Special Branch:The Life and Times of William Spacer Part 6
Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wisp and Vixen are reunited


Wisp strolled into the bank casually heading for the Automatic Dispenser. It had been a few months since he’d escaped from his internment in Vankeetsens and times weren’t smiling down on him. He’d managed to siphon off some funds to pick-ups and safe houses around the verse but these were quickly soaked up with pay-offs and bribes. After setting up one of the verses most powerful crimelords he was pretty much on the hit list of any two bit gangster and above. Not to mention the Alliance were still keen on having him arrested. All this laying low, running away, and slipping cash to people so they’d look the other way was not easy and very expensive. He’d moved planet about every two weeks, sometimes less whenever anyone found him. He’d been on Harvest moon barely four days before a gang of mobsters had tried to whack him. Of course these amateurs were no match for a combatant of Wisp’s skill but where there was one there would be more, so it was time to move on. Unfortunately such a quick move would be costly and that was currency he just didn’t have. So he fell back on a tried and tested trade. Crime.

Now Wisp was far too smooth for some common hold-up. The plan was to go up the Auto Dispenser, A simple firewall hack, eject a smooth stack of platinum, then walk away. The theft wouldn’t be noticed till the end of the day and he’d be well off-world by then. Any sort of criminal activity was risky as it attracted unwanted attention but the situation demanded it. The bank was pretty classy for a backwater moon like Harvest. High ceilings, marble floors, brass fixtures along the counter. The guards stood discretely around the edges of the room, only two with only sidearm’s, nothing like you’d see on a core world but this place would only go through a fraction of the business. As one would expect the major transactions of Harvest were various forms of farming. Terraforming had created a mild climate with regular rainfall. Water was contained in freshwater lakes with only 30% of the world’s total held in saltwater oceans. Overall a damp quiet place perfect for growing crops year round, teeming with insects from earth that was.

To blend in Wisp wore battered military surplus clothing like the majority of those walking around town. The bank was doing a steady trade when he entered. Early morning when farmers were doing their errands buying and selling produce. Wisp entered the queue behind a gentleman in similar attire and a well dressed lady who must have come from one of the nearby offices. Both went about their business quickly and Wisp was at the front of the line in less than a minute. Acting calmly as if he was any other person he overrode the master firewall using a terminal in his hand, He selected the maximum amount then undid his work as the money was printed. It took no longer than a normal transaction and Wisp was headed out of the door scot free in a matter of moments. Fate however has a sense of irony.

Six people dressed in black burst through the front doors of the bank. The two guards were immediately shot and screams erupted through the building. A young dark haired woman directed her associates towards the counter and Dispensers.

“This is a Robbery. We will not hesitate to kill any of you. Customers on the floor hands on heads. Staff empty the tills into the bags that my associates are carrying. Everyone behave and you will see your families tonight.”

Gosa. That was the major thought going through Wisps head at this moment. Gosa. Gosa. Gosa. The last thing a person needed when they were robbing a bank was someone else robbing the same bank. Especially people doing it so clumsily and stupid as this team were. Two of the ‘henchmen’ as Wisp saw apt to describe them, were going down the registers from opposite ends filling their bags, one was walking around the customers laying on the floor shaking in terror and two were breaking open the Dispenser that Wisp had hacked with such tact moments previously. Wisp’s attention was drawn to the leader though. She had that whole ‘nasty hot’ vibe going on in her tight black jumpsuit, with automatic weapons strapped to the hips, and a cigarette between her lips. She looked like she was waiting at a bus stop rather than robbing a bank. She looked like a woman--all the correct curves in all the correct places—and she looked like she knew how to use them. The worst part was she looked really familiar. He racked his brain for where he’d seen this woman.

“Good to go Vixen” Well one of the henchman had just saved him some brain activity. Valerie ‘Vixen’ Goddard. This was a blast from the past he didn’t expect.

“Right boys pack it up before the feds get here” The team started out the door in just the whirlwind as they’d arrived when Wisp felt a vibration from his computer. Slyly withdrawing it he detected a radio signal coming from one of the bags, he recognised the frequency as one commonly used in remote explosives rather than a tracking signal. Wisp had heard of small banks using this method of theft prevention, as soon as the bag leaves the doors it detonates along with any thieves within an impressive distance. Vixen was about to walk her way into small pieces. Wisps options were pretty poor at present. Their mere presence would result in him being questioned by Feds and probably arrested for who he really was, maybe he could let them explode and then disappear in the confusion. But really as much as Wisp was on the run from the law, and as a matter of fact most of the anti-law he was still a good guy.

“Valerie! Stop!” He called after her springing to his feet. He was immediately regretful at the sight of six barrels pointing at him much quicker than he expected the goons to arrange.

“Nobody’s called me that in a long time. As a matter of fact I don’t really care for it.” Casually she strolled towards him taking a good look at his face. “Well If it isn’t little boy blue. Gotta say I was mighty impressed with your escape. Caused quite a stir at the time.”

“Vixen there’s a set of fake bills on one of your bags that’s filled with plastic explosive. It’s rigged to detonate as soon you leave the doors” She took a long drag on her cigarette breathing the embers red before flicking it to the ground. She stepped up getting close into his face before exhaling.

“And how exactly do you Gorram know this?”

Wisp held up the palm terminal. “I used my head like I always used to.”

She withdrew a step back “Which bag?”

“No Idea but I can block the signal long enough to get you out of reach.”

“Ok lets go” She set off out of the door motioning for him to follow.

“Err no. I'm gonna stay the Gorram here till you’re long gone then slip out. No offence but if you and your team are stupid enough to pull this job I don’t wanna be your hostage.”

Vixen withdrew one of the machine pistols on her waist and fired it at the nearest customer laid by her feet. The gunfire erupted a fresh set of whimpers and screams from the others around “I’m gonna shoot one of these customers every second till you accompany us. One” Middle aged woman probably a farmer “Two” Young man looked like he’d just turned eighteen “Thre-“

“Stop! Jesus stop, I’m coming. But I want it stated for the record I did this under duress.”

“Sure thing pretty boy. Move.”

Wisp furiously set up a wireless block as they headed for the door. Those few steps as he crossed the threshold his heart was beating like thunder in his chest but they made it through without a problem. Upon entering the streets a cargo vessel hung in the air above dangling ropes to the ground. All the thieves took up a thread and were pulled into the ship waiting above leaving Wisp with Vixen.

“So glad I could help but I’ll be on my way now.”

Vixen grabbed the rope with one hand then grabbed hold of Wisp with the other arm. “Now did you really think I’d let you walk off?” The cable began ascending upwards and Wisp decided to grab it to avoid falling unceremoniously to his death. He merged in a cargo bay next to a walkway to move onto. “Boys get the cash upstairs and make sure there aren’t any more surprises in there. Little boy Blue, follow me into my office.”

“The name’s Wisp actually.”

“Oh another one who falls back to his call sign how rebellious.” Vixen lead the way past the rest of the gang down a corridor that appeared to be crew quarters. “You know it’s been a long time since anyone stood up to me.”

“Well what do you expect when you surround yourself with muscle bound idiots? They’re too busy drooling over you to engage their brains.” She opened the door to the last room and lead the way inside “maybe there’s not enough blood.”

Vixen closed the door behind them and forced Wisp against. Leaning in she placed a hard kiss upon him urging with every inch of her lithe body. “Here’s what’s going to happen” she whispered into his ear, “I’m going to screw you with every fibre I’ve got. And then if you survive you’re gonna work for me.” She took a step back and began unzipping her jumpsuit revealing pale white skin and mounds of pearly flesh. “Deal?”



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