The Trigger
Tuesday, November 1, 2005

River gets an unwelcome surprise.


Authors Note: This story takes place 48 hours after the events of “The Rabbit the Toad and the Rat”

River walked slowly though she didn’t know where. Her temples where on fire her stomach twisting, images where dance at the edge of her eyes. “Simon” she managed to moan as she entered the Dinning room.


“For she’s a jolly good fellow for she’s a jolly good fellow for she’s a jolly good Fe’e’lloww and so say all of us. Happy birthday River!”

Wash stepped forward and placed a party hat on her head “Happy birthday bunny Rabbit”

River tried to collect her thoughts “But you’re… its not.” “Simon?”

Mal stood up smiling “It’s a party River were all here for you.” “And parties need games” Kaylee added grinning. “But what should we play?” Book stood up “I personally like pin the tale on Donkey. God Hates Donkeys”

They all laughed

The pain in River temples increased.

“I know,” said Simon, "let’s play Simon says!"

The crew applauded.

“No please” River whispered.

“Im sorry River I didn’t hear that” River could barley form the words “No ple… ”

“Well since there are no objections” Simon went on “Simon says stand on one foot” Rivers leg involuntarily shot into the air. “

They’re stabbing red hot pokers in to my brain!” She Screamed “They’re stabbing red hot pokers into my brain!”

“River don’t be such a garram drama Queen” Jayne said gesturing towards her with his knife.

“It’s only a game River” Simon said reassuringly.

“Simon says no more yelling”

“Simon says jump up and down”

River began hoping up and down on one leg the other stretched out in front of her as straight as a board. “Why are you always barefoot” Inara said thoughtfully “It spreads disease, didn’t they teach you better than that? Have you forgotten everything?”

“Well not everything” Joe said with a wink.

“Simon says get down on your knees” River immediately dropped to her knees. “You should make her ware more interesting clothes” Inara said absently “a pretty girl like that”. There was a Toad on her shoulder. “You should make her ware noting at all” Jayne said grinning, a rat perched on his head.

“Now now” said Simon “where here to educate not titillate”, he held a Rabbit in his hands. “

Simon says become a puppet” River stood up and began walking in circles her arms and legs moving as if being yanked by invisible strings. The entire crew began to laugh and point. “Look at you, you moron!” Kaylee roared the Rat now pearing from her crown. “Genius indeed!”

“We give you your strength” Simon said as her stoked the Rabbits fur. “We let you kill Reavers” Joe said the Rat now with her. “We let you defend the ones you love” Inara said, the Toad unmoving.

“Simon says pick up the gun”

River walked over to the table and slowly picked up the waiting gun. “Simon says kill me”

River pointed the gun at Simons head her finger pulsing over the trigger. “Simon say kill me” Simon repeated. “

You have to do what Simon says River” Inara chimed “that’s the game.”

“No” River barley whispered. “Simon says KILL ME!” Simon yelled. “No!” River yelled back “You’re not me! Your not!” The crew’s eyes followed the gun as she tossed it away.

“Dear oh dear” Simon said with a frown. “Our friend Alice is going to come visit you”

“You remember Alice don’t you?” Book said, the Rat now on his head. “She Danced for us when you did”

Fear crept across Rivers body, a darkness covered her eyes, a suddenly flash of blond hair. Then noting.

Simon rushed into her room. “River!” “I just found her like this” Kaylee said shakily. River lay crumpled on the floor her eyes stared off into space a stream of blood flowed from her nose. Simon cradled her up and made for the medical bay. On the Floor lay a small strip of paper now stained in blood. On it was written a single phrase.

“Alice is here”


Tuesday, November 1, 2005 9:26 AM


Actually I quite good with paragraphs in real “paper” writing what I suck at is breaking things up so there easy to read online.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005 1:44 PM



Tuesday, November 1, 2005 3:51 PM


I like your paragraph structure. I think the spurts of words add to the feeling of unreality in the piece.

Am intrigued by the story. What is the name of the other part that helps explain where you're coming from?

Keep writing. It's good imaginative stuff.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005 8:38 AM


The only other part so far is “The Rabbit The Toad and The Rat” the link is in my other post, just copy and past. Im currently working on part 3.

Thursday, November 3, 2005 10:14 AM


EEP! KNEW there was a reason i never liked alice in wonderland...


Wednesday, November 9, 2005 10:04 PM


This creeped me out a little bit. So good job!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005 10:11 AM


I'm with Shiny...creepifying....and it's good that you grounded us in the end. I'm confused, which I 'spect I'm supposed to be. I'm off to read your other two.


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