The Test
Thursday, November 17, 2005

River faces a test at the academy.


River stood at attention in the center of the room, her arms held stiffly at her side, her feet pointed forward. She could not move, not even her eyes. The room was white and brightly lit. She was sure she had been here before but she was having trouble telling these days. Things had stopped making sense. The Fat Woman and the Sinister Man where staring at her. “This is River Tam” came an amplified voice for behind her. “She is one of our most promising students.” “Is that so?” the Fat Woman said mockingly, her voice was like thunder “she doesn’t look like much of anything to me”. She was mountainous, dressed from head to toe in white. Her red hair fell over her face like liquid silk. Her legs where like tree trunks, her neck like a garnet pillar. River honestly didn’t know if it was fat or muscle. Her eyes where sky blue and penetrating. “What’s she going to do? Pretty people to death?” She laughed uproariously, River imagined the sound could sake the building down. The Sinister Man had still not spoken. He scared her.

“I assure you ma’am River like all our students is capable of being quite deadly” the voice responded. The Fat Woman circled her. She moved like a predator. The Sinister Mans eyes followed. “Although River has excelled in both the combat and PSI portions of the program she has proven somewhat resistant to our control process. As such today we are using a combination of drugs and certain less sophisticated behavioral alteration techniques to temporarily emulate the kind of performance and obedience you can expect from her and all out students at the end of the program.” “Very good Doctor” the Fat Woman bellowed before turning to the Sinister Man. “Shall we begin?” The Sinister man gave a small nod. The Fat Woman placed her hands behind her back “Begin the demonstration doctor.”

“As this is a test River has been programmed to respond to simple straightforward verbal commands. I can assure you Sir that the permanent programming will meet with your specifications” The Sinister Man gave no response. River would have cried if she could have. “Also we installed an early version of special the program you requested” The Sinister Mans lips curled in a hideous smile. The Fat Woman looked at him “Oh this should be interesting.” “River begin”. River sprang to life her temples on fire; her bodies involuntary motion made her feel sick. “I live to kill for you” she found herself saying. The Fat Woman laughed. “How very comforting!” “None of that!” the Sinister Man snapped. His voice like fine gravel “Don’t cheapen this.” He was old slim and tall, almost as tall as the Fat Woman. Dark eyes stared out off his heavily lined face. His expensive black suit was hidden behind an old well-worn black coat. His smile was like a dagger. The Fat Woman’s laugh instantly subsided, for a moment fear entered her face “Im sorry.” “Continue Doctor” The Sinister Man ordered.

Three men entered the room armed with small black club. “These are some of our finest combat trainers” the Doctor explained. “Sir, Ma’am, you may want to step back”. “I can take care of myself” the Fat Woman grunted, the Sinister Man did not respond. “Ready yourselves men. River attack!” In a movement almost to quick to follow River sprang forward and delivered a kick to the central mans head, the man to his right took a swing at her head. She effortlessly dogged, grabbed his arm, and twisted. A kick meet his chest. He stumbled backwards. A kick meet his scull. He fell. The last man attempted to grab her from behind. She swung around and in one smooth movement brought the second mans club to the back of his head. He crumpled to the ground. “River control” River walked back to the center of the room and stood at attention again. She wanted to scream, to weep, to run, but could only stand there. So she pretended. Alice was there.

Men entered and dragged the injured away. “Very impressive Doctor” the Sinister Man smiled. “Yes very much so” The Fat Woman agreed. “I must say I would not have thought such a slip of a girl could be so dangerous. The Sinister man stared at River “It must be a sublime torture” he said almost reassuringly “To be trapped in your own body? No will of your own?” He laughed slightly. “When I was a boy of 6 my mother bought me a present. It was rapped in shinny blue paper with a bright red bow. I ripped it open to find an old wooden box. Inside there lay a puppet, Such a beautiful puppet. She wore a bright blue dress. I would make her Dance for me. I called her Sun.” He reached out and genteelly touched River cheek. “My new Puppets, my mannequins of flesh” A tear rolled down his cheek. “As you heard earlier I had them install a special program in your mind.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small metal disc. This is another gift from my mother. A music box.” He opened the disc and a strange mournful tune began to play. Rivers body acted instinctively, she began to dance. The Sinister Man watched as she twirled. “Perfect” he uttered, tears rolling down his face. He clasped the music box closed and held it to his heart. “Thank you doctor. There was something else you wanted to show us?” He wiped the tears from his face. “Yes Sir, student Aliester Laos training has hit some irregularities. But ones we believe may prove advantageous” “Very good” the Sinister Man sighed “take us to meet this boy of yours”. The Fat Woman watched as he left the room and looked at River. “Brainwashed psychic assassins. Anyone would think we still had enemies” She roared with laughter as she left the room.

The Doctors voice came over the intercom. "You did very well today River. Now lets get you back before the drugs ware off. Sleep." River fell to the ground.

The End.


Thursday, November 17, 2005 12:55 PM


Poor River, in *that* place. Nice bit of backstory coming out. Ali D :~)
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