Special Branch:The Life and Times of William Spacer Part 5
Saturday, January 29, 2011

Leaving the service of Vankeetsen


Vankeetsen’s office was a stunning testament to Earth that was decoration. Thick hand-woven carpets rolled from wall to wall in deep Maroon and Brown. The wall’s were paneled in rich Mahogany and interrupted with classic paintings from long dead artists. The back wall however was a full reinforced force glass with a stunning view of deep space. In front of this Vankeetsen sat looming over a solid oak desk imposing his authority over the room. Vankeetsen himself was in his late 50’s with light brown hair graying slightly at the temples. He was tall, thin, and lean that had come from years of hard work, exercise, and organizing other people’s deaths. He spoke with an epic sort of voice that seemed to be able to resonate across mountain ranges at even a whisper. It never changed tone or volume no matter what emotions bubbled behind it. Wisp stood looking at this imposing view after being summoned for an unknown reason.

“You know Wisp when you first joined my organization you really excelled yourself. I saw untold revenues from sectors that before had barely broken even. Your technical expertise rippled through to every business I had going. I mean, I’m currently the Alliances most wanted crime lord and I owe most of that to contributions from you.” Vankeetsen stood up and looked out of his window “But you seem to have grown stagnant here Wisp. My cortex incomes growths have been slowly dropping over the past few months and I’ve seen fewer and fewer new technologies come out of your workshop. So it comes to me that there must be something you must be unhappy with.”

“Well you see, you kidnapped me from a perfectly quiet little life back on Osiris to work for your organization. And I came and I worked. Hell I didn’t even just fill time; I gave you a fantastic income system and some great techs for any excursions you plan. And I was kinda hoping you might let me go some time soon”

Vankeetsen began to laugh, one of those deep evil laughs that starts as a quiet titter and grows into a crescendo of booming cackle that echoes around the room. “Oh William” Wiping a tear from his eye “how you make me laugh. This is how it’s going to happen boy. You’re going to keep on making me rich and powerful, and if I think for a second that you’re screwing me over I’m going to put you in a world of pain. I’ve come too far for a little squirt like you to hold me to ransom, and if you keep on disobeying me you’re going to end this little life of yours. So keep on pumping out those new technologies of yours and enjoy your life of luxury”

“I actually have another technology for you. It’s called a wire. That’s broadcasting this entire conversation to an Alliance attack squad that’s going to come in here and arrest you smarmy ass any minute now”

The mirth fell from Vankeetsen’s face like a lead mirror shattering his dreams upon the plush carpets. “Your bluffing” In answer sirens began bellowing around him and his intercom burst into the noise of dozens of underlings screaming about incoming Police. “You little GOSA!” Vankeetsen jumped across his desk lunging at Wisps throat, unfortunately falling short and landing in the space in-between where Wisp easily managed to land a kick to his throat.

“I quit”



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