Wandering Angel Chapter 3
Monday, March 23, 2009

We see more of the Final battle over Hera. And Jack takes a trip down memory lane. And Please leave comments.


Captain Andrew’s word rang over the ships comm., inspiring all of us from the maintenance crew to the medic. We knew what we were in for and that this would most like be our inevitable end. And then The Capt’n gave his final set of orders to us all.

“Fauss your takin’ us in, you do it fast n’ hard. Hunter, the first ship you get good fire solution, fire. Remerez, You broadcast coded alpha to the rest of the fleet, you let them know were not going down with out a fight. All right Boys given hell!!!”

I took her in full thrust straight down the throat of an alliance gun boat. Stupid alliance bastards didn’t know what was goin on. By the time they realized that we were still tryin to gain offensive it was to late for that ship. Hunter Had one of the best shots ever seen. He launched a volley that struck the gun boat through the cockpit glass, which for all intents killed the boat. It was at that time that the rest of the Alliance started opening fire on us. I ducked and weaved behind the downed gun boat usen’ it as a shield ‘gainst most of the in comin’. Rest barely missed us but close don’t count in the black, not with kinetic shells. Bout this time the rest of the brown coats opened fire on all other alliance ships, our final stand was being shared, our medic ships took the chance to high tail it out of there with a few escorts.

I took the ship and headed to the the next closest ship, an alliance cruiser. A big massive monstrosity that don’t have no place in the sky. I maneuvered the Hammer so that we were looking at the ships fusion engines, giving hunter a chance to take out the ship with a few well placed missiles. The missiles hit the massive ships engines and triggered a chain reaction in there reactor core causing most of the ship to go with the engines. It was down for the count. This is where the shit hit the fan.

Before we got to the cruiser it managed to launch a squadron of Asrevs to intercept us.

“Fauss can you get us behind them?” Hunter yelled from in front of me.

“I think” I say as I pull up the nose and enter into a flip to do a turn fast, and hope stay just in front of the fighters fire. On the down the view of the battle field was then forever burned into our eyes.

Our friends and allies were scattered here and there our large cruisers were on fire and being pulled into orbit ripped apart from the planets gravity. I didn’t notice it at that time but Remerez had thrown his head piece to the deck, hearing a hundred friends die aint exactly inspirin’. The rest of our ships were on fire or in pieces. As I was coming down back toward the Asrev’s another firefly I recognized as one from our unit, the Heavens Wrath, was hit exploding into a fire ball.

Coming down onto the Asrev’s our flank was raked with gun fire, damaging the bulb. A call came in to the cock pit. “Capt’n the infirmary’s been hit and is leaking atmo. Have it plugged as well as its gonna get.” The frantic voice yelled.

“Roger, that. Hunter take out those shuttles!” The Capt’n barked.

At that moment a missiles hit the starboard side making the ship lurch. “Report,” The Capt’n roared. Remerez answered first,” the starboard hull has a breach, no chance of patching it. Carol and Gergory were in the back hold when we were hit, they aren’t responding. We have internal sensors down all through the aft section.” Hunter replied next after taking out three of the Asrev’s,” Down to 8 more volleys of missiles.”

My turn,” Partial lose of thrust and a decrease in horizontal control. All displays are off.”

“All right, Fauss Head to the nearest cruiser, if were goin’ out were goin’ to make a sizeable dent.”

I msde the course correction and punched the thrust , Hunter launched all we had left at the cruiser hitting one of thee montrouse towers causing a hole that didnt look like not more then a dent.

We were heading in strong when we started to slow and power was lost. The Cockpit went dark and then the emergency lights shown bright and red. “What Happened?! Were we hit with an EMP?” The Capt’n said frantic and bewildered “No sir, sensors were down there was no way to detect this, we had a fuel leak and now were dead in the water.” Remerez chimed in.

The cruiser opened up fire on us when the last of our comrades came in and took position between us. The gunboat a monster by comparison to our tiny firefly, took up an attack postier to the cruiser.

“What… What are they doing?” Hunter asked.

A second later, the gunboat erupted into a flash or fire and shrapnel. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The Angel’s Hammer? HERE? IN One piece?!!! How is that Possible? I thought it was scraped and sold part by part.

Confused excited amazed nostalgic I’m not sure which one I feel the most but it is overwhelming. I jump from the crane controls and sprint over to the ship I had called home more then 7 years ago.

The cargo load door was open and but the ramp not fully extended. I hop up onto the gangplank and start my mind flip down memory lane.

I was in the primary hold lookin’ at the damage of that memorable battle so long ago.

“I see you found my favorite collectors piece. This here was the last independent ship to stop fighting at the battle over Hera on Unification day. Lot of people lost there life that day. Say this one ship took out an alliance flagship and badly damaged another. One hell of a fighter this one.”

I turn to find the old man from the inside looking in through the the door. I stood and stared at him wide eyed and bewildered. “You BOUGHT the Angel’s Hammer?!”

He looked scared at my reaction not sure exactly why I responded like that I guess. “Yep sure did. Weren’t Cheap neither. Alliance military auction.”

My shock was wear’n off and anger were replace’n it. How dare he turn my home into a garramin ship in a bottle.

I pulled out one of the few weapons I keep on my person, a combat knife I keep hidden under the jacket but in quick reach. “Now son you put that up. Don’t need be cause’n no undo fuss.”

I collected my self, shook it off. “Fine I’ll put it up.” I did and continued on to my tour. The old man hopped up and followed. I made my way to the mess hall, now in shambles of what it used to be. The table was all that remains unbroken. The old cooking supplies still there to, though looked like they hadn’t been used in quite a long time, obvious I guess bein’ in the scrap yard. The old man just followed me.

I stopped on my way to the bridge to see my old bunk.

“The door on that one is locked seems the person had a lock on it. Hadn’t time to break it.”

“It needs the right combination.” I said looking at the lock I installed many years ago. I dusted off the numbers on the old combo lock and start imputing my old code. “0-7-5-3-9-6” I said out loud opening my old room when I was done.

“ How did you know that?” I just turned and looked at him as I descended in to my old quarters. It was for the most part as I left it amazingly. The bunk’s mattress was on the floor against the opposite wall as the bed. The toilet was half deployed from the wall and several of my old uniforms were on the floor. I bent down to pick up my uniforms when I noticed under the old mattress was a capture I hadn’t seen in a very long time. I picked it up, my shock renewed.

It was a picture of my old home stead with my family and the neighbors from back n shadow. Even though the neighbors live several klicks away we were close friends. Especially me and their boy Malcome, he was older then me by several years but we would play together in between his school’n. He left to be a soldier in the war early on heard he was a Sergeant once before I joined hadn’t seen him since then. It was picture of us all under the old porch of my granddads place. Us all hold’n drinks and talk’n. My favorite picture of the family, Dad was there hold’n the youngest brother of mine and mom and Ms. Reynolds talk’n my and Malcome were talk’n he was eye’n my sis. Happier days.

The old man came down the ladder after a bit and found me look’n at the old capture. “Son, who are you?” I looked at him my eyes on the verge of tears and stood up. “Lieutenant Jackson Fauss, sir.” I extended my hand out to him. The man looked as if he was look’n at a ghost as he took my hand. He had finally put the pieces together. Weren’t hard my name still scratched on the door.

He grabbed my hand tentively then fiercely shaking it. “ Jackson Fauss of course. WOW a hero of the war in my scrap yard.”

I ain’t no hero.” I said ripping my hand from his grasp. “I was a pilot, and a soldier doin my job for my cause.” The other men they were heroes, I keep that to myself in honor of the dead.

“Still the pilot of the Angels Hammer its an honor, if there’s any thing you need you let me know.” “I need to be left alone.” I said not trying to seem to hostel but not hidin’ my feelin’s neither. “Yes sir, I’ll be in the shop if’n you be need’n me.” “Thanks.” I continued through my old things finding things I thought we lost forever. My guns for one, desperate in need of a clean’n but usable and mine.

I was apparently in there for longer then I thought cause long about 2000 the old man came back out and found me with his flashlight handy. “Lt. Fauss you still in there?” He called down. “I’m here. Welcome to my home.” I gestured around even though he couldn’t yet see.

He climbed on down, “Ain’t you hungry, my wife makes a good meal even if’n it is packaged protein night.” I couldn’t help but smile at the offer. “sure, thanks.” I looked down at my old things covered in dust of a little less then a decade. “I’m taking it with me sir.”

He looked at me, “of course its your stuff. By all means.” “No sir I mean the ship I’m takin’ my ship.” He didn’t much like that but the didn’t seam surprised. “She don’t fly had to tow her here. Some battle damage made her derelict.”

“A missile hit the starboard hull and left a sizable bit miss’n. Cut the fuel line in the process. That’s why we stopped fighting, other wise she would have taken two flag ships instead of one.”

He had to think about that for a second and then,” Oh, really. So I am look’n at a ghost.”

"In a manner of speak'n. If your serious bout the supper. I invite you to eat on my boat.”

“Your boat?” “My home.” “We’ll talk over dinner.” “Deal.”

In the old mans house we all sat at a table, his wife and liltle girl and him. And like he said it was packaged protein. “So you were in the war for independence?” His wife asked me. “Yes madam. I was.” “I bet you have stories you could tell don’t you?” She pushed a bit further. She doesn’t want to hear the stories I have to tell. “No, madam no stories for a table as this.”

She looked at me for a moment, “Why I bet your not much more then 26 you must have been just a babe?” Goddess what’s with the questions?

“Right on the button,” I say right as I take a bite of her barbequed protein. Not bad for packaged.

“Hun stop bothering the boy an let’m eat.” I turn and nod slight.

We eat in silence till I push my plate away.” That was real nice madam sir you and I have a ship to discuss bout.”


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