Head Mistress Says
Friday, April 28, 2006

Inara's thoughts on her profession. Written for the lj firefly friday challenge (my first one).


They were only just bodies, she kept being told. They would come together for a time then separate. There could be no attachments.

They are nothing more than bodies.

Inara looked to the young man and wished she could see him for more than just the body her House Mistress had drilled into her head. She wanted to see how his green eyes would play in the sunlight or how his broad shoulders would be able to wrap around and comfort her. She wanted to know what his favourite colour or food was. She wondered if he had ever left his homeworld or dreamed of exploring the ‘verse.

They are nothing more than bodies.

“Welcome,” she rose to greet him. “Join me for tea.” She guided him to the plush couch and small table. She smiled warmly as she handed the cup over. She felt him tighten as she sat close to him. With barely a movement, she distanced herself. Trained in observation, even his slight hesitation spoke volumes to her. He was scared and it was his first time with a woman.

“The greeting ceremony is a centuries-old tradition,” she recited, hearing the instructor’s voice in the mantra. “It is a time to learn of each other. To gain comfort from each other.” She grasped her own cup, the movement carefully constructed and executed in perfect fluidity. She smiled after sipping her tea, her lashes beckoning the young man.

They are nothing more than bodies.

“I’ve, uh...well, that is to say...” He gulped the remainder of his own tea and found strength in it. “I don’t want to disappoint you.”

Inara’s smile widened. “Each person is unique and brings his own experiences. There can be no disappointment, only knowledge.” She placed her cup back on the tea tray and edged closer, her hand reaching to his shoulder. She felt his shudder as her fingers played up to his neck.

He fumbled with the cup as he returned it to the tray then turned to stare at her, his eyes big and his mouth slightly open. Rushing to kiss her, she felt his urgency and used her training to calm him, letting him know that they had the entire night.

They finished quietly and he sat at the edge of the bed, moisture heavy on him, his breathing returning to normal. She watched him rise, pull on his clothes then look to her.

He is only a body, she repeated to herself. They are nothing more than bodies.

I am only a body.


Saturday, April 29, 2006 8:16 PM


Wow...great look at how things must have been for Inara in the beginning of her time as a Companion or trainee allowed to service clients. Though the mantra is saddening, due to it's "distancing" nature.


Monday, July 3, 2006 8:03 AM


the last line just breaks my heart. inara's not just a body, she's so much more, but it's how she's been taught to and has come to see herself.



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