Call the Man [2] [repost]
Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Part two...


PART TWO * Valley's deep and the mountain's so high If you want to see God you've got to move on the other side You stand up there with your head in the clouds Don't try to fly you know you might not come down Don't try to fly, dear God, you might not come down Jesus came down from Heaven to earth The people said it was a virgin birth Jesus came down from Heaven to earth The people said it was a virgin birth * He told great stories of the Lord And said he was the saviour of us all He told great stories of the Lord And said he was the saviour of us all * For this we killed him, nailed him up high He rose again as if to ask us why Then he ascended into the sky As if to say in God alone you soar As if to say in God alone we fly. * [Barclay James Harvest - Hymn] * After breakfast, Jayne stomped everywhere until he found River. Vera (holding Junior), Melissa and a recently informed Clarry were fairly hot on his heels. Jayne got right to it, when he found River, “Hey, Moonbrain! What's all this go se about me 'n Vera having thirty kids in our family? We just got rid of most of a gorram load of 'em!” River looked at him, “Not for a while yet. When the time comes, you'll be ready.” Vera looked at Clarry and her eyes delivered the silent message to let Jayne and River finish this one. Melissa just sucked her thumb and watched. “In case you ain't noticed, we've been livin' all kinds of dangerous, kid! Fightin' everythin' up to an includin' the ruttin' Alliance 'n flesh-munchin' Reavers! An' you ever seen my bunk? Wall to wall guns and knives, Moonbrain. Vera's too. 'Part from these kiddos, we ain't 'xactly child friendly!” River placed a slender hand on his chest, “There's always going to be danger about you; it's part of who you are. But even a great dragon with teeth, fire and claws can also find a mate and have offspring. The 'verse is big enough for that, especially now.” “You gonna join in all this baby-makin' then?” River shook her head, “Adopted children for me; and Captain Daddy. Bob's going to be my son.” Jayne frowned, “Don't gorram like change. An' even though these,” he gestured to include Vera and the children, “mean more ta me than...well, a don't mean my door's open for every gorram waif and stray. I gotta be free to git my guns an' shoot stuff. Folks as need killin'. Blast holes with the *other Vera. Mebbe cut on some hwoon dahn who needs to git their lips to spill important stuff. 'S what I do. Gorrammit, I'm a *merc! It's close to a gorram miracle I got a wife and family at all!!” River nodded at Jayne, “I know. I have always known how deeply you love Vera, from the second you fell. You cherish Clarry and Junior and Melissa's going to be your adopted daughter too. Odds are better than fifty per cent that if it wasn't for Vera, let alone the others; some younger, smarter version of you would take you out very soon.” Jayne frowned, “Are you tellin' me I'm gonna die soon?” “No, I'm telling you you *won't, not for a long time. Having love and family isn't making you soft, they're tempering you like steel in the forge. You'll live longer – provided you're not stupid or careless – just because you have them in your life. *And the crew of Serenity. If you hadn't chosen Mal and Zoe over your previous gang, you'd be dead by now. ” “Yer sayin' it was meant? I got any ruttin' choice in this?” “Of course, but you're making statistically many more good choices than bad ones.” Jayne was still glowering, “Hmm. We gotta get Melissa to kindergarten, but dontcha think this is over, dong ma?” River was still smiling, “That's okay. It'll be good to share with everyone what I've seen of the future.” * Vera and Jayne along with Clarry delivered Melissa to the Burnham kindergarten along with Bob. All the other shildren apart from Jessop and Clarry went to the big school. Then it was on with the day; hauling scaffolding, bricks, tiles and cement to a variety of different locations in Burnham, then heading out to get food provisions from nearby farmsteads and towns. At lunch they all sat in a line on the extended flap of Serenity, eating tomato pesto pasta with bacon bits. Ares sat nearby with a nice fleshy bone to worry. * Mal turned towards River and engaged her on one-to-one conversation, “So, I hear you've been disturbing Jayne's calm with talk of more children. Have to say the months with all the little 'uns on board wasn't to my taste either. Got me a pile of grey hairs coming from all those little feet running all over the place, no matter how well Jessop 'n Clarry coralled 'em in.” River looked into the distance, “It's not here or now, but there will be a school full of children. Hundreds. Some will just pass through, but others will get adopted by us.” Mal gestured expansively at her, “In case you haven't noticed, even *this steady job is just about covering us with a wee bit on the top to go for a rainy day. We ain't got the coin to raise hundreds of kids.” “The coin will come with the kids; it'll be a package deal.” “Hungh. Well, that's something. Any idea of time?” “I've got to get through flight school and Junior will be walking and talking before we leave Burnham. Then...then I see the Tigress. She's dark and dangerous, evil.” Mal nodded, jumping to one explanation, “YoSaffBridge gonna skip prison?” River considered, “That'll happen too.” “Aw, crap!” “The Tigress is...after. We'll have a Shepherd then.” “Huh,” Mal commented, “Not sure about taking on a new Shepherd.” “Shepherd's one of us. Not me, not you. I might become a kind of Shepherdess one day.” Mal looked around at the crew, “No offense, Albatross, but I don't see any of 'em gettin' religion any time soon.” River shook her head, “Not 'religion', dummy. God. Goddess. The Force. The All That Is. The Beneficent Silence. It...He...She is waiting for the right moment, then one of us will have the right experience at the right time.” “You're starting to sound a lot like Book yourself, mei-mei.” River gave him a deep glance, “I've seen the Shadow of God. In between everything, in the spaces between matter, holding the whole 'verse together. I can access that place; I did it to help Vera and Jayne heal so that they could have Junior. I *could help your leg mend fully. My mind was in that place when I fought against the Reavers. I knew where they were going to be and I got there before them.” “Huh. I'd rather you leave my leg the heck alone for now. Don't like things I gorram don't understand. You fighting like a whirlwind I can take. This...healing stuff is downright disturbin'.” “The Alliance took me to make me into some new kind of Operative. I was rescued before they'd finished and being with all of you, along with Zhang and Simon, has helped me complete a different journey. I'm still travelling, though.” “Well, try not to spring any surprises on us, dong ma? You've got Bob to consider now. He's taken a powerful likin' to ya.” River smiled, “I know. I'll be pretty normal for a long time. I have to look after Bob and get through flight school!” * In about a fortnight, River and Bob were packed up and gone across the continent to attend Newhall's flight school. River had fairly legitimately put herself down as 'Zhang Avon' with Bob as her legally adopted child. The flight school had a kindergarten and teachers for the older children, in order to encourage parents to attend and learn how to fly. River sent a regular Wave to everyone telling them how she was getting on, although Simon couldn't help fretting about her a bit. “She's all on her own.” Kaylee put her hand on Simon's shoulder, “She had to start sometime, sweetie.” “But what if she needs me...or something?” “We taught River and Bob the safe word, just in case, remember? Plus, it's a few hours' hop in Serenity. We could be there in no time.” “I'm still worried that someone could come and snatch her.” “River promised she was going to be normal. And if someone *does come, she's quick and clever.” Simon smiled, “She is that.” “You could always go for a visit, just to clear your conscience?” Simon's shoulders relaxed visibly as he turned to Kaylee, “You wouldn't mind?” Kaylee could see that this was something he had to do, “Go check with Mal, then if he gives you leave, go. We'll be shiny! Lee and Sam are loving kindergarten!” Simon smiled, “I love you.” “I know and you love River too, just differently. Go, be big brother! Don't be surprised if she chews your ear out for interfering!” * Saturday was a rest day for all the workers. Some went to Temple or church, but most had a pic-nic or swam in the sea. Serenity was down the beach a few miles, having a kind of solitude. As much was was possible with all the little ones running around. Everyone was in their swimming costumes and enjoying the sunshine. Mal and Jayne had wangled a deal on borrowing some four wheeled dune motor-cycles and they were champing at the bit to take them for a spin. After lunch, whilst the children and others were engaged in a huge sandcastle building competition, Jayne grabbed Vera and Junior in his carry sling and they set off down the beach at a good speed. The motion of travelling and the warmth soon sent Junior asleep, so Jayne pulled off amongst the dunes. As the bike came to a halt, the engine kept revving and Vera moaned. “Do you think we could smuggle a small one of these on board Serenity?” Jayne gently bit her shoulder, “Could smell you gettin' frisky as soon as we started. Vibrations workin' for ya, huh?” He revved the engine and Vera leaned back against him. “Oh my! If you don't touch me in a moment, ai ren, I'm going to have to start by myself!” Jayne growled eagerly, “Let Poppa drive!” * One hand gently cupped her breast through her bikini. Both breasts were swollen from feeding Junior all these weeks and even Jayne himself had had more than a taste in his kinkier moments. The double demands kept Vera's breasts full and hard, but Jayne's hands were knowing and gentle, weighing and then skimming expertly over her sensitised nipples. Meanwhile the other hand hadn't been idle. Pausing to gently touch Junior's head where he lay slumbering, then down to trail up Vera's thighs and over the apex which was wet already through the cloth. Long fingers teased up and then down the front under the cloth, to the heart of Vera's need. The hand holding and shaping one breast left to rev the engine again right at the moment Jayne's fingers found and teased out the small, swollen target. One finger circled, whilst the others stroked the wet folds. Vera's hands flailed, looking for something to hold onto, then dove down between them. She settled her hands on Jayne's own straining shaft. She teased him right back, then pulled the threads of the costume so that his erection sprang free, thick and strong. Her fingers explored the currently unseen dusky length of him, from the soft curls at the base, up the marble-hard shaft to the swollen head at the top. Jayne's fingers were no less expert; her arousal swelled until she was almost at screaming pitch The mutual tease continued for several minutes. Then Jayne revved the engine extra hard and Vera's orgasm hit. Jayne flicked open the ties of Vera's bikini bottoms as she began to come back down. * “You know what you're gettin' now, huh?” Vera's hands continued stroking, “Oh yes, *please!” She eased his own trunks further down. “Oh God, Vera!” Jayne looked down at their son, “Just a few more minutes' peace, huh? Ah'm about to pop one heck of a cork!” Vera's naked bottom stroked against Jayne's substantial length, then he was easing her up and she was eagerly pressing down and backwards onto him. They both groaned as he slid inside her. Every time, it was more than just the sublime physical sensations, more than the deep love between them. They hadn't completely found the language for it yet, but they understood the primal and urgent pleasure of their union. “*This is what I needed!” Jayne managed a shaky chuckle, “Heck, yeah! One *hell of a bike ride!” He kept one hand sweetly at her nethers and the other revving in time to their movements. They were both close to the edge before long. Vera was gasping, “Jayne... Oh, we *have to do *this again!” Jayne felt the moment she stiffened and went over a second time. “Mi mei gui. Here I come!” His hands clamped onto her and he groaned as he pumped long and hard inside her. * With perfect timing, just as things were drifting down to normality, Junior's face screwed up and he began to bawl. Vera eased him over to one breast and the little guy plugged on eagerly. Vera looked at her son, “That was good, Junior. You waited for your Ma and Pa to finish for once. Remember that for future occasions, huh?” Junior just sucked hungrily. Jayne was nuzzling behind her, “Wonder if Mal would mind buying a bike like this to go with the mule?” Vera chuckled, “We'd never get it in our bunk, ai ren!” Jayne considered, “Wouldn't need a *whole bike for the bunk. Just the engine, seat, couple of bits to hold the stuff stable and the controls. Rest, we could imagine.” “A two wheeler would be smaller, if we could bolt it down or something.” Jayne was readjusting their swimming costumes as Junior changed breasts, “That's a thought. Then we could play Knife Girl and Biker Boy!” Vera laughed, “I had a feeling it would come back to her!” “Darlin'; you at the moment with those huge boobs...” “Which are swollen and *very tender.” “Just imagining you in the Knife Girl outfit you've got, on a bike, like the front of that comic special.” “Ai ren; my breasts aren't *that big normally and they practically spill out of the top. With these monsters as they are at the moment, I doubt the top will even close!” Jayne growled, “Oh, I know, I know! An' mebbe that limited edition shot, the one where she's nekkid apart from her knife and that feck off big gun.” Vera turned to him as she burped Junior, “Would *you do the limited edition Biker Boy; the one with the leather chaps, jacket, hat and erm...?” Jayne's eyebrows flicked and his grin turned wolfish, “Erect.” Vera looked deep into his eyes as she rubbed Junior's back, “Yeah. *That one.” The grin widened, “Like now?” Vera looked down and her mouth ran dry, “Oh my! Can you...erm...hold that thought? Junior's going to need a change, then he'll be bright eyed and bushy tailed for several hours yet.” Jayne gently lifted her chin with two fingers, “For you...anything.” She grinned, “Careful! I might ask for you in frilly undies and high heels!” Jayne's mouth twisted as though he'd tasted something nasty, “Not that. Or pain durin' sex; like spankin'. Anything else and I'm your man.” * After a day at the seaside and sand in everything as far as the younger children were concerned, Serenity flew back to base for general baths, showers and food, followed by putting a number of tired small ones to bed. Mal had picked up a handbill from the mat. “Huh. Says here there's some Buddhist Abbess woman coming to bless a few of the finished buildings and give darshan. Free food and blessings for anyone that wants 'em.” Jayne grinned, “Free food!” He picked up the paper, “Ah; Mariamne. Heard of her. She's been Abbess a long time here on Newhall, living enclosed most of the time.” His brows drew together, “Not that the God stuff is quite my bag, but she might have an extra job or two for us.” “Well, we get the day off to go visit and all the kids will be coralled in to see her, so might as well go check it out.” * After the blessing of the buildings, darshan commenced. There was singing, dancing and food. Mariamne sat on the dais, receiving the children first, then the interested adults. Mal and the others stood at the back and would have remained that way, but one of Mariamne's female monks came to summon Jayne and Vera for a private audience. Jayne glowered, “I didn't ask for no ruttin' audience!” The monk looked at him, “Mariamne asked to see you two especially. It's considered a signal honour.” Vera touched Jayne's arm, “We'd better go. It'd be impolite to refuse. Clarry, can you stay with Melissa?” “Of course, Ma.” “I'd better bring Junior in case he needs feeding.” The monk nodded enthusiastically and led them away. * Jayne stomped into Mariamne's presence and was about to let her feel the rough edge of his tongue, but something about her made him stop dead. He sat down where she indicated, puzzled. Vera sat beside Jayne. Mariamne was wearing a mustard yellow robe with a hood. She was at least partially Oriental and had white hair. She could have been any age from fifty to a hundred; it wasn't easy to tell. She lit an incense stick. Jayne began to open his mouth. Mariamne smiled, “Yes, it's real incense, not an incendiary device.” “How did...?” “I've been waiting to talk with both of you for some time. You may or may not be aware that both mystics and physicists postulate the existance of many 'verses.” Vera nodded, “I've heard of that.” “So it is. My meditations have led me to be certain that it is so. And in most of those 'verses, there is a Jayne Cobb and a Vera Samuels equivelant. In some, Jayne has become the most blackhearted and self-serving mercenary possible, a cold, ruthless killer.” “Hey!” Mariamne smiled and waved her hand, “And in others; a noble, saintly warrior similar to a Sensei. The same variations exist for Vera. But Jayne Cobb and Vera are always warriors of one sort or another. Of course, many Jaynes and Veras are already dead by now or have married someone else. But in a number of verses – quite a significant number – the two of you meet and become partners and lovers.” Jayne shuffled a bit, “Well, that's alright, then!” “There is...for want of a better description...a Call between you. It is my belief – and I emphasise just mine for now – that you were close together in the Mind of the Unknown before all things. Separated by time and the 'verse, you pull towards each other, whether you know it or not. Your union is one of the great Plans of the 'verse. Like honey to the bee, the sea to the moon, the compass to the pole. It is deeply Meant. In this 'verse, you've struck what I can only describe as cosmic gold. Malcolm Reynolds, Inarra Sera, Zoe and Wash – may his spirit rest in peace – Simon and Kaylee, River, Book, Hori, Cliff; Serenity. These are names that ring out in the 'verses amongst such hallowed company as Robin Hood and his men or the Musketeers, or King Arthur and his knights. And your miracle baby. He is so special. There aren't many Juniors out there.” She gently touched his head. Vera asked the question, “Are you trying to say that Junior is a Buddha or something?” Mariamne laughed, “No, indeed! Just that there aren't many 'verses in which he gets the chance to be conceived and born. I'm more interested in the two of you. I can see the link between you. It was like a golden thread and now it has been tempered by adversity and blessing to an unbreakable cord.You don't have to tell me about your relationship, I can *see it.” “Hey! You been peekin' in on us?!” “Not at all. It's written between you, in that thread. A lovely, healthy and generous dose of basic lust. Love so deep and true that...I run out of words. Twin libidoes that fuel and feed off each other. You've explored Tantra together. The sexual pleasure between you surpasses anything either of you have known before. Your bodies fit sublimely.” Jayne frowned, “Ain't you a nun or summat?” Mariamne's laugh was loud and musical, “Just because I'm celibate doesn't mean I don't know about sex, Jayne! What I'm getting to is the likely outcome of everything between you. It's a request, not a certainty. There is always free will, in everything.” Vera looked at Mariamne. Really looked, starting to feel something unusual about Mariamne, “Who *are you?” “Good question. To some around me, I have been revealed to be an incarnation of Quan Yin.” Vera gasped, “Ah. Not that I'm certain of such things, but...” Mariamne smiled, “There is no certainty; except perhaps Nirvana and even that is a mystery.” “You don't look like a ruttin' goddess. No offence.” Mariamne's eyebrows flicked, “And maybe *you don't look like part of the Source, but you are. You and everything and everyone around you.” “I ain't becomin' a celibate Shepherd for nuttin'!” Mariamne smiled, “Of course not. Your union with Vera is deeper than almost anything. You would not be expected to give that up with each other to become co-Shepherds.” Vera blinked, “Good grief!”



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