Wandering Angel Chapter 2
Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jack deliverse that goods to Boros. Learn more about the opperative chasing him (though we still dont know why for the chasing.) And Jack finds the shipof his dreams.


Fair warning I switch narrations from the first person with Jack to the limited third person for the Operative which this story fallows a bit more.


Boros is a long ride in a vessel as small as Shadow, wernt for music, go crazy. Or crazier, ‘pending on who ya might be talk’n to.

Takin’m a job from one ya hard know aint what people call sain, or smart. But a jobs a job and I have a need to eat. I was reachen for my meager rations when my cockpit lights went out.

“Ah yah, garramin lights,” I say stumbling from my bunk in the back corner of the cockpit and found the pilots chair. “this ain’t a power failure, I still got thrust bein’ generated, an’ life support n gravity.” I say as I think out loud. “This is why I need to bring on a full time mechanic, I missed something.” I turn in my chair, and reach my hand in to a storage compartment and feel around. “Where’s my rutten databook.” I feel around a bit more before find’n the familiar smooth surface of my databook. “Ah. Now let try to trouble shot this.” I pull out a stylus and a connector cable and plug it into a port on the main console, and turned on the screen of the data book.

Instantly a welcome screen flashed on. “Voice print recognition, required.” Chimed a female electronic voice.

“Lt. Fauss.” “Welcome, Lieutenant Fauss.” The book went to a start screen. Taken’ the stylus I click on the icon used to represent my ship hacking software, meant to interact with the computer systems on any know ship in the alliance database, even the big old cruisers. Only problem with that is that to do any good on a ship o’ that sizen’ I need to be direct connected to the main. Or else the redundancy of the firewalls, and not to mention the numerous soldiers wondern about. All and all its possible I just wouldn’t recommend it.

I click on the box that indicates my hacking a Wren. In moments I have a read out of systems injured and whole. “No problems, Huh?” I reached over and pressed the switch that turns on the cockpit, and behind me a realay blows. “What the hell.” I jump up in my seat a litlle and turn and see where the pop had come from. “Rutten hell” I look down at the updated screen. “ so an auxiliary power relay is blown, source,” I click on the little line of text to bring up a new menu. I click on the locate option. The computer opened a new window showin’ me a schematic of the ship and a crosshair on the location where the relay cup link is located, well this is just shiny.


Oh Hera in the town of Grainhal. A dark figure stalks the docks, searching and asking questions of various residence about ships and ease of repair. Not satisfied with any of the answers he was receiving. He take a watchful position in an unoccupied ally. “ Transportation proving more difficult to find then previously expected. I have lost enough time on this minor errand, stealing a ship soon.” He clicked a small button on his wrist. A chirp followed from his watch. He pressed another small button, “Yes?”

“Cody? Is that you? Where are you? What happened?” A voice came from the tiny screen on his wrist. He backed further into the ally so as to not attract attention. On the screen was a man with light brown hair and a pair of dark glasses on. He wore a face full of emotions; anger fear worry, dread. The nostrils on his wide nose flared as he was walking out of breath.

“Kory, you shouldn’t have called me here. They track all communications.” “ I don’t care, they’ve killed all of them Cody I need to hide.” “What? Who killed Who?” “I don’t know they came when I was at work the news on the cortex said they linked the murder of your family to me and some people in army uniforms came in while I was at work and killed my family. They didn’t care that the surveillance strips were on they just came in and.. “

“Kory where are you?”

“I’m hiding from the police in one of the crowded sectors of the city. I need to get out of here.?” “Go to my house I’ll unlock it from here. I’m sorry they said that they would not link this to anyone but me. This is what I get for wanting to retire. When your in the house look in the kitchen find the oven and enter the numbers 0894 on the pad and then enter it will open a small locked safe grab the credit cards and the id in there show it to someone and they will think you’re an operative. Make your way to the coordinates I’m sending you I’ll meet you there. I must leave now every moment I’m on they will track the communication back to who ever I’m talking to. “

“Thanks bye.” And the screen went blank.

He stopped staring at his wrist and looked concerned then went back to the hardened determination he normally wears. “This makes things complicated. I need to go.”

Moments later a firefly transport roared out of the docks and broke atmo.


“Goddess Finally!” Boros was in front of me at last. After a few minor malfunctions I was enterin orbit over Boros. I pick up the comm. box and find that it has a note attached to it, didn’t notice on Hera. It was a specific frequency to call when I reached Boros. I entered in the code and started to broadcast. “Boros this is Wren class transport Shadow.” “Rodger that shadow,” a voice came over the comm. in a most unusual accent.” We were expecting you an hour ago. Run into trouble? “

I thought about it, “no more then usual. Slight fry but its good. Requestin landing coordinates.” “ Coordinates are following broadcast you are clear.” With that I made my decent on to the dusty rock of Boros.

I land safely on the planet surface and make my way to the cargo area to prepare for the unload. I take the step downs to the base of the tiny ship to open the cargo ramp, and get this shindig over with.

The door has a bit of a stick to it so take few to get’r open, I was told by an acutance once that I should be need’n to get that fixed, I said it was better then no stick at all. The door finally opened and the ramp lowered, I take my steps out into the “fresh air” of Boros on the outskirts of a not so bad looking town, but looks deceive. A man that was waiting in the shade of a near by building walked up to me.

He was tall and dark skinned wearing a piar of dark glasses that didn’t look like they even allowed for sight. He had a wide nose and prominate lips, and ascar that went from atop the left eye to the center of his head. He nodded at me and waved over to the building. I was bout ta offer my hand and say my greats when a small caravan of hover mules and men came our way. They came in and one man dressed slightly nicer asked, “This that delivery from Hera?”

“It is.” I reply

“Good.” And got to work along with the rest of’em.

I turn my attention to the big man that was still of to the side of my door way. “ I assume your one of two things friend. Your either a hired man that is sent to make sure the hired men don’t steal from the boss or you is the boss. Which, my I ask, is the current?” I said hoping not to sound to much like a dick.

He just turned his eyes to me nd said nothing. With them glass on couldn’t tell one from ‘nother. I backed down down the question. “Never mind, I’m a new guy shouldn’t be ask’n no questions that gets in the way. I would how ever like to inquire as to job I was told.” Then the man smiled not a big toothy mind, but a smile none the less, which took me for a surprise. “A man of business. That’s good the boss likes that.” He said really surprising me with the neutralness of the accent.

I took the compliment, “What ever keeps me flyin’. Not to be gettin’ sentimental but it all I got.” He looked down at the old brown uniform that every perspective employer seems so interest in, “and a risk taker too, wearing brown.”

“Just cause the war stopped don’t mean we’re gone. I plan on bein buried in it.”

“A genuine browncoat that still ‘wears the brown’ as it were. My this is good for you indeed, the boss will really approve. The next job will be left for you soon.” With that he and the men left, my hold mow empty I left to go out for supplies and parts. Need be fixen stuff, guess its to a scrap yard for me.

I found a scrap yard not but a klick away from the landing spot went in to talk to the owner. “hello, anyone home?” I called An older man in coveralls came out of the back covered in black engine grease,” Can I be help’n ya, son?” “Ya might bein able to. I’m in need of parts, mind if I shop around?” “No go on a head, just bring me what it is your wantin to buy.”

“Scouts honor,” I held up the sign jokin. With that the man did and about and walked away, “Ill hold you to it, Son.”

I walked around the yard for a bit lookin for some parts that be usable enough to get me alonge for another few months. Got permission to use the magnatic lifter to shop had to use it once to get a buffer panel from the bottom of a heap. When I got upto the high controls I found a sight I didn’t expect in nother hundred years. A firefly Midbulk transport, but not any firefly… It was the Hammer.

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