I remembered
Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Its the next memory of the tortured soul in Decent into hell, he finds his past and starts his future. give me some feedback


I remembered They found me, or what was left of me. The Torturers let me go. They threw me into the world to fend for myself or die, and they found me. I don't know how and why but they came, the last of the good folk, they brought me back and tried to help me. You might not understand my amazement at this so let me explain. All I had was the memory of suffering and fear, for me their was no goodness in the world. I could not imagine that their were people who would come and search and help for the living and put the dead t rest. They called themselves C.O.W.L or the Confederation for the Over-site of the Wellbeing of Life. They said it was their job to help and heal. Thats all I can remember I fell into a dark sleep filled with dreams no mortal dared dream before. I woke up screaming and thats when they gave me the drugs, so that I wouldn't heart myself or others. All the vibrant colors that I saw were incredible but they never lasted. I saw magical things that would never come again even though I wished they would. Many dreams of people I didn't know but who called my name and smiled. When I cam to them they vanished and I was once again left alone to wander the corridors of my mind. Eventually I awoke to find a girl who could not be older then 25 starring at me. I felt self continues because I wasn't clothed but she was looking me in the eyes and I found I could not look away. Her eyes were so deep like vats of chocolate. Then she spoke. She tolled me were and who I was. For many years I had been a number and I had forgotten who I was but when I remember my life came back to me. She said her name was Eve and I remember her, she was my oldest friends guardian, she also said that their was still hope if I did not become like the Tortures if I remanded clean. I fell back into my sleeps and Awoke in searing pain. My eyes had been burned and I was extremely photosensitive, to this day I have to were dark sun glasses in most light to protect my eyes. But on the day I that day I was reborn in a world that was free of all the despair of the caves that I had known for 6 years. I found peace.



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I thought Id give horror and Jayne a break, so know its attion and Mal, my spelling is bad I know but just ignore it and enjoy the story itself. I guess it could be a gladiator parody but I was never into rustle crow even though hes a good actor. Also the Tragnot sounds like Alador in "dinosaur". Enjoy.

I like to make Jayne suffer. Its not that I don't Im disturbed, its just that Adam Baldwin is a really good actor ( Its not that I want him dead, its just I dont want him alive, anymore.) I think the name is self explanitory. No real end so Ill let you think about it

Inaras favorite client
Its my first romance so be easy, Dont ask me how I thought of it will all be much happier. feedback as always, and yes I know that my spelling sucks.

Horror/Drama I can't decide.... anyways I like it and I would enjoy some feedback.

death in serenity
This is my first story that took place in serenity. I hope you enjoy it and I would love some feed back as always. Also remeber that my spelling isn't the best.

I remembered
Its the next memory of the tortured soul in Decent into hell, he finds his past and starts his future.
give me some feedback

desent into hell
I was reading some Poe and this idea came into my head so I wrote it down. It be great to get some feedback if possible.