Special Branch:The Life and Times of William Spacer Part 2
Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The meeting of Wisp and Vixen


Private William Spacer sat on a bunk in the Medical bay at Ariel Youth Military Academy. His leg lay in a cast suspended in front of him as a General stood at the edge of his bed.

“You knew the safety limits for this exercise Spacer and you know more than most about light-flyer capabilities what the hell did you think you were playing at!”

“Sir with all due respect on a six vs. six exercise when my squadron suddenly disappear and all six opposing fighters appear on MY ass it smells like they sold me out. This was a graded exercise and they’re Bloody jealous that I was going to be Valedictorian so they set me up to lose! You know Viper’s had it in for my ass for years and he just happened to be the enemy squad leader? Bullshi- “

“That’s quite enough Spacer! You’ve already submitted your request for special dispensation and it’s already been approved. Also you know how the ramped grading works. You were attached by six fighters and you took out two so you get points for twelve, so don’t say you did it for the grades you bloody well knew as soon as they appeared what was happening and that you’d get more than full marks for the exercise you just wanted to teach that son of a bitch a lesson. You’ve got this unfortunate streak of always trying to do the right thing. But this service isn’t about doing the right thing it’s doing what you’re told! And If you can’t do what your told in an exercise how are you gonna do what you’re told in the field? Now I let the last one slide but this has to go in your file. You’ll still get that Valedictorian your after but you’re gonna have to sit down and shut up for a while. Understand?”

“Yes sir”

The general moved to the next bed behind the screen.

“And you Miss Goddard, I’ve lost count of the notes in your file. What the hell happened this time?”

“Well Marcus Stables must have been confused because as we were getting geared up he grabbed my ass instead of his own. I politely told him this and he got upset and pushed me into a bench where I hit my head.”

“Really? Because he’s unconscious with a broken nose two beds down.”

“I have no idea how that happened sir."

“Come on now Valerie-“

“I prefer Vixen, General”

“Fine go by your call sign. But if you don’t develop some self-restraint then… Actually I don’t know why I bother. It’s like this Goddard keep your nose clean till the end of the semester and we discharge you and your time is served. If your name crosses my desk again then you go to jail for a full sentence. Understand?” “Certainly General. Is that all?”

“Stay here until the doctor gives you a clean bill of health then you are confined to quarters”

“Yes sir”

The general left with a growl checking on private Stables on his way out

“Wow Wisp you really are a little ponce.” She came round the dividing curtain and sat on the edge of the bed. She made a fake crying motion and muttered “ooh the other boys all picked on me because they’re all jealous of how smart I am”

“Yea cos your conversation sounded a whole lot better. You think its good that Im fighting to come top of my class and you’re fighting to get kicked out of yours? And I’m the one who you wanna pick on?”

“Please I eat little geeks like you for breakfast. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun commanding a cruiser by the time you thirty and maybe one day you’ll get so desperate you’ll pay some girl to take your virginity but I’ll be having much more fun”

“Yea im sure you will, in prison. I hear they have lovely cells nowadays nice and comfy. And anyway I don’t really think I’ll be in the service as long as the General thinks.”

“Really? Little Boy Blue planning a little excursion from the military? Didn’t think you’d have the stones. Any chance of a spare ticket on this?”

“For a lovely renegade like yourself? Please you’d sell me out at the first opportunity”

“I could turn you in now? Maybe get myself a few notes removed from my file.”

“Like they’d believe you?” The Doctor came round from Stable’s bedside with two MP’s.

“Excuse me Miss Goddard. The General told me to have these gentlemen escort you to your room as soon as we were done here, and we are so If you could…”

“Looks like we’re done here William. Till next time.” She blew him a kiss as she headed to the door, a guard on each arm. “I don’t think there’ll be a next time Valerie but this was nice.” He waited till she was safely out the door till he muttered to himself “Jesus Christ she is crazy”



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