Bringing in the Wash (D) - Postlude to 'Loose The Gorram Moustache!' Zoe/Wash
Monday, November 7, 2005

Think dating Zoe Warren is fun? Or easy? Guess again. (Bucky & Bob lend an ear.)


Slight future from where we left them off last.... three weeks to be exact.
BUCKY AND BOB - The sounding board of reason is spelled B.O.B. ....................

Year 2512 Fall Onboard Serenity (Written by Blake and Jena)

~~cont. from ~~


He shaved his face, showered, got all smoothed up and clean, brought her dinner on a tray, and she was asleep. It wasn't as if Wash could sit down there for long with Zoe's door wide open and he wasn't about to shut it and stay in there while she was asleep. An invitation was one thing, but sitting around staring at a sick person had a creepy connotation to it.

Zoe was in slumberland and Wash took an evening meal ribbing for his 'baby face' for what was looking to be no apparent reason. He had to come up with some pretty good excuses for why he did it to.

'Why'd you grow your moustache?'

"To make me look older."

'Why'd ya shave it off now?'

"Because I was sick of it."

'Didn't ya like it boy?'

"I did."

'How long did'ya have it?'

"A few months."

'Twart much of a time.'

So on and so on. It was ludicrous in his mind only because the pilot knew why he did it and here there was no pay off after the ribs.

Oh well. Life wasn't perfect and it wasn't like this was a planned event. Like other fortunate occurrences, these things sometimes just happened. Finding Mal Reynolds was a chance happening and look where it brought him today: A shaved, baby-face reunion.

Weeks went by that they didn't talk about it once Zoe recovered. That chance happening of helping her to her room, getting her to talk a little bit about a potential hook up was long gone. So what did Wash do? What he always did. Shaved his face every gorram morning in hope that it might be noticed or spoken of and talked to Bucky and Bob about it every chance he had when no one was around.

They were his personal diary, even if no words were recorded or scribed. It was enough for Wash.

She liked it. Zoe had decided that the first time she had seen Wash after his shave. It made him look younger, which he was taking a heap of abuse for, but the younger was also somehow intriguing. She watched him when he didn't know she was there, seeing how he talked to the dinosaurs and slowly realizing that there was more to the toys than just toys. The problem with all of this realization was that she wasn't entirely sure how to go about doing something about it. She had plenty of practice getting rid of men, but it was harder to show interest in one. Specially when Mal kept grumbling about the pilot since saving Wash had got her shot. Mal tended to take her being shot a might personal.

So the weeks went by without anything being said, and the wounds healing and itching as such were wont to do. Zoe thought she might go crazy and then the lower comm went out and she found herself heading for Wash's cockpit, wrench in hand and an intension to beat that wire to goram hell and back. She entered the room with a firm stride, coming quickly to a stop as she realized Wash was in his chair, actually he seemed to be asleep in his chair and she stood in the doorway, trying to decide if she should go or stay.

"So what would you do," the soft voice muttered, "if you were me? In your day, cavemen had clubs. Not Capt'ns with stuck up rules." Wash had Bob in his hand, resting against his chest, as he dozed off up here. He wasn't on duty, although Serenity was chugging along her set course, as Wash found it comfortable up here.

He was in a Bob mood too. Bucky tended to be more silly and Bob more grown up on these subjects. Bob didn't tell him to just stop belly aching and go plant one on her. Bob listened. Serenity listened. "Yeah. That's what I thought too."

Done with his thirty minute counseling session, Wash leaned forward and placed Bob back near Bucky on the dashboard. The lack of bunk hall light shining up from the stairwell caught his eye and he turned to see Zoe blocking it. "Oh!" Blinking back the tired, his pale skin looked more drawn out then usual. "I didn't realize you were there."

"Not been here long jus..." She paused, hefting the wrench that she had every thought of using on the panel if she got shocked again. "Was gonna have a heart to heart with the comm panel. I can come back."

A shake of his head, alert a little more, his dry wit shot back, "Not at all. I was having a little mano-y-mano with the boys here." A stretch upwards, Wash brought his arms down and exhaled loud. "Go ahead and enjoy yourself with the wires. I'll get out of the way."

She didn't want him to get out of the way...not really. There was some part of her that knew they should talk, but she wasn't very good at listening to that part. Zoe tried to figure out what was best to say. She paused and then nodded, "If you're tired. Or I could use a hand to hold the light." The offer was almost like a truce flag, an excuse to try to communicate, which communication seemed as busted as the comm in the wall.

Wash paused for a second, standing in-between wanting to tell her what she could do with that light and helping her. Knowing he was weak for this punishment, he muttered, "I suppose I can make myself useful for holdin' a flash."

The tone in his voice made her stiffen, inwardly grumbling. She -was- trying dammit, and he didn't have to go all wounded on her. It wasn't like she'd been trying to lead him on or anything. She'd been on painkillers at the time. She couldn't be held responsible for talk about kissing when she was drugged...could she? Zoe moved over to the panel, popping it open with a little more force than was absolutely necessary. "Long as it's not an inconvenience."

"Not at all. I've got all year to stand around for you." Not looking at her, but taking the light from her hand, he realized that one was a bit below the belt. Even for him. Clearing his throat, Wash made quick to change the subject and seem a little more interested in what she came here to do. "So, where is this mad, elusive wire of yours? Hiding out amongst the coils again?"

Zoe flinched as Wash spoke, nearly dropping the wrench. Somehow hearing such a thing from this man hurt more than the bullets she'd taken saving his life, and it bothered her that she cared.

She didn't look at him, staring down into the jumble of coils, anger warring with hurt deep inside of her. "That weren't nice." She muttered the words softly, reaching in and beginning to fish for the wire among the coils.

A sigh, his shoulders sagged, "Yes. That's wan't much nice of me. I'm sorry." Moving slightly to her right, as he stood over her bending form, unlike last time he didn't admire the view. It rather made him sick inside. "Guess I should know better and just give it a final rest."

This time Zoe did drop the wrench, rounding on the man with a rare show of temper as he continued to goad her. "If this is your way of final rest it's not a particularly good one."

She put a hand on his chest, pushing him up against the wall hard enough to make a soft banging sound from the impact. "And since we're putting things to rest, I was wanting to talk to you, and I was going to tell you that you looked good, and I was hoping to continue our previous conversation, but since your too busy being a wounded jackass then it's a good thin' I didn't do any of that." It was a spill of words that was more than Zoe usually strung together all at once, her usual manners more terse, not because she didn't have a lot on her mind, but simply because she didn't speak unless what she had to say was worth the saying.

His spine whacked against Serenity and Wash blustered out, "Owe!" He didn't know if he should be pissed off at her man handling or turned on because there was still some slight smudge of hope. "I'm a jackass?" He blinked before turning up the sarcastic volume, "I'm sorry. Last time I checked I thought two people were allowed to talk in a conversation. I didn't realize I held the solo weight of the free-communication-world on my shoulders!"

Sure, she could beat him up, but he could argue better than her. Of that, he was convinced.

"I never said you were!" Zoe pushed back from him, releasing the man in one movement. "I..." Her fingers flexed and she turned away, battling down the urge to do anything drastic. He was just another jerk of a didn't matter. Just forget it. She repeated the words to herself, taking a deep breath. "I'm finished here. I'll get out of your way." She turned back towards the door out, somehow hoping that he'd stop her, but not planning on it. Only person she could plan on was Mal, and he was definitely not going to be part of this conversation.

"That's a great idea. Please. Continue along normal status quo. I'd hate to interrupt your routine!" Pissed, he flopped himself down hard in the pilot seat, causing it to moan. Looking at her departing form, he all but hollered after her, "I'm growing back the Bat Lib Mohn moustache!"

Zoe flinched as he yelled after her, her pace increasing until she was near running along the deck. She never should have allowed herself to even begin to think about accepting the man. Never should have even thought of it. She didn't go to her room, too confining, but deep into the cargo bay. There was a myriad of boxes there and as though she was a small child she made her way between them and flopped on the floor, her back resting against the wall. She drew her knees up to her chest, lacing her fingers behind her head and resting her forehead on her knees. She didn't cry, she'd given that up a long time ago, but she hurt...sat there and bled in hurt. How'd he gotten past her defenses? She knew something about him had bothered her, and now it bothered her more.

Serenity churned on throughout the night with two burning souls stewing on the opposite ends of the ship. Wash sat there, stubborn, waiting to see if she'd come back but he knew that answer before thinking the thought. "She's not coming back," he bitched to his plastic buddies. "I'm going to bed." He all but leapt down the short staircase and headed to his room, locking the door behind him. Even as he lay in bed in total darkness Wash had a bad feeling creeping up in him that tomorrow would find him shaving yet again once more.

With luck, he'd resist.

The night found Zoe falling asleep among the boxes, curled up on her side much as she had in the Independent trenches every night. Her back to the wall and one hand resting against the weapon she wore at her hip. Even more trustworthy than Mal, that gun, and much more trustworthy than that gorram pilot. Yet...despite all of that she still dreamed, and in the darkness she whimpered as all of her pushed aside fears lurched up to swallow her whole.

It'd been a while since the nightmares had last been so bad...seemed to go along with the arguing, and brick by brick old terror rebuilt her walls.

It was going to be a rough morning.

~~~tbc....(to be continued)~~~

Zoë Warren-(Written for by ZoeIWarren) First Mate
Hoban Washburne-(Written for by HobanIWashburne) Pilot


Monday, November 7, 2005 1:05 PM


whoops, that last comment was me. forgot to log in.

Keep the story coming mate!

Monday, November 7, 2005 1:26 PM


Oh no Zoe, don't go rebuilding those gorram walls! Not after the poor man shaved off his rutting moustache. Loved it, which means there must be another part - *dui*?
Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Monday, November 7, 2005 3:19 PM


I absolutely love your stories. Please write more!! Please!! :-)

Monday, November 7, 2005 4:59 PM



Tuesday, November 8, 2005 12:39 AM


urgh...always give me an icky feeling when they argue, like being dipped into cold custard...


Tuesday, November 8, 2005 10:48 AM


I like your transitions, and the characterizations are strong. I wouldn't mind at all if the whole piece (Bringing in the Wash as a series) moved a bit faster with a few less analytical tangents. But that's probably just me.

Some entertaining stuff here.

Tuesday, November 8, 2005 7:58 PM


Anon I - Practice and time... it's the millage. ;) Thank you!

Anon II/Eien - Hehee.... Thanks mate! As we all know they do kiss... hehee that will be coming up at some point!!

AMDOBELL - Ruttin' moustache indeed!! :)

capnzoe - Will bring more... promise. Proper board ettiquette (as taught to the newbie (me)) states to not bull doze over others... so in time. In time.

somedeepmyatery - Wow! We got a Shiny! Kewl!

Bellona - I'm sowwies. :( Gotta take the good with the bad? :D

Cub - I LOVE your feedback. I need a bit of help if you don't mind though... heh... can you point out some of the analytical tangents so I know that we're talking about the same thing? I'm a little new to this part of it all... but I love it! Keep that feedback coming!!! Thank you SO much!


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