Last Flight of the Angel's Hammer
Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back story for my Serenity RPG. The Battle over Hera (Battle of Serenity Valley) Will be expanded upon. That story takes place roughly a year after BDM. Let me know what yall think.


Once long ago humans lived on earth but there numbers became so many the earth could no longer sustain them, So they left earth to find a new home. That they did. They came to a new solar system with many planets and many moons. Each one of them was Terra-formed to be new homes for humans, New Earths, a process that took decades. When complete the colonization began. The inner planets formed the Alliance, and held themselves high over the outer worlds who they viewed as savage and uncivilized. They sought to control all in this new system, all the worlds under alliance control. The War was devastating. The outer worlds called the Independents or Brown Coats, lost many and fought true but eventually fell to the Alliance at the Battle of Serenity Valley.

The higher ups of the Brown Coats called the battle a loss and surrendered with ships still in the air and soldiers still rockside. We still had a fighting chance. And after that those of us that were unlucky to not have died for our cause were captured and held for varying lengths of time.

When the surrender was called I didn’t want to believe it. I was a pilot in the 82 Air Combat and Troop Support Battalion, Angels of the Black. On board one of our mid-bulk transport ships modified for aerial and space combat, Firefly class, name Angel’s Hammer. I miss that ship.

We got the call on the Broad wave, and the fire stopped, both sides were confused. ‘What do we do now’, was the thoughts on our side, and a shocked ‘We won?’ was theirs. Me and my mates we looked at each other, then to the captain. “What do we do, Cap’n. We still got people rockside.” Hunter my copilot said, scared. Like everything he believed in, all of his world came tumbling down.

The Captain just stood there and Hunter said,” We cant leave’m to die.”

The captian looked around at his bridge crew: Lt Hunter, my co-piolt, our com officer Sgt Remerez, and me, Jackson Fauss Lt. I was stuck. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I had nothing left but the Brown Coats, I was from a now Black rock, Shadow.

The Alliance bombed my home; all I loved cared for and all that I initially fought for, Gone. Then I had my hatred and my crew and my fellow brown coats. Then the call… and now I have NOTHING.

Sgt Remerez spoke next,” Cap’n Andrews, Sir? What are your orders?”

The Captain looked like me lost in the crushing nothing of your world falling in on you. That’s when I broke.

“Hunter, bring up all weapons, If were ta surrender to the rutten Alliance were doing it swing’n. Cap, with all r’spect ya need to sit down and strap in.” I reached over to the ships comm. Box,” All hands we go’n in, Roberts I need ev’ything you can give me. We’re gonna cause a lil’ mischief.”

I was now committed to my course of action. I pulled out a gold chain with a cross on it and ripped it off. “s’rry dad, mom,” I kissed it and whispered” I’m sorry I failed. I love you.” With that I threw it off to the deck.

The Captain woke up about this time,” Hunter Target the lead ships thrusters, try and cause a reaction to take’m out. Fauss you keep us in one piece, use the mounted gun on the nose to take out anything directly in front of us. Remerez start to broadcast a pirate code, if the High ups want to stop being Brown coats let’m.” He took a step back and took a seat at a rigged captains chair behind me, “This is our last stand. Last flight of the Angel’s Hammer.”


I wake up from my dream, my nightmare. That was the day I truly lost everything, everything… but my hate. Here I am nearly 8 years later and I look out my cockpit window to the world that took so much from me. I am back, back over the sky’s of Hera and Serenety Valley.


Thursday, March 19, 2009 11:36 PM


like too see where this goes


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Last Flight of the Angel's Hammer
Back story for my Serenity RPG. The Battle over Hera (Battle of Serenity Valley) Will be expanded upon. That story takes place roughly a year after BDM. Let me know what yall think.