Jayne, “So *that's what makes him mean an' cranky sometimes. An' drives him to whores. They don't care if he can't give 'em kids. 'S'plains why he ain't settled on one woman either.”

“Oh, I think he would, if it was the right woman. A lot turns on the reason he left in the first place. Teen love; first love. She was petite, red-haired and gorgeous. Jayne fell like a stone. It was going well till he told her he couldn't have kids. She gave him a bitter, resentful, nasty and hurtful mouthful and he just packed up and left.”

“That wasn't nice. It explains why Jayne's so guarded sometimes. But he's always needlin' folk. Mostly Simon or me, until recently.”

Val asked quietly, “And why do you think that is, huh?”

“Don't think he and Simon have ever quite seen eye to eye.”

“Uh-huh. Tell you something, as a mother who knows her son, he's in love right now. Up to his ears in it, unrequited. And this isn't the first love of a green boy in his teens, this is the life-long lasting adult sort.”

“But Jayne ain't shy! He's probably had more women than I've had...well, hot dinners!” Kaylee didn't feel quite ready to divulge her own personal well-marked score card as far as men were concerned, certainly not to Jayne's mother.

“Mebbe he thinks there's no hope.”

“Well, I can't think who it could be.”

“Really? Amongst the women on your ship, is there anyone he might have fallen for?”

“Inara. She's absolutely gorgeous and a Companion. I could see any man falling for her, but her heart's set on Cap'n Mal, 'cept he's in denial. Oooh, that'd be hard on Jayne. In love with a woman who's in love with someone else.”

“Indeed. Anyone else?”

“Can't be Zoe. 'Least I hope not. She won't even look at another man since Wash died, plus Jayne and she have been untrusting of one another, largely. Can't be River. Jayne's real wary of her, plus she's barely eighteen. It'd be cradle-robbing and she's...special.”

Val smiled, “I can tell a psychic when I see one. Simon's wrapped up in helping her.”

“I can totally understand that, but it didn't exactly help. River asks *very searching personal questions!”

“So, it couldn't be you, then?”

Kaylee boggled, “Wuh de mah! Ain't even considered... Glory be! But Jayne's bin so ornery. Rude 'n crude and chasin' whores. Ain't even *tried to touch me or nuttin'.”

“Way I hear it, neither did Simon, but you held a torch for him for a long time before anything happened. And has Jayne *really always been ornery towards you?”

Kaylee's mouth fell open as she remembered, “Back at the start, 'fore Simon joined us with River, Jayne was more like my big brother. Cappy had warned us all off ship-board romances, even given Zoe and Wash was solid. Jayne was talkin' dirty, as per usual, but I ain't exactly got a clean mouth myself. He'd joke and wink and sometimes leer a little at me. Got me couple of special spanners I needed for the engine 'n some grease for the piston.” Kaylee suddenly got it, “Ta ma duh! The big lug was slowly courtin' me, only way he knew how to sneakily get me to start to take notice an' I never knew it! Simon came along and distracted me an' Jayne stopped tryin'.”

“Well, now you know. Thing is, how do you feel?”

Kaylee was still gobsmacked, “I really don't know.”

Val covered Kaylee's hand with her own, “Be very sure. If you really can't ever see yourself loving him back, have the decency to tell him, soon. But if you settle, it'll be always and forever as far as Jayne is concerned, even if you never hear the words from his lips.”


Kaylee spent a fairly restless night in bed at the Cobb place. Dreams were a jumble of Simon and Jayne, but mostly the latter. Little things she'd half-forgotten came to her memory. Phrases that Jayne had let slip quietly near her that she now realised were early, perhaps slightly fumbled attempts to gauge her interest. Little fleeting touches that had seemed innocent at the time, but her body and libido were now telling her loud and clear had been anything but.

'The hwoon dahn was primin' me to his touch and I never paid it no mind. Ach, you naughty hai dao*; I'm payin' all sorts of attention now, when it's probably way too late.' Then she realised he hadn't apparently visited whores or had any women - as far as she was aware - since the first flush of female adulation after Miranda. Nearly two years without sex for Jayne was close to unnatural, like the sun coming up green. Day came soon enough and with it the trip to Burnham for parts.


Jayne spotted that she looked under the weather, “You okay, Kaylee-girl? Want me to ride shot-gun with ya to Burnham?”

Kaylee looked at Jayne. Really looked, for the first time in ages and managed a smile, despite her tiredness, “Didn't sleep so good last night. And I'd 'preciate a big gun hand as can mebbe help get stuff at a good price for us.”

Jayne grinned, “Well, all right, then.”

Val Cobb put breakfast in front of them, “With the list you've got and all the scrap yards in Burnham, you could well be there overnight, mebbe even two or three. Might want to plan for that.”

Kaylee caught the ghost of a wink in Ma Cobb's eyes, “Okay. I'll pack a small overnight bag.”

“Ya don't mind spendin' a couple of nights with me?”


Kaylee had to clamp her mind down on the frankly poronographic images suddenly running through her brain. She managed to cover herself by pretending something had tried to go down the wrong way, cueing a lot of coughing. Once she'd drunk some juice and got her voice back she responded.

“Not at all. I trust you to look after me, Jayne.”

“Hell, darlin'; with any other woman that'd be close to a come-on!”

Kaylee grinned at him, finding a good riposte, “What, even with Zoe?”

“Not even if he was the last man alive in the 'verse.” Zoe responded.

Jayne and Kaylee were enjoying the sudden and somewhat unexpected rush between them. Jayne's grin turned smoky and Kaylee saw how blue eyes could blaze with fire and arousal. She suddenly knew how she felt about Jayne.

Jayne didn't take his eyes off Kaylee's for one instant, “No offence, Zo; but there's powerful attraction in a woman who knows *exactly what to do with her hands.”

Kaylee was really enjoying the frisson, “There's this big piston in the engine needs special greasin' by hand.”

Jayne growled, low and sexy, “God; please tell me more!”

Mal banged the table, spoiling the moment, “Wuh de mah! You two; curb your talk or I'm sending Zoe along to play gooseberry!” Jayne and Kaylee both pouted and came to heel, behaving in case the trip be ruined by Mal's interference.


Within an hour or two they were off. Kaylee had taken the chance and packed something slinky along with her wash bag and shopping list. Jayne had steered clear or behaved himself in her presence. Kaylee yawned as she got on to the mule.

Jayne smiled at her, “You go to sleep if you wanna. It'll take most of the day to get to Burnham an' I'm happy to drive. I know the way all right.” Kaylee tried to stay awake for a while, but the lure of Jayne's shoulder as a pillow was too tempting. She tucked herself against him and nodded off. Jayne woke her at lunch time and they shared a pic-nic meal before driving on. Kaylee was awake properly by now, rested after her nap.

Jayne lazily put his arm over her shoulders, “So, about this big piston...?”

Kaylee looked at him, “Is that *really what you want to talk about?”

“Hell, I wouldn't complain! I'd give a lot to hear you talk dirty. But no; mebbe later. I know you and Simon broke up and you're friends now, but did he go and break your heart as well? Coz if so, I'll gladly punch him one for ya.”

“I can do my *own punching, and no, not really. Not if I'm being honest. He was like this shining star that I thought I wanted more'n anythin' else. Turns out it was a lot of shine and not enough...substance, for both of us. It didn't help that I can't have my own children.”

Jayne paused for a moment or two, then swore, “Hell, if a guy loved ya fiercely enough he wouldn't mind that. My sister's got her own brood, but ya saw there's a whole passel of adopted kids in her family.”

“Yeah, I did. They're all so cute. Not that Serenity's a good place to raise a family anyways and *she's my home now.”

Jayne nodded, “Line of work we're in, it's not safe. The Alliance or some other ruttin' hwoon dahn could kidnap 'em or kill 'em and that'd likely be worse than not havin' them in the first place.”

“Not safe havin' a baby near my girl, for a start.”

Jayne chuckled, “*She's very much your baby, the engine. Like *my girls.”

“Ah; you mean your guns!”

“An' the knives and grenades.”

Kaylee's lips twitched, “Not your pin-ups?”

“Pfft, not so much. Pictures in my mind are much better these days.”


They made it to Burnham by early evening and checked into the hotel. Val had pre-booked a twin room for them. They found an evening meal and a few beers and settled in. Kaylee was surprised when Jayne did nothing. Barely a touch or a word out of place. He was friendly, almost solicitous, but still acted as though Kaylee was his little sister. She began to pine for the delicious, arousing frisson they'd started over breakfast at the Cobb homestead. Kaylee didn't know how to react or what to say or do to get back there to start again. The next day, as they started on the junk yards after breakfast, she decided to take the bull – as in Jayne – by the horns.

“Jayne, remember the smutty talk yesterday?”

He slashed a grin, “Hell, yeah!”

“We kinda stopped an' I'm missin' it.”

He slung an arm casually around her shoulders, “I'll talk dirty with you any time you like!”

“And do you *play dirty, Jayne?”

His arm suddenly disappeared, “Don't tempt me, li'l Kaylee.”

“Why not? Are you scared of sex suddenly?”

He turned her by the shoulders, nostrils flaring and eyes hot, his jaw clenched, “Don't. Bein' alone with you is sweeter than I can tell you. I'm a hair away from dragging you back to the hotel and showin' you how much, but that'd be a mistake.”


His hands tightened on her shoulders, then he gently pushed her away, “Kaylee, don't. It'd tear apart.”

Kaylee almost glared at him, “Coward!”

“I ain't a ruttin' coward!!”

“So, why are you holding back?”

He shook her gently, face both angry and distraught, “Please don't ask. Just leave it, Kaylee! Let me be your brother 'n that's enough.”

“What if that ain't enough for me?”

His eyes closed, his face taut, “Don't dangle an' tease me with dreams.”

Kaylee looked at him, “I was right before. You're a coward who is incapable of trustin' what's right in front of him.”

Jayne glowered at her, “I'm off! I'm not staying here!” He stomped away.

Kaylee's voice followed him, “Hey, aintcha gonna help me buy parts?”


A couple of hours later, Jayne was back. He'd put up some kind of mask or barrier and spoke to Kaylee only the bare minimum necessary . Kaylee recognised the cold, hardened merc side of Jayne, not the warmer and frankly sexier man she'd caught glimpses of before. She decided not to comment on the change, but carry on buying the parts she needed. They'd bought about half the bits by the time it was time to find supper. Time for guerilla action on Kaylee's part. If this didn't kick start something; even a violent ravishing [she shivered at the thought of the power of that], it might make a dent or three in the armour Jayne had put up to protect himself. Trouble was, it was imprisoning him at the same time.


“I'll just change for supper, Jayne.”

“Hungh.” He was firmly in communicate-by-grunts mode.

Kaylee smiled. She could do a quick change and hopefully blow his socks off at the same time. She piled her hair up with a band and stuck a couple of shortened red chopsticks through the loose bun she'd created. Bit of lippy, some blue eyeliner and the red slinky Chinese satin dress. It was cut daringly low at the back and made the most of her modest breasts at the front. Pair of sky-high heeled red sandles, 'forget' to wear panties and she was done.

“So, Jayne; will I do?”

He turned, clocked her and his jaw dropped open. He moved towards her several paces; predatory, determined, then checked himelf and stopped. When it came, his voice was tight with lust and amazement.

“My yang gang*, my sweet gong zhu*; what are ya *doin' to me?”

She smiled tenderly at him, at the amazingly sweet words he'd used, and came closer to the barely contained inferno which was Jayne, “Jayne?”

His hands clenched and unclenched; voice low, dangerous and sexy, “Dontcha be playin' with me, girl.”

“I'm seeing someone free an' clear who I know now I should'a seen from the start. No ghosts, no playin'.”

His finger caught a loose strand of her hair, “Spun honey.” His gaze burned her like fire and she rejoiced in the incredible power and depth of it, “This ain't just you an' me gettin' sexed up, woman.”

“I know.” She said, quietly, firmly.

He took a breath and jumped, “This would be me giftin' ya with my heart, my very soul, if'n I have one.”

He would have said more, but she placed a gentle finger on his lips. Her eyes glowed with the love she hadn't spoken, “That's even sweeter 'n shinier than I'd hoped, because I'd be givin' ya mine right back.”

“For true?” He seemed to want to look right into the depths of her soul and she let him.

Kaylee mentally crossed her fingers, taking her own leap of faith, “I love you, Jayne Cobb.”

His eyes closed, “Merciful Buddha.” Then they opened and Kaylee didn't need the words. Everything she needed was there in the deepest, most piercing glance she'd ever known.

Jayne's mouth curved crookedly, “Either I'm havin' the best dream of my entire life, or this is real and true.”

Kaylee pinched him gently, “Feel that, darlin' wan nao?”

His grin went sinfully wicked and he dragged her against him, “Feel *this!”


His lips teased hers delicately and Kaylee gasped and responded. Every inch of Jayne was plastering her against the wall, and he'd either hidden something like a large zucchini in his pants, or...good Lord, it was getting bigger. She was aroused to the point of pain in seconds. The love, the longing, the need plus that amazing, rock hard... Man had to be hung like a *horse. Her womb clenched and her quim was dripping. She moaned as she kissed him back. Jayne's lips were expert and his fingers drifted delicately over her. She was aware of her hair falling around her face and Jayne's tongue coaxing more and more from her own. He drew back a couple of inches and satin whispered to the floor. Jayne had got her down to nothing but heels in less than five minutes. She tugged at his tee shirt and her let her pull it off, grinning; flipping his boots and socks off as he did so. Then it was another long, drugged kiss as his hands cupped and teased her breasts, one hand dipping lower to bring her right to the edge of orgasm. He broke off the kiss to look down at her mound. Below a tidy, modest triangle of curls, she was hairless.

“Spun honey hair, huh? An' ya shaved for me?” Jayne's grin had reached his ears.

Kaylee gasped, but managed, “Lasered. No re-growth.”

Jayne moaned and his jaw tightened as his gaze travelled back and he drank in her breasts, “Good Lord. Pink suckable nipples 'n all. If'n you ain't the most temptin' package known to man...” He dipped his head and gave action to his words, closing his mouth around one of her nipples. Kaylee moaned with pleasure.

Kaylee let her own hands wander over and through the crisp, soft hair on his chest, “You too.”

He chuckled, “Left ya high and dry, my sweet sunshine. Here; let Jayne kiss it *all better.”


He shimmied down, his thick chest hair teasing against her and making her purr and arch. Then his mouth was right where it'd be of most use. He was good. Heck, he was expert. She clung to his head as he steered her straight back up and over into one of the sweetest orgasms of her life. Then he stood up, face wet and mouth in a wide grin. He picked her up and carried her to one of the beds.

Kaylee put her hand on his chest, “Want to see you naked, too!”

He kneeled between her thighs, breathing deep, still grinning, “Wanna get the measure of me, huh?”

Kaylee grinned, “I *love handling tools!” And suddenly they were back into thinly veiled smut.

He stopped her hands, matching her dirty grin, “Not *too much handlin', or I'll be comin' in my pants when I want to come as deep inside you as I can get.”

Kaylee started on the buttons on his pants. Jayne deliberately held and shielded himself out of the way of her touch, then let go once his pants were sinking around his thighs. His erection sprang up, thick and long, up past his belly button, balls full and heavy.

Kaylee's mouth dropped open, “Merciful Buddha! I swear, you're the same size as that big piston on Serenity's engine!” She gently traced the length of him with her fingertips.

Jayne chuckled, “Is that the one which slides right home inside that tight sheath?” His fingers were doing gorgeous, rude things to her, bringing her right back up to the edge again.

Kaylee hiccuped, gasped and grinned right back, “Yeah. It's a real tight fit, which is why it needs greasin' all over; but when it's in there, it pumps away for hours...”

Jayne's eyes glazed over and he put a finger on her mouth, “Enough! Ain't gonna be even close to hours this time, but in the future...” His gaze held hot promise, “And you can tell me lots more about that big piston another time, huh?”

“There's gonna be more, later?”

Jayne chuckled and put himself right at her entrance, “Darlin'; after supper I'm gonna do you over and over again until you beg for mercy!”

“Never gonna happen, big boy!”

“Kaylee.” She looked at him and he mouthed the words, 'I love you' and then took her breath away completely by filling her slow and sweet, right up to the hilt.

“Oh, Jayne! I've never been so full!”

He was slid tight against her public bone and her G spot and there was a second melting place deep inside her that no other man had even got close to touching where Jayne was pressing sweetly and *that was keeping her right on the edge of ecstacy.

Jayne was breathing extra hard, “Never had all of *me inside a woman before, either. God, you feel *gorgeous!”

His finger swirled delicately around the swollen bud between her nether folds and Kaylee's head went back as her second orgasm hit. Then Jayne was moving and the pleasure went on and on in relentless waves.

“Kaylee-love.” She looked up, dazed with passion. It was like looking into the deepest, clearest cove in the ocean. Jayne smiled; sweet, hot and tender, “Here I come, darlin'.”

And he did, growling deep, like it was coming from the very soul of him into her, which she reckoned was pretty much the truth. His climax was slow and long, then he gently rolled over so that she was pillowed on top of him.

Her stomach gurgled, and she chuckled, “Sorry!”

He chuckled and wrapped his arms around her, “Food soon, promise; but I've got heaven in my arms right now.”

“Me too.”


In due course, Jayne woke up and gallantly helped Kaylee dress again, even teasing her hair back up into place.

“Much as I like the thought of you without panties, better put some on to go out for food, yang guang.”

Kaylee giggled at him in the mirror, “Don't worry, I've got this satin thong that goes with the dress.”

Jayne kissed her shoulder, “Gonna need you to model that, later.” He pulled his clothes back on, smoothing his rumpled hair into place and picking up his gun belt.

She stood up and held out her arm, “Ready, darling hai dao?”

He took her arm, twinkling at her, “Ready.” He stopped as he caught up the room key and had his hand on the door handle, “Ai ren?” It was like he was trying the sound, checking it out with his ears and hers.

Kaylee nodded, “Yes; ai ren. Always, from now on.”

He glowed at her and squeezed her hand, “All right then! If we're sure an' solid I can play all sorts of fun games with you.”

“Likewise!” They walked along the corridoor.


Jayne was attentive throughout supper. He kept fixing her with hot glances that told Kaylee without words that he was thinking about what they'd done an hour ago and what they'd be doing again before long. Finally curiosity got the better of him and he started asking questions.

“How old were ya; the first time?”

Kaylee grinned, “You mean sex.”

“Yeah; full on, the whole way.”

“You first, cheeky!”

He havered a bit, “Gorram. 'Kay; I was thirteen.”

“And hung like you are now?”

He nodded, “Puberty at eleven, shot up like a rocket and everythin'...grew!”

“Talk about a shiny package of temptation! I'd've been the one, if I'd been there!”

“Darlin', you weren't even a twinkle in your Poppa's eye. Must have at least ten years on you, probably over fifteen.”

“I was fourteen, my first time.” She felt he'd earned that much.

“An' a natural tease, I'll be bettin'. You do that sassy sunshine smile and sway that pert little tush of yours and I bet all the straight guys in your class wanted you!”

Kaylee blushed and looked at him, “You think I've got a pert tush?”

“Yeah and you know it! I'll show ya how much it turns me on, later. Times I've fantasised about bendin' you over and takin' you doggy style until you screamed with ecstasy...”

Kaylee shivered with anticipation, “Later!”

Jayne's bread roll suddenly crumbled to dust in his fist, “Merciful Buddha! Was that a promise?”

Kaylee looked dead into his eyes, “We love each other. Anything you want to do with me in bed – or out of it – is okay.”

Jayne's voice went tight again, “*Anythin'? Coz, darlin', I've got real kinky 'n naughty ideas where you're concerned!”

Kaylee's chin lifted, “*Anything.” She grinned, “The kinkier, the better!”

Jayne put his mouth next to her ear, “What about...?” and he added something in a whisper.


“Gorram! And...” He upped the stakes with another urgent whispered suggestion.

Kaylee moaned, “Yes, *please!”

“Lord have mercy! What about this taboo...?” He whispered something he'd always fancied but never done, adding, “Even whores wouldn't let me try *that.”

Kaylee gasped, “Wow!” She turned his face back to hers. “Ain' summat I've done, but I always hankered to try. An' the thought of you doin' it with me...” She growled softly, “Oh, please. Yes, a *hundred times yes!”

“Really?” His eyebrows were in an almost disbelieving, stunned expression.

She grinned, upping the stakes, “Would you like me to beg?”

Jayne moaned and licked his lips, “Thought of you beggin' me for *any kind of sex...”

Kaylee turned away as the waitress came back, “Food's arrived!”

“I'm in Hell,” Jayne muttered, “It's the only explanation. I'm in Hell and I'm bein' tortured slowly to death by a sexy female devil who's at least as slutty as me!”


After food, Jayne hurried Kaylee back up the stairs. He made short work of her dress, then looked at her for quite a long time in just the heels and the thong. He peeled off his own clothes.

“Hands against the bed.” Kaylee complied, “Mmm, bend lower 'n stick that tush out.” His fingers drifted over her behind. “Now spread 'em.” Kaylee's legs began to shake as he teased up and down them with fingers and mouth, getting close to but not reaching the apex of her thighs. Finally he held the thong to one side and feasted on her. He brought her right to the edge, then went back to the beginning and started the sweet torture again. A second time he used his mouth on her until she was just on the verge of orgasm, then started from the beginning.


“Yeah?” He sounded nonchalant.


He delicately teased her painfully swollen bud with the very tip of his tongue, “Please what?”

“Please let me come!”

His hands reached under her to fondle her breasts, “Say, 'Take me from behind, Jayne, take me hard'.”

“Oh, God, yes!”

His hands drifted down to circle her ankles, “Uh-uh. Nope, not quite the right words. Kneel and spread 'em wider, wide as they'll go, head down on the bed.” Kaylee moved. Jayne snapped the thong on both sides. Her knees and lower legs were balanced on the edge of the bed, her rump high in the air and she was completely exposed. She could hear Jayne breathing really heavily behind her.


His nostrils flared, “So gorram pretty.”

Kaylee was shaking all over with desire, “Take me from behind, Jayne, take me hard!”

“Good *girl.” He pushed in, caressing her just right and Kaylee keened loud and long as she came. Then he took her relentlessly to peak after peak as he rode her. Kaylee yelled and screamed. Jayne threw his head back as he lost control, pounding in her until he exploded in a violent orgasm. He sank down, drained, on top of her.

“Was that the sort of thing you wanted?”

“Hell, yeah. Damn near blew the top of my head off, you darlin' minx.”

“And mine.”

“Mmm,” He rolled off her and pillowed her on his chest,”Have to try that in the engine room when no-one's about.”

“Engines make me *hot.”

“I'll remember that!”


Several times during the night, Jayne turned to Kaylee – or she turned to him – and they made love in a dreamy half-asleep state. Morning finally came and they slept in; not surprising after the efforts of the night before. Jayne finally roused scratching his chest and slowly grinning.

He kissed Kayle's head, “Lord, woman; ya damn wore me out last night!”

She peeked down at him through seriously tousled hair, “I *love sex and I'm findin' I *adore sex with you!”

Jayne yawned, “Well, ya drained me dry, sweet love; so I need me some breakfast!”


He chuckled, “Nuttin's gonna happen.”

“Well, as long as a shower happens, I'm shiny!”

Jayne mock-growled and chased her to the bathroom. As it happened, Jayne was proved wrong. Somewhere in the middle of shower gel and shampoo, Kaylee's hands and nearness had done the trick.

He moaned, “Reckon you could get a rise outta a dead man!”

“Let Kaylee kiss it all better, Jayne.”

Jayne turned off the water. He wasn't missing a second of this. The tip of her tongue slowly traced up his length and he knew from that first touch that he was going to come long and hard for her yet again.

“Ohh, gorram...! I swear, I musta done summat good to deserve all this!” Then her tongue swirled around the tip of him teasingly and his brain shut down. She took him into her mouth at last and Jayne came, growling deep just like every time before.

Kaylee stood up, eyes twinkling, “You love me. That's good enough. All better now?”

He gently kissed her lips, “Yeah! Breakfast, sweet hussy!”


After breakfast and successfully concluding the shopping for Serenity, they stayed another night, yet again not getting much sleep, then headed back to the farmhouse the next morning. Jayne got on the mule and presented Kaylee with a beautiful dark red orchid made of silk.

“Ohh, it's beautiful, Jayne!” She kissed his cheek.

He grinned, “Petals are the same colour as yours, darlin'.”

Kaylee blushed, “I'm gonna put it in my hair.”

“Mebbe you can wear it on the left if you're in the mood for summat, huh? Be our private visual signal?”

Kaylee giggled, “It'll be on the left constantly!”

“You're gonna have me hard for you twenty-four-seven; aren't you?”

On the way back to the Cobb farm, Jayne drove to dunes near an inland lake, where they camped for the night. They found a quiet spot and the next morning, Jayne carried a still naked Kaylee and placed her in her padded bedroll on top of the pile of parts for Serenity and pleasured her over and over, until she was limp and glowing with satisfaction. Then they carried on.


Val was there waiting for them at the farmhouse and beside her was Mattie, already looking much stronger than he had several days before.

He smiled at Jayne, “Doc says I'm gonna be totally free of the damplung 'fore long.”

Jayne swallowed a lump in his throat, “Gorram. Must thank that pantywaist Doc. At least he did summat right.”

Val smiled knowingly, “You got some news for me, Jayne?”

Jayne grinned awkwardly , “Kaylee and I; well, we came to an arrangement and she's my woman now.”

“And he's my man!”

Val grinned, “Thought so. I can usually tell when a woman's been pleasured six ways till breakfast!”

Kaylee's grin widened, “Make that over a dozen times to date in the last few days! Jayne's an amazing stud!”

Jayne's ears went pink, “Gorram; Kaylee!”

Val handed Kaylee a knitted hat identical to Jayne's, “Welcome to the family, love.”

“Thanks, Ma Cobb!”

Mal was leaning against the verandah, “Kayleewinnit Frye; thought I told ya about not fraternizing with my crew!”

Kaylee grinned back, “Last one, Cap'n, promise. This one's for keeps; an' in any case, ya heard what Val Cobb said. I'm family now! You didn't say family members couldn't see each other!”

Jayne grinned back at her, “Kissin' cousins!”

“Does that mean I get to visit your bunk?”

Jayne's smile was lazy, “Hell; darlin'; ya get to come in it over and over and over and...”

Mal threw up his hands, “Well if you're gonna be at it all night, don't see why I shouldn't get me some! Inara?!!”

“At last!” Jayne laughed, “Wondered where he'd find the nerve to give that woman the nailin' she's been beggin' for from him ever since she came on board. Speakin' of which; my bunk, later, tonight.”

“And my bunk or hammock the night after that!”

“An' all the nights to come. My sunshine-Kaylee-love.”


*hai dao – pirate

*yang guang – sunshine

*gong zhu - princess



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